Daily Newsletter - 02 01-2013


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Daily Newsletter - 02 01-2013

  1. 1. SHAH ADVISORY Daily Morning Newsletter 02-01-2013 Vivek A. Shah 2013 WWW.SHAHADVISORY.COM
  2. 2. Wednesday, 02nd January 2013  - www.shahadvisory.com Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterBSE Sensex – 19580.81 TREND / PERIOD DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY DIRECTION UP UP UP Trend Change Level 19422 18900 18120 (Closing Basis)Overall trend is sideways. We are recommending holding long position in the market as overall trendon weekly & monthly basis is up. We are expecting breakout on upper side & expecting the index totouch the levels of 20100 in coming weeks & also expecting that market will not close below 19200in coming few days. If it goes below 19200, we may see fall in the market to the levels of 19000 &below.We mentioned that we are expecting the levels of 19600 to come in near future & it attained in thetrade on Tuesday. We can see the index to touch the levels of around 19800-19820 in coming days.Keep stop loss of 19400 on closing basis for all the long positions.S&P 500(USA) – 1426.19As mentioned, 1426 on closing basis is important support. We can see below 1426 close, currentlyfall down to 1402 levels. We may see some pause over here at 1400 level. Also market is eagerlywaiting for solution on Fiscal Cliff front. It is going to be the trend decider for coming months. Keepwatch on 1394-1385 zones on closing basis. Any close below it will take the indices lower in comingweeks to even 1340-1250 levels else expect bounce.Taking support around 1400 levels as mentioned. Now this rally may continue up to the levels ofaround 1450.AXIS BANK – 1362.70Those who have shorted at 1360 levels keep stop loss of 1374 & hold the position for mentionedlevels.Hold the shorts with the given stop loss of 1374.ICICI BANK – 1158.45Go short if it falls below 1128. If it crosses 1143, go long for expected higher levels of 1154 & above.We advised to go long above 1143 for the target of 1154 & above. It attained the target & closed at1158.45. Anyone who has not booked the profit can keep stop loss of 1145 & look for the levels of1165-1174 to book full profit.RELIANCE INDUSTRIES – 840.70Go long above 850. Go short if falls below 835 for the expected lower levels of 828 & below.Overall trend is sideways. No trade execution level attained. Now go short if falls below 837 for thelevels of 832-828. Go long above 851 only. +91 84600 32788  support@shahadvisory.com 2 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website
  3. 3. Wednesday, 02nd January 2013  - www.shahadvisory.com Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning NewsletterTATA MOTORS – 316.75Our mentioned levels did not attain in a trade. If it comes to 309, go long with stop loss of 307 & canalso enter long position above 315 for the expected higher levels of 318-320 keeping stop loss of307.Overall trend is positive. Advised to go long above 315 & it attained level of 318. Now keep stop lossof 312 for the position & look for the possible upper levels of 321-324 to book full profit.TATA STEEL – 438.20Overall trend is bullish but we may see some sideways move for few days. If it crosses 433, enterlong position for expected higher levels of 437-440. Also shorting is advisable around 430 levelskeeping stop loss of 433 for the lower levels of 426 & below.Overall trend is bullish. We advised to go long above 433 for the targets if 437-440. It attained boththe targets. Now anyone holding long position can trail stop loss to 434 & look for the upper levels of445-448 to book full profit.SBI – 2426.45Overall trend is bullish but trading in a range of 2323-2408 & currently near to upper trading range.Go short below 2380 for the level of 2364 & below. Buying is advisable only on cross of 2410.Overall trend is bullish. We advised to go long above 2410 & it made a high of 2434. Now trail stoploss to 2399 & look for the higher levels of 2445-2470 to book full profit.USDINR – SPOT – 54.6850Overall trend is positive. We have booked the short position at 54.75-57.77 levels. USDINR hasbounced sharply in last 1 hour of trade. Now we may see bounce to 55.20.Overall trend is positive till it is trading above 54.40 levels. We were expecting the levels of 55.20 toattain but it has fallen sharply from the levels of 55 to close around 54.68. Now we need to wait for aclear signal on the chart to get any trading decision as there are certain sharp movements in last twotrading sessions. +91 84600 32788  support@shahadvisory.com 3 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website
  4. 4. Wednesday, 02nd January 2013  - www.shahadvisory.com Follow us on Twitter - @equityadvisory Shah Advisory – Daily Morning Newsletter Stocks with Positive Breakout Stock Name Buying Range Dena Bank 121.10-121.30 HDIL 116.05-116.20 RCom 76.55-76.60 Sintex 68.05-68.10 Bharti Airtel 324-324.60 HDFC Bank 686.10-687 Coal India 361.10-361.40 Jyoti Structure 46.60-46.65 Kiri Dyes 329-330 Century Text. 427.10-427.60 Hind Oil Expl. 105-105.10 Stocks with Negative Breakout Stock Name Selling Range Pantaloon Retail 255.70-255.80 +91 84600 32788  support@shahadvisory.com 4 Save Trees. Do not Print. Read Disclaimer on our website