The Making of Anna -Lessons for


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It's hard to believe that a short, thin, mild-looking fellow; the kind of person you wouldn't look at twice.
Nor is his background the stuff from which modern leaders is supposed to be made of.

Still he has inspired and carried out transformation and changes which appears to be almost impossible.

How and why he has become a phenomenon and influenced lakhs of people. Great lessons to learn and share in this ppt

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The Making of Anna -Lessons for

  1. 1. Lessons for all of usvisit download 800+ best presentations
  2. 2.  Its hard to believe that a short, thin, mild- looking fellow; the kind of person you wouldnt look at twice. Nor is his background the stuff from which modern leaders is supposed to be made of. Still he has inspired and carried out transformation and changes which appears to be almost impossible. How and why he has become a phenomenon and influenced lakhs of people. Great lessons to be learned and shared. visit download 800+ best presentations
  3. 3.  Khemkaran, September 1965. An Indian military convoy rumbles towards the fighting zone driven by Hazare. Suddenly, two Pakistani Sabre jets scream in to attack. A splinter grazes his forehead, he ducks below the dashboard. The windscreen shatters and bullets riddle the man sitting next to Hazare. The 25- year-old driver tumbles out of his truck and prays fervently as the two Sabres strafe the convoy again.. Of the few survivors, only Hazare escapes serious injury. “You saved me, God,” Hazare says, over and over again. “But why?” visit download 800+ best presentations
  4. 4.  At the village of Ralegaon Siddhi, He discovered why God saved Baburao Hazare. A worthy cause, he realized, lay right in front of him: The upliftment of his own village, Ralegaon Siddhi. Ralegaon Siddhi like other villages was suffering . With water available only during the monsoons, its farmers could barely grow one crop a year, and 70 percent of the village’s 315 families lived in abject poverty. Since he returned to Ralegaon Siddhi in 1975, Hazare has spearheaded a movement that has changed all this forever. Today, Ralegaon Siddhi is brisk and prosperous.. Its fields are heavy with grain; there’s a bank, a boarding school, biogas plants; some of its farmers drive around on mopeds. Even more remarkable is the social transformation that Hazare has brought. No one drinks in Ralegaon Siddhi. There hasn’t been a crime here in years. visit download 800+ best presentations
  5. 5.  During his annual visits home, Hazare had been appalled by its steady deterioration—even the village temple had become badly run down. “If I could re-build the temple,” Hazare said to himself, “more people might think of God and lead better lives.” Finally, in August 1975, Hazare returned to Ralegaon after retiring from the army. His service benefits amounted to Rs20,000 were spent to rebuild the village temple. Few people paid him any attention at first. But as the temple neared completion, the villagers began changing. Some offered to donate wood; many volunteered their labour. “This taught me one thing,” Hazare says. “If people areconvinced that you are not selfish, they’re on your side.” visit download 800+ best presentations
  6. 6.  Among those who joined Hazare were a few young men. They called him “Anna”—big brother—and listened with fascination to his dream of transforming their village. Gradually, more youths joined the group, and Hazare suggested they form a Tarun Mandal [youth club].Move away from personality based cause/image toestablish a permanent impact visit download 800+ best presentations
  7. 7.  One night, a few Tarun Mandal members rushed to the temple with the news that some drunks from a neighbouring village had beaten up Gulab Bhalekar, a 40-year-old Ralegaon farmer, because he had not saluted them. Anna seized the opportunity to call a village meeting at which he lashed out against drinking, illicit distilling and gambling. “I’m warning all distillers here,” he said. “Shut shop!”  Some distillers, fearing Anna and his boys, readily complied. Others had their liquor dens smashed up. But Hazare was not content with simply putting an end to the illegal distilling. “You can drink elsewhere,” he told villagers. “But if anyone here is found drunk, he’d better watch out.”Nothing works like real life examples to connect with people visit download 800+ best presentations
