Daily Newsletter - 04-04-2013


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Daily Newsletter - 04-04-2013

  1. 1. SHAH ADVISORY Daily Morning Newsletter 04-04-2013 Vivek A. Shah 2013 WWW.SHAHADVISORY.COM
  2. 2. Thursday, 4th April 2013  - www.shahadvisory.com Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterBSE Sensex – 18801.64 TREND / PERIOD DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY DIRECTION DOWN DOWN UP Trend Change Level 19200 19250 17670 (Closing Basis)Overall trend is down. We mentioned that intraday bounce can be seen in the market. Though thisbounce may take the index to the level of 19100 but still the structure currently looks weak.Overall trend is down. We mentioned that we may see some bounce in the index till 19100 and highmade around 19050. Once we fall below 18700, we will go for the level of 18400.S&P 500(USA) – 1570.25Overall trend is positive. It has attained the final target of 1570 as mentioned by us. We are notadvising to take fresh positions and also advised to book full profit and not to carry position further.Overall trend is positive. It looks like positive strength is decreasing but still the negativity is notappearing on the chart. Momentum will remain strong in any direction market move. Still we are notadvising any long position. Only risky traders can go short around 1570 with closing basis stop loss at1583.AXIS BANK – 1278.15Overall trend is down. We may see the bounce in the stock till 1320 but the trend is weak. Notadvising to take long positions as of now. Also if it comes to 1320, go short with stop at 1336 for thelower levels of 1294-1285 & below.Overall trend is down. We advised short around 1320 and attained our both the targets of 1294-1285. Now any one still holding short positions need to trail stop to 1320 and look for the levels of1226 – 1230 to book full profits.ICICI BANK – 1031.40Overall trend is down. We may see bounce till 1076 levels. Not advising any trade now.Overall trend is down. Short positions can be initiated only below 1019 for the levels of 1002 withstop at 1028.RELIANCE INDUSTRIES – 776.55Overall trend is down. We are expecting the lower levels of 700-680 in the coming weeks. Intradayonly buy above 782 for the levels of 790-792 with stop at 774.Overall trend is down. Intraday shorts can be initiated below 769 for the levels of 760-755 with stopat 775. +91 84600 32788  support@shahadvisory.com 2 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website
  3. 3. Thursday, 4th April 2013  - www.shahadvisory.com Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterTATA MOTORS – 257.20Overall trend is down. We advised that if not sustain above 280 than we may see the levels of 270-265 & it went down to 267 levels again. Intraday bounce till 272-274 can be expected.Overall trend is down. Overall it is trading near very strong support area and if sustain below 256than it will touch 240 where it will find support.TATA STEEL – 316.85Overall trend is down. It has given weekly close below 320 so now any fall below 297 will open thelower levels of 250-200 in coming months. Intraday we can expect bounce above 318.80 for thepossible higher levels of 322-326-334.Overall trend is positive. We advised that above 318.80 it will touch 322-326 and made a higharound 325.30. Short is advisable only on sustenance below 312.SBI – 2104.60Overall trend is down. Trailed stop loss for the short position triggered. Intraday to short termbounce can be expected above 2085 for the possible higher levels of 2120-2140.Overall trend is down. It has attained the levels of 2120-2140 as mentioned by us. Short is advisedbelow 2090 for targets of 2070 & below with stop at 2100.USDINR – SPOT – 54.4350Overall trend is down. It is trading in the sideways range & fall to 54.17 is possible. If sustains below54.17 than expect lower levels of 54.11-54.08.Overall trend is turning positive but still need confirmation to initiate trade. Not advising any tradenow. +91 84600 32788  support@shahadvisory.com 3 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website
  4. 4. Thursday, 4th April 2013  - www.shahadvisory.com Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning Newsletter Stocks with Positive Breakout Stock Name Buying Range Cadila Health 768 NHPC 21.90 Stocks with Negative Breakout Stock Name Selling Range Axis Bank 1270 McDowell 1795NOTE –Red colour – Last View / update on the scripGreen colour – Current View / update on the scrip YOU CAN ALSO VIEW THIS REPORT ON THE WEB- +91 84600 32788  support@shahadvisory.com 4 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website