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Daily Newsletter - 15-03-2013

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Daily Newsletter - 15-03-2013

  1. 1. SHAH ADVISORY Daily Morning Newsletter 15-03-2013 Vivek A. Shah 2013 WWW.SHAHADVISORY.COM
  2. 2. Friday, 15th March 2013  - Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterBSE Sensex – 19570.44 TREND / PERIOD DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY DIRECTION UP DOWN UP Trend Change Level 19250 19500 17670 (Closing Basis)Overall trend on daily basis is up but as we are mentioning that index needs to sustain above 19750to change weekly trend in to positive territory. Also we mentioned that below 19450 it will go to19345 & made a low around 19338. Short term buying can be initiated around 19250-19280 zonekeeping stop loss at 19180.Overall trend is positive. We advised to look for buying around 19250-19280 keeping stop loss at19180 and market just turned from that level. You need to adjust with some whipsaws so therecould be a little up and down in the mentioned levels. From the mentioned level, market bouncedsharply to make a high around 19604 giving nearly 300 points gain in single day. Now we may seesome range bound activity but to even some higher levels looks somewhat difficult to me at thispoint in time.S&P 500(USA) – 1554.52Overall trend is positive. It is advised to book part profit around 1552 levels. Till the level of 1559 isnot crossed, we may see some range bound activity.Overall trend is positive. Look for higher levels of 1570 to book full profit keeping stop loss at 1520.AXIS BANK – 1352.80Overall trend is down. It has attained all the mentioned levels. Though it has some support around1328 level but it looks like it will break that level in near future. I will inform levels for enteringmedium term to long term trade.Overall trend is down. We advised to buy 40% quantity around 1295 levels for medium term in our27-02-2013 report. Those who have bought around those levels can look for exiting the stock around1370-1380 levels as getting nearly 6% return in very less time.ICICI BANK – 1110.65Overall trend will turn negative below 1080. We mentioned that levels of 1090 are possible & it hasattained that level.Overall trend is down. We may see some resistance around 1120-1123 levels. Look for going shortaround 1120-1123 levels keeping stop loss at 1133.RELIANCE INDUSTRIES – 860.05Overall trend is down. We may see the levels of 832 in a trade now. Any short positions need to bemaintained with stop loss of 858 on closing basis.Overall trend is down but will turn positive once the stock starts trading above 865. It has made alow around 835 & we mentioned that it will attain 832. So just fall short of few points. +91 84600 32788  2 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website
  3. 3. Friday, 15th March 2013  - Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterTATA MOTORS – 301Overall trend is positive. Trade only after cross of levels on either side as mentioned. Buy above 312or sell below 296.Overall trend is positive. Those shorted below 296 are advised to keep stop loss at 305.TATA STEEL – 357.10Overall trend is down. For any long positions, keep stop loss of 348 on closing basis.Overall trend is down. Look for higher levels of around 364-365 to book full profit keeping stop lossat 348.SBI – 2255.05Overall trend is down. Hold short positions with stop loss at 2220. We may see the levels of 2142initially & than 2070.Overall trend will turn positive above 2265. Our stop loss triggered for short positions. Above 2265,we may see the levels of 2300-2313.USDINR – SPOT – 54.3650Overall trend is slightly positive will it sustains above 54.10 on closing basis. Any close below 54.10will turn trend down. If sustain above 54.40 for more than 30 minutes than we may see some moreupside in the pair.Overall trend is slightly positive till it closes above 54.10. Intraday if it sustains above 54.40 than wemay see rise till 54.55-54.60. +91 84600 32788  3 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website
  4. 4. Friday, 15th March 2013  - Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning Newsletter Stocks with Positive Breakout Stock Name Buying Range HUL 461 Stocks with Negative Breakout Stock Name Selling Range McLeod Russel 342.40-342.80NOTE –Red colour – Last View / update on the scripGreen colour – Current View / update on the scrip YOU CAN ALSO VIEW THIS REPORT ON THE WEB - +91 84600 32788  4 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website