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My medical info


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Published in: Technology, Business
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My medical info

  1. 1. MedicInfoAPP THAT RECORDS PATIENT’S MEDICAL INFORMATION Aditya Karki (Ideator) Vivek Bhusal (Android App Developer) Sweta Shrestha (Designer) Suman Humagain (API+Database)
  2. 2. Brief Overview Medic Info is a Mobile Micro worker application, to digitize the medical records/prescription. Targeted Micro-workers:  Pharmacists,  pharmacy students,  Compounders,  Health assistants,  Staff nurses,  Nursing students and anyone who can technically understand the prescription.
  3. 3. Problem statement In Nepal there is no provision by Doctor/hospital to keep patient’s medical history for future reference. Some patients are not so well educated in country like Nepal; they do not know the importance of Medical record. Patient after getting service from a doctor, they do not keep the prescription received from doctor i.e. it is either kept carelessly or thrown away after they get well. Some patients are busy people who do not have time to maintain their medical records.
  4. 4. Work Procedure 2 types of Jobs are listed The prescription is scanned in organization: and sent to organization. •Digitization job •Verifier job If verified as incorrect Submitted to verify If verified as correct by both verifiers Verifier1database Digitizer Verifier2Note: If any job get’s verified as not correct twice it is sent back to experts at the organization
  5. 5. Micro worker Task The Micro worker task i.e. the prescription will be in 3 parts. Problem Each part is digitized by a micro worker and (Denoted by c/o) verified by 2 different micro workers. Diagnosis (Denoted by Delta) Treatment (Denoted by Rx)
  6. 6. Business Model Organization manages Job, Hospital pays Rs.15 (From the Micro workers and Finance. fee paid by the patient and their profit) Organization 20% of Rs 15 to Organization = Rs3 80% of Rs15 to Micro workers = Rs 12 If Verified at once If not verified at onceProblem/ History(Rs4) Digitizer (Rs2) Digitizer (Rs2) Digitizer (Rs2)Diagnosis(Rs4) Verifier 1 (Rs 0.5) Verifier 1 (Rs 0.5) Verifier 3 (Rs 0.5) Verifier 2 (Rs 0.5) Verifier 4 (Rs 0.5)Prescription Verifier 2 (Rs 0.5)(Rs4) Rs 3 is paid for a job and Rs 1 gets retained at organization Rs 4 is paid if not verified at first instance
  7. 7. Benefits of medical Records Proper medical service. Proper information dissemination. Can be used by governments for research Goodwill and trust for Hospital and Doctor.
  8. 8. DEMO Email: vivek Pass: test Email : admin Pass: test
  9. 9. HackathonWe had almost 2 days to convert our ZERO value idea to almost useful product We gave our best and successfully met the target.
  10. 10. The End Thank YouAny Questions?