Expanza’s Comprehensive Model                                                                     Issue 3    August 2009...
Investment Opportunity in Healthcare Solutions Company

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SMEs are widely regarded as the engine of the Indian Economy. SMEs contribute significantly to industrial,
SUCCESS STORY                                                                                              GMR Group

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Expanza News Latter

  1. 1. ? Expanza’s Comprehensive Model Issue 3 August 2009 for Diagnosing Organizational System ? Hot Deals ? know? Did you ? SME Corner ? Story Success ? the month News of Expanza’s Comprehensive Model for Diagnosing Organizational System Diagnosis is a process of understanding how the organization is currently functioning and it provides information necessary to design change interventions. It is also a collective process between organization member and the OD (Organisation Development) Consultant to collect pertinent information, analyze it, and draw conclusion for action planning and intervention. Designing Effective Intervention: A set of sequenced planned action or event intended to help an organization increase its effectiveness. Project ‘Swabhiman’ at Alok Industries Human Resource Intervention: Process ? Consultation Intervention focus on Expanza helps the organizations to be able to ? interpersonal relation and social dynamics occurring reallocate the internal resources much more in work groups. fruitfully thereby growing faster and becoming more profitable. ? Building Team intervention helps work groups Through the outsourcing of services process from ? become more effective in accomplishing taste. Expanza, Organizations can gain higher levels of expert service at a cost lower then what they would Presently Expanza is providing the HR Services to ? incur as a world class organisation. Some of the Textile Giant Organizations like Alok Industries Limited and Siyaram Silk Mill Limited. Through Expanza, Organizations gain access to ? experienced HR Professionals who otherwise are a costly proposition. Expanza has handled more than 25 session of ? “Project Swabhimaan “at Alok industries Limited. Aligning HR Strategy with Business Strategy, HR ? Under the project 500 employees were covered, Audit / Gap Identification, Talent management, Organisation Health survey and Brain Storming Performance Management, Leadership sessions were also conducted that to have the Development, Training & Development are some of suggestions to help the organisation rising. the Best HR Services provided by the Expanza. The above processes make your Organization world class and Through ? the OHS & Brain Storming Sessions the Best Practices ensure High Performance and Productivity. expanza gives a comprehensive business solution to the organisation. Recently Expanza had done the Organization Health ? Survey at Siyaram Silk Mill Limited across locations. How Your Company Will Progress And Prosper ? the Companies organizes almost all of their Most of resources including energies and the attention around their core competencies and do not dissipate their attention and energies to the supportive processes which specialists of Expanza can handle.
  2. 2. HOT DEALS Investment Opportunity in Healthcare Solutions Company Overview Clientele ?The company is a leading provider of a The company has national as well as International customized & user-friendly Hospital clients like: Metro Hospital, TATA Autocomp Information Management Software solution. Systems Ltd., Honeywell Automation India Ltd., Hindustan Unilever Limited., Bharat Sanchar ? company has created many innovative The Testing Nigam Ltd. (eOntime), Abu Dhabi Transport Software applications & Software Methodologies, in Healthcare & Enterprise Authority, Siemens LLC, Apollo Muscat Hospital domains. etc. ? company is the subsidiary of The an ISO Proposal 9001:2000 certified IT company with a The company plans to raise around Rs.3-4 cr to turnover of around Rs.300 million. fund its expansion plans. Sale of Land & Building with Sanctioned Power at Silvassa Details of Building (Sq ft) ?Land 4250 Sq Mt Particulars Area Total Area ?Building 22100 Sq Ft Production Hall 80 X 180 14,400.00 ?Sanctioned Power 180 KVA 800.00 Raw Material Godown 20 X 40 ?Transformer 350 KVA Finished Good Godown 20 X 40 800.00 Office 20 X 80 1,600.00 ? well Bore 2 2,400.00 Workers Quarters 20 X 120 ?Electric Panel 100.00 Security Cabin 10 X 10 2000.00 ? and accessories Cable Wastage storage 25 X 80 ?Boundary Wall Total 22,100.00 The Only Minister with the smallest tenure as a Finance minister is Jaswant ? Singh, He was Finance Minister for 13 days. And till date, Morarji Desai has DID had the longest tenure as FM, 8 years. YOU KNOW ? income tax rates in India Highest ? ever imagine that at one time, highest personal income tax rate Can you in India was more than 90%? ? Indira Gandhi’s regime in 1973-74, India’s personal income tax During had eleven tax brackets with highest marginal income tax rate of 97.5 percent. Just imagine paying Rs 97.5 to the government out of every Rs. 100 earned. Well, sounds rather scaring, doesn’t it?
