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Facebook Marketing for Business


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This presentation gives insights into the various marketing opportunities available on Facebook. Some very Interesting Case Studies show how Organizations have leveraged Facebook and generated maximum returns out of it.

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Facebook Marketing for Business

  1. 1. Facebook Marketing Strategies Vivek Bhargava CEO, Communicate2
  2. 2. Did You Know This video displays some Striking Facebook statistics
  3. 3.  Upload Photo Albums  Choose Privacy Settings  Update Status Messages  Add/Create Applications  Play Games What Can You Do on Facebook ?
  4. 4.  Post Messages on the Wall  Tag Friends  Comment on Wall Posts  Make Groups  Create Fan Pages  Take Polls What Can You Do on Facebook ?
  5. 5.  New Customer Acquisition  Client Retention  Reputation Management  Customer Engagement  Branding What Can You Do on Facebook ?
  6. 6.  Communication  Viral Marketing  Driving web traffic  Building relationships What Can You Do on Facebook ?
  7. 7. Facebook Groups - Adidas Small ScaleMore User Control Updates in Inbox
  8. 8. Facebook Pages - Adidas Brands & Business Create Engagements BroadcastBrandUpdates Updatesthroughthepage
  9. 9.  The landing page should never be the Wall  Create a compelling Avatar ( Use pictures along with the logo) Fan Pages – Some Tips
  10. 10. Facebook Groups Vs Pages  Groups – Limit number of users to 5000 Pages – No limit on the number of Fans  Groups – Created by individuals Pages – Created by Businesses  Group – Does not give visitor statistics Pages – Gives detailed visitor statistics according to demographics, location, etc
  11. 11. Facebook Groups Vs Pages (Contd) This video compares Facebook Groups with Facebook Pages
  12. 12.  Add your website / blog URL on the profile page  Talk about the work you do Integrate Business With Facebook Can Connect in their Environment Gain Access to Their Friends Share Various Types of Content Stay Front & Center in Their Mind Business Side of Facebook
  13. 13. Feeds to Facebook  Unlimited Reach & Exposure  More Credibility since Facebook is personal in nature  Continual Updates – Viral
  14. 14. Finding Fans on Facebook Email Existing Friends About the Page Post Page Link on Websites, Blogs Tweet About the Page
  15. 15. Facebook Marketing Strategies Facebook Engagement Ads  Polls  Videos  Branded gifts  Event Management  Fan Pages  Hybrid Engagement Facebook Pages Facebook Applications This video describes the options Facebook Offers Businesses/Brand s to promote themselves
  16. 16. Polls Users opinion on any topic Can reach 100 responses within 30 minutes Results broken down by age group and gender Honest Feedback Real - time responses
  17. 17. Budwieser Polls Budweiser asks consumers to help select which commercial to show during The Big Game of Football
  18. 18. BMW Contest  Created a contest for valuable information about demographics  Questions are company and brand specific for die-hard fans  Specialized questions and prizes  Participants are true fans
  19. 19. Videos  Extended commercials  No limitation on length  Videos go viral Adidas Walmart These are one of the many ads posted on the Facebook pages of Adidas & Walmart
  20. 20. Videos - Pringles  Audience reacts well to comedy  Videos on fan pages have potential to go viral  When fans “Like” the video, the brand gets promoted The Pringle Ad on Facebook Page can be viewed at :!/video/video.php?v=638597528485&ref=mf
  21. 21. Events  Increase awareness  Get participation
  22. 22. Fan Pages  Drives users to their pages  Your fans are your loyal customers
  23. 23. Some Pictures Uploaded by Fans (Starbucks)
  24. 24. This Could be Promoted  - Ask Fans to Report Fakes Stars & Bucks
  25. 25. Some Pictures Uploaded by Fans (Starbucks) People Promoting Other Websites
  26. 26. Adidas Fan Page  Ran a contest on Facebook  Promoted the contest not only before it started, but also after it ended  Used their page to share the winner‟s blogs, photos and videos from the Adidas party
  27. 27. Adidas “Your Area Tab” - USP  A website like feeling  The user is involved
  28. 28. Top 15 Facebook Pages Source :
  29. 29. IKEA‟s Facebook Strategy – PhotoTagging Genius  The Swedish furniture company opens new store in Malmo, Sweden  Thousands of users promoted IKEA‟s new store through Facebook This video describes IKEA’s Brilliant Facebook Strategy
  30. 30. Pizza Hut‟s Facebook Strategy – Place An Order  Place an order while you browse on Facebook  Creates heavy customer engagement  Direct Sales
  31. 31. Facebook Blog Promotion Applications
  32. 32.  Networked Blogs  On profile page or the boxes tab  Displays your blog and any blogs you want to read  Notes  Default application to the right of the profile  Can add RSS feeds of you and your friends
  33. 33. Facebook Business/Self Promotion Applications
  34. 34.  GL Print Business Card  Create your digital business card  Professional Profile  Creates a tab for your professional activities, contacts and other information
  35. 35. Facebook Audio Visual Applications
  36. 36.  PodCast Player  Share audio interviews/ company‟s podcast on your profile  SlideShare  Connect your slideshare account to your profile
  37. 37. Facebook Top 10 Applications MAU – Monthly Average Users Source :
  38. 38. Facebook Application Statistics FarmVille Birthday Cards Source :
  39. 39. Facebook Application Statistics (Contd) Café World Static FBML Source :
  40. 40. Facebook Applications - Top Developers Source :
  41. 41. Facebook Application Developers - Statistics Zynga RockYou Source :
  42. 42. Facebook Application Developers - Statistics Facebook Playfish Source :
  43. 43. The bagel image really stands out on the white background, and the ad copy announces their free offer in a quick, simple way Ad Copies
  44. 44. „Best Buy‟ Promotion Strategy „Best Buy‟ asked Fans about their favorite vampire movies and then put them all on sale
  45. 45. Design Ads For Each Stage Education Engagement Action Awareness
  46. 46. CM Photographics – Professional Photographers Objective Advertise on Facebook to drive traffic to their site and acquire qualified leads Solution  CM Photographic could the ability to target their exact demographic which was 24 - 30 year old women  Their Relationship status on Facebook indicated that they were engaged
  47. 47. Results  Over 12 months, CM Photographics generated nearly $40,000 in revenue directly from a $600 advertising investment on Facebook  60% became qualified leads and actively expressed interest in more information CM Photographics – Professional Photographers
  48. 48. WiseChoice is founded to help high school students make better decisions about choosing a four year college Objective With a six month deadline, WiseChoice set out to get at least 50 recent graduates from 1,300 4-year colleges in the U.S. to complete a 20 minute survey about life on campus Solution Targeting college, age and year in school, WiseChoice was able to find the respondents they needed, even at schools as small as 600 students
  49. 49. Results  80% of the students who came to the survey from Facebook were qualified versus only 46% from other marketing programs  45% of the Facebook users who started the survey completed it versus only 28% from other marketing channels.
  50. 50. Power of Facebook Ads
  51. 51. Power of Facebook Ads (Contd)
  52. 52. 25 Things Not Liked About Facebook (Funny)
  53. 53. Thank You Vivek Bhargava CEO, Communicate2 E-Mail : Twitter : @vivekbhargava