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Twitter is one of the most powerful tools for social media and communication. This presentation highlights how Twitter can be used effectively and presents case studies on how a few celebrities are using twitter.

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Twitter Power

  1. 1. Twitter Power Vivek Bhargava CEO, Communicate2
  2. 2. Introduction to Social Media  Social Media – Platform where Conversations are created  Social Media Sites don’t write articles or posts They don’t Upload Movies or Images Users do all of that on its behalf What is Social Media  Content Created by its Audience The video explains how social media is the next revolution in advertising
  3. 3. Introduction to Social Media (Contd) Social Media A category of sites that is based on user participation and user-generated content Facebook  More than 400 Million active users.  More than 3.5 million events created each month  More than 1400 people become fans of Pages every minute Twitter  Launched in March 2006  By March 2008, 2800 messages sent a minute between more than 1 million users  Largest age demographic is 35-44 yr olds
  4. 4. Introduction to Social Media (Contd)  Different types of Social Networking Sites  Blogs  Membership Sites  Photo Sites  Microblogging
  5. 5. What is Twitter  Send short updates to people  Anyone who visits your profile can see all your outgoing tweets.  Power of Twitter’s immediate feedback  2 way communication tool  Instant access to smart people 24X7
  6. 6. Twitter Life Cycle Twitter
  7. 7. Reasons To Join Twitter Follow Celebrities Learn Ways to do Things Tracking People Source : 11 Reasons to Join Twitter by VivekBhargava :
  8. 8. Getting Started  Name/Username  The name represents you  Its about what you are doing or what your company or website is doing  E-mail  Time Zone  One Line Bio The video displays the step-by-step procedure to create an account in Twitter The video shows how you can create an attractive profile on Twitter
  9. 9. Getting Started (Contd)  Change Background Image and color  Choosing the Right Colors –  Text : Color of words on the sidebar to the right  Links : Should always be blue  Bio Sidebar : Should always be a light color (E.g. Grey)  Sidebar Border : Should be a prominent colour
  10. 10. Getting Started (Contd)  Open multiple accounts  Tweet about different subjects on multiple timelines  Send your first tweet – could be anything. “Joining Twitter” is good enough  Follow some people
  11. 11. Choosing Followers  Focus on Quality Vs Quantity  For mass following, follow 7000-8000 people  For Quality followers, make a targeted search  Use  Narrow your search to key people (With Photo, Profile and regular Tweeting)
  12. 12. Choosing Followers (Contd)  Try keywords like “Guide”, “Guru”, “Expert”, etc  Follow them  Gain their friendship and respect  Tell them something they don’t already know
  13. 13. Choosing Followers (Contd) 6 Strategies to reach masses – 1. Look for people you already know 2. Tweet your blog 3. Pay your followers – Give away freebies 4. Respond to requests 5. Use more social media sites to promote Twitter 6. Add Twitter name in your signatures
  14. 14. Art of Tweeting  Don’t spam  Give credit to those who retweet  Follow people who follow you The video talks about different types of tweets 1. Social Chit-Chat 2. Sharing of Information 3. Engage with People The video talks about how tweets can be rephrased so that readers find them interesting
  15. 15. How to be Interesting on Twitter  Tweets with a link  Opinion Tweets – This is what I am thinking right now  Mission accomplished tweets – This is what I have just done Vivek Bhargava Speaks
  16. 16. How to be Interesting on Twitter (Contd)  Entertainment Tweets – I’m making you laugh now  Question Tweets – can you help me do something now  Picture Tweets – Look at what I’ve been doing
  17. 17. Connect with Customers Through Twitter  Most Dedicated customers – Your Followers  Followers may want to contribute  Give followers a sneak peek before a major release  Viral Marketing
  18. 18. Discovering your Promoters, Fans  Use to keep track of 3 keywords  Use to see whose been talking about you  Follow people who tweet about you  Bring them into your conversations  Ask them questions that require their help
  19. 19. The video gives insights into Dell’s Social Media Strategy
  20. 20. Companies Using Twitter