  3. 3. SME CORNER SMEs are widely regarded as the engine of the Indian Economy. SMEs contribute significantly to industrial, economic, technological and regional development in all developed & developing economies. However, SMEs have been exposed to intense competition due to increasing globalization. This has made survival and growth of this sector difficult. Business Environment of SME Units unforeseen situations Ø Units generally set up by technocrats using o Lack of cognizance to even personal funds: appreciate that there is a better way Ø units are mainly dependent on larger These to manage the projects customers for business o Lack of inadequate internal systems Ø do not have very good reach for SMEs Ø to attract & retain highly trained Inability marketing that restricts their volumes and manpower in this segment since there is lot makes them too dependent on large units of poaching from larger units / MNCs. (in spite of SME expertise in niches) Ø of Lack succession plans and new Ø are generally starved for funds and SMEs generation not available for such causes have to spend too much time for collections Ø awareness of modern Management Lack of of Accounts Receivable & external funding p ra c t i c e s and specifically Project arrangements Management practices and methodologies Ø are not very keen on supporting Banks amongst them these units for working capital due to uncertain business cycles and growth Ø Inadequate attention to financial disciplines Ø Too much time required to be spent with and cash flow control (controllable & Govt. / Semi Govt. agencies uncontrollable) affecting even the sheer existence of these units. This leads to: Challenges faced by the SME units o Lack of available funds (perpetually caught up in this vicious cycle) Ø adequate Management training and Lack of o Inability to pay competitive wages / bandwidth amongst promoters of such units salaries to trained professional in resulting in lack of: working classes o Non-availability of Business plan Ø awareness of IPRs and legal issues Lack of leading to ad hoc decision making (IPRs / Patents / Copyrights / o Lack of Business & Financial Registrations). discipline Ø for training of the leadership and Need o Lack of Forward planning resulting in Promoters With the increasing competition, globalization and the uncertainty due to the global downturn, SMEs will have to continuously incorporate the latest technology into their production processes as well as in their marketing and management functions, to cut costs gain efficiency and consistency. This will help them become successful, and contribute to the Indian economy in the long run. Overall, the small industry sector has performed well and has enabled the country to achieve considerable industrial growth and diversification.
  4. 4. G R SUCCESS STORY GMR Group The Rise of GMR Indian Entrepreneur and self made billionaire GM Rao is Rao's rules are simple: you must have the money before the Chairman of The GMR Group, India's leading you jump into a new project. It is a conservative trait, Infrastructure Company. According to the Forbes 2009 but that is how Rao prefers to do business. So, a few list of the richest people in the world GM Rao has a net years ago, Rao sold his 50 per cent stake in the bank and worth of $ 2.1 Billion. GM Rao's business interests lapped up over Rs 380 crore (Rs 3.8 billion). Part of that include the following: Airports, Highways, Urban cash has been used to finance the Hyderabad airport Infrastructure and Power. project. GM Rao was born on July 14, year 1950 in Rajam, The GMR group had no airport experience till 2001, yet it Andhra Pradesh, India. He completed his Mechanical bagged a 30 year grant to develop a futuristic airport in Engineering from Andhra University. GM Rao started Shamshabad, Hyderabad. This bid was won only after working for the Public Works Department of Andhra the GMR proved that it was technically competent by Pradesh. After some time he quit his job to pursue a tying up with a minority partner, Malaysia Airport career in business. He joined his family, they were into Holdings. However, it was not until 3 years later that the Jute trading business. GM Rao started a jute mill before agreement was signed. entering into the ferroalloys business. Shortly after that GM Rao began investing in Vysya Bank and eventually GMR Group established a strong presence outside India became its largest share holder and was offered a as well, in places including UK, Netherlands, Australia directorship in the Vysya Bank. The bank was set up with and Turkey. The group won the bid for modernizing a Rs 60 lakh equity capital, but when its rights issues did Istanbul's Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. The not get subscribed, Rao moved in and built up a large Group acquired 50 % stake in InterGen, a leading power stake. He brought in ING as a partner and scaled down generation company based in Netherlands.GMR Group the non-performing assets dramatically. Over the next owns the Delhi Daredevils Team of the Indian Premire few years he ventured into sugar, Brewing, Information League (IPL) for which it paid $ 84 Million. The Group Technology and Infrastructure. has exited banking, Information Technology and Brewing businesses to concentrate on Infrastructure. The GMR Group got all the attention when it won bids for building a new airport in Hyderabad and modernizing the Delhi International Airport. News of the month RBI keeps rates steady, cautions against deficit The RBI left key policy rates unchanged even as it · WPI inflation for 2010 projected higher at placed GDP growth for the current fiscal at 6% with 5% an upward bias in its First Quarter Review of · Projection of money supply growth raised to Monetary Policy 2009-10. Following are the key 18% highlights of the policy. · Enough liquidity in the system · Fiscal deficit remains a challenge · Soft Policy stance till signs of robust · Large borrowing can crowd out private recovery investment · GDP growth for 2009-2010 projected at 6% · Need to push financial sector, governance with an upward bias reforms