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Sql rename

  1. 1. 8/10/13 SQL Rename beginner-sql-tutorial.com/sql-rename.htm 1/2 SQL RENAME Statement With RENAME statement you can rename a table. Some of the relational database management system (RDBMS) does not support this command, because this is not standardizing statement. For example renaming a table through MS SQL Server you must use storage procedure SP_RENAME. Syntax for SQL RENAME is: RENAME TABLE {tbl_name} TO {new_tbl_name}; Where {tbl_name} table that exists in the current database, and {new_tbl_name} is new table name. As for Oracle may also be use the following option: ALTER TABLE {tbl_name} RENAME TO {new_tbl_name}; As Example CREATE TABLE employees ( id NUMBER(6), name VARCHAR(20) ); INSERT INTO employees( id, name ) values( 1, 'name 1'); INSERT INTO employees( id, name ) values( 2, 'name 2'); INSERT INTO employees( id, name ) values( 3, 'name 3'); SELECT * FROM employees; SELECT Output:
  2. 2. 8/10/13 SQL Rename beginner-sql-tutorial.com/sql-rename.htm 2/2 id name ------------- ------ ------------- ------ 1 name 1 2 name 2 3 name 3 RENAME TABLE employees TO employees_new; SELECT * FROM employees_new; SELECT Output: id name ------------- ------ ------------- ------ 1 name 1 2 name 2 3 name 3 SQL RENAME NOTES 1)The minimum version that supports table renaming is Oracle 8i. All the dependencies of the table will automatically updated. No need of updating them after wards