  21. 21. Problem Need for faster and more personal ways to connect with soda drinkers, other than toll free numbers Using Twitter The Team starts using Twitter in January 2009 to listen to and talk with consumers. (The brand twitters as @Pepsi; the corporation twitters as @PepsiCo.) They are able to reach new audiences Brand Managers respond to negative tweets quickly Case study theme
  22. 22. Result  Asking questions works well It generates a lot of Chatter Tracks the number of followers Rates tweet sentiments on a scale from positive to negative
  23. 23. Oprah Winfrey on Twitter  In March 2009, Twitter had more than 14 million unique visitors, compared to eight million visitors in February 2009  Twitter gets an endorsement from Oprah  Largest influx of women of a certain age group into the service in one day The video is an extract from The Oprah Winfrey Show - Twitter episode Oprah has more than 3 Million Followers
  24. 24. Shahrukh Khan on Twitter  Reaching out to common man  Brand Shahrukh Khan touches every Desktop  People need to know what the star is doing The video gives statistics on the number of followers and the rate at which they grew in a couple of hours
  25. 25. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Number of Followers Shahrukh Khan Guy Kawasaki
  26. 26. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Number of Followers Gul Panag Ashton Kutcher
  27. 27. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Number of Followers Dalai Lama Preity Zinta
  28. 28. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Tweet Volume Shahrukh Khan Guy Kawasaki
  29. 29. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Tweet Volume Gul Panag Ashton Kutcher
  30. 30. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Tweet Volume Dalai Lama Preity Zinta
  31. 31. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Top Subject Representation Shahrukh Khan Guy Kawasaki Preity Zinta Ashton Kutcher
  32. 32. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Followers by Gender Shahrukh Khan Guy Kawasaki Gul Panag Ashton Kutcher
  33. 33. Twitter Celebrity Statistics Followers by Gender Dalai Lama Preity Zinta
  34. 34. Twitter Uses  Promote Blogs Online – Send feeds to Twitter  Post big ideas for your followers  Increase Sales  Tweet about special offers (Not more than once a week)  Make the offers really special  Keep the offers targeted
  35. 35. Twitter Terminology Replies  Embedding “@twitterusername” in a tweet sends a “reply” to that person, even if you aren’t following him Vivek Bhargava - Replies
  36. 36. Twitter Terminology (Contd) Direct Messages  Used for a private conversation.  Can be viewed only by the person you sent it to Retweet  When you see an interesting tweet from someone you are following, forward the tweet to your followers. Vivek Bhargava - Retweets
  37. 37. Twitter Terminology (Contd) Hash Tags  Adds tweets to a category  Searches on that hash tag may show your tweet #
  38. 38. Twitter Lists  Organize users into groups/lists  Users need not be followed in order to add them to a list
  39. 39. Checking Your List Stats  The first tab displays the lists that currently list you as a member The second tab displays lists you may have created
  40. 40. The List Page  You can edit the list name as well as delete the list entirely
  41. 41. Twitter Feed Management Applications
  42. 42. TwitterFeed  Connect feed to social networking channels Hootsuite  Allows you to schedule and update status on social media sites  Manage feeds
  43. 43. RSS to Twitter  Send feeds to twitter  Dashboard to track your clicks
  44. 44. Twitter Search and Categorization Applications
  45. 45. Twellow  Tracks conversations on twitter and places the Twitteres behind them into various categories Clubs tweets into categories
  46. 46. TweetDeck  Allows you to group tweets and followers according to subject
  47. 47. Twitter Analytics Applications
  48. 48. TweetBeep  Sends regular alerts whenever a keyword is used on Twitter
  49. 49. TwitterCounter  Statistics of followers, following, and daily tweets  Compare growth of multiple twitter accounts
  50. 50. TwitterAnalyzer  Statistics chart about you and your friends behavior on Twitter  See online followers
  51. 51. Tweetstats  Statistics including tweets per hour, per month and reply statistics
  52. 52. Vivek Bhargava CEO, Communicate2 E-Mail : Twitter : @vivekbhargava SEMPO Webinar – March 31st 2010. Hear from the Masters of Social Media View the Expert Presentation by registering at