  8. 8.  He soon proved he meant business. A few days later when three men returned to Ralegaon drunk after a binge in a nearby village, Hazare had them tied to the temple pillars and personally flogged them with his army belt. Anna Hazare is unfazed by criticism of such behaviour. “Rural India is a harsh society,” he says, “if you want change, it’s sometimes necessary to be tough.” Indeed, no one I met at Ralegaon holds Hazare’s harshness against him. “I was a miserable drunk nine years ago,” said 44- year-old Haribhau Mapari, a Ralegaon farmer. “But after being thrashed, I’ve not touched a drop of liquor. Anna saved me.” Symbolism have a great impact on the mind of people- you have to set an example
  9. 9.  Hazare soon realized that a far more important reason for the villagers’ misery was lack of work. In fact, because many of the villagers had worked for the bootleggers, shutting down the distilleries had, ironically, made several families even poorer. As he wondered what could be done, Hazare chanced upon a newspaper article about a state government scheme that provided manual labour jobs on public works projects. He and the Tarun Mandal boys quickly rounded up about 200 villagers who needed work and got jobs for all of them. Do not mistake symptoms for the real cause visit download 800+ best presentations
  10. 10.  Accordingly, Hazare decided to find out as much as he could about these development projects. He haunted government offices, talked to every bureaucrat he could, read several newspapers and built up files on government development schemes. Since Ralegaon suffered from acute water scarcity, Hazare was especially interested in irrigation techniques. Reading about a successful water conservation project near Purandhar, about 100 kilometres away, Anna studied the system and got engineers to draw up plans for a similar facility at Ralegaon. And by persuading villagers to do much of the work themselves, he got the facilities built at the lowest possible cost. Today, much of Ralegaon’s farmland is irrigated. Agricultural incomes have increased remarkably, and very few villagers live below the poverty line. Not only have living standards risen, dozens of villagers are now free of debt. visit download 800+ best presentations
  11. 11.  Ralegaon’s self-help efforts are not always looked upon kindly. Once, after the villagers decided they wanted a high- school and constructed a 10-room building themselves, the government refused to provide money for running it. Anna soon discovered the reason: a powerful local politician, annoyed because he’d received no votes in Ralegaon in a recent election, was taking revenge. Hazare, however, was undeterred. He hired ten teachers, offering them free food and housing in lieu of wages, and got the school going. Then he systematically began to lobby officials both at district headquarters in Ahmadnagar and at the state secretariat in Bombay, 350 kilometres away. To keep expenses down during his Bombay trips, Hazare slept on newspapers spread out on bus station floors, and bathed in the sea.Think out of the box, be creative to solve the problem or buy time
  12. 12.  But for one year, despite 20 visits to Bombay and innumerable more to Ahmadnagar, nothing happened. “Finally,” Hazare says, “I decided I’d had enough.” He descended on Ahmadnagar’s Zilla Parishad office one morning with 250 villagers and announced that they were all going on a hunger strike. Within hours, officials in Bombay sent an assurance that the money would be made available.Identify the weak/vulnerable spots of your opponent and hit them there visit download 800+ best presentations
  13. 13.  Right from the day when Anna fought with the police collecting the hafta from the Flower sellers. Anna is ready to face anything for his beliefs and mission in life. Anna is an example of a leader rather than a power wielder. The latter often wrongly style themselves as leaders.. The moral courage to take a stand against injustice comes from his belief in living for a cause above himself. visit download 800+ best presentations
  14. 14.  The mission of the leader has to be clear simple and in some way should engaged with the audience without any explanation and lengthy speeches extolling the virtues of the mission. When the mission appeals to the followers, the followers come in naturally. The key is to create a connect for every individual with the mission. The fear that corruption has almost got rampant and affects everyone from man on the street to upper class and some action has to be taken by the people as the politicians are loathe to do something hit the chord and thousands pour out on the street to support Anna. Work on the mission/message---not on the followers visit download 800+ best presentations
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