Reach, Measurement & Optimization in the Connected Age


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  • Focus on critical measures: First understand mobile traffic to site.
  • 2013 will be the year that the number of mobile Internet devices (smartphones and tablets) exceeds fixed-line Internet devices (PC and laptops). So why if usage is so high and so ubiquitous do digital marketers in general, and mobile marketing specifically not command a larger percentage of the ad budget?
  • Mobile is undervalued. Lots of people say this but it's even more undervalued than you think because it's part of a larger problem, which is that our entire framework for measuring digital is wrong. Today, I’m going to share how we’ve been doing things differently. Our framework looks at: real social circles, saturating valuable customer segments with media, and measuring on a macro scale.
  • We’re measuring not according to direct-tracked visits or sales – but overall metrics. Marginal shifts in those test areas. You can see here how before you had very low frequency and there was no correlation between media and calls. After we began the test, you can not only see the correlation but you can see what a huge difference it made.We did it Vodafone, for Oreck, for United Airlines - for financial services and B2B companies. We’ increased total digital spend on average by 6x. So today I’m going to talk about how we did that.
  • Because right now, Mobile media has the biggest delta between time spent and ad revenue.As you can see Mobile accounts for only 1.7% of worldwide ad spending despite accounting for 4.5% of time spent. And that gap is projected to grow as consumers adopt mobile media faster than marketers.I was struck by how fast the adoption of Mobile has been in fact when I compared a snapshot of the selection of previous pope to this last march when the new pope was chosen.
  • Here’s 2005
  • And here- just a scant 8 years later, is 2013
  • Mobile is an important part of our lives- an integral part and it’s also part of our lives as consumers.Mobile plays a vital role in the customer journey, with multiple touch-points throughout the consumer/brand interaction.
  • But that role cannot be measured or understood with mainstream cookie-based methods. These methods don't even try and account for the big picture. They miss more than they capture.
  • This is from a recent Google presentation I saw. You can see what’s missing. This only Sees Some of the Digital Touchpoints. What about the digital touch-points that cookies aren’t tracking? What about offline purchases?Most purchases still take place in a store. Are we to assume that mobile plays no role in those purchases?
  • Of course not.It’s just that We're providing so much complexity at the low level – at the media level. If you go into Google and type Adwords dashboard, this is what you see. A lot of complexity at the media level. Illustrating the touchpoints we can track. Providing metrics to managers that don’t tell them how the media impacts the larger business.
  • Makes Digital a Conversation About EfficiencyClayton Christensen talks about how most businesses operate by looking over the back of the boat – only at historical data to make decisions about the future. The trouble is, this is a very limited data set and it tends to be self-fulfilling.Our current framework keeps digital small – and it keeps Mobile, the smallest part of digital right now with the most room for growth, even smaller. The way we value digital keeps the conversation small. We're not elevating the conversation to a boardroom, manager level. 
  • Conclusion: In order to grow digital- and to grow Mobile – we need to turn around and look towards the front of the boat at prediction. What are potential sales? How much growth is possible?In order to elevate the conversation – we need to turn it around, from a discussion about efficiency into one of growth.
  • How can we elevate the conversation? We need to disrupt the current framework with something:  - innovative enough to make a meaningful difference - simple enough to be understood and adopted by (the busiest people) the managers.This framework- this new way of valuing our digital media – needs to connect digital impressions to the bigger business discussion. Something that can prove impact on overall profitability and growth. Things that managers care about.
  • That's what we've developed- it’s what I’ve been doing for about 15 years. Our latest software is a roadmap for Profitable Growth. If you think about marketing dashboards as the dashboards on your car, they can tell you a lot about the health and status of your car but they can’t tell you where you’re going or how fast you need to go to get there. That’s where we come in.We show businesses how to scale in the most profitable way.
  • We look at real social circles, not just online behaviors. Takes into account significant impact of that external offline influencers have 
  • Fashionista, friend story -- wouldn’t you be more receptive to an ad for shoes you just saw your friend wearing?
  • We pick test environments where we know the type of high value consumer lives. We look at the right volumes– and also the right densities to make sure to minimize wasted impressions.
  • - heat maps, Target storyWe saturate those areas with the right Frequency. - go back to "most media under-leveraged, frequency too low to make an impact or too hyper-targeted." This corrects this problem.
  • We’re measuring not according to direct-tracked visits or sales – but overall metrics. Marginal shifts in those test areas. You can see here how before you had very low frequency and there was no correlation between media and calls. After we began the test, you can not only see the correlation but you can see what a huge difference it made.
  • Then we scale to other high value areas, moving on to less valuable customers. - other heat maps
  • The result: Reliable, Predictable, SimpleWhat you get is a reliable, predictable and simple way to connect the media impression to the business profits.
  • You refine the efficiencies by optimizing media, just as you normally would. This is why you need both a macro perspective and a detailed view provided by analytics tools like Webtrends
  • So your process looks like this. A period of nascency , followed by expansion and scale, followed by optimization.
  • Problem:  Mobile and digital as a whole undervalued Keeping the conversation small with broken measurement and complexitySolution: New measurement framework that connects impression to profit -real social circles, test and scale, macro measurement
  • Everyone knows the Henry Ford quote, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." Well, businesses aren't asking for faster horses, they're asking for cars. They're asking for innovation and we're giving them suped-up versions of the old cookie model.
  • Let's elevate the conversation. Let’s innovate. And let's give them what they're asking for. 
  • Reach, Measurement & Optimization in the Connected Age

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    7. 7. Mobile Marketing AssociationMarketersunderstand thatdata is GOLD andthey areinvesting heavilyin tools to betterharvest it!
    8. 8. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe Websiteremains the bestsource forgenerating dataon customers butincreasingly, thewebsite meansmobile sites, appsand landing pagestoo!
    9. 9. Leveraging “Big Data” to driveCustomer Experience Management• Complete Customer View• Market at „Speed ofThought‟
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    14. 14. Mobile Marketing Association“Webtrends Streams has helped us bringour data to life in a way not previouslypossible. Through engaging visualizations,our staff are now able to appreciate theglobal scale of our business in real timeand we’re excited about the customerfacing opportunities this unlocks.”David N. Williams,Head of Customer Intelligence, ASOS
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    30. 30. Mobile Marketing AssociationBuilding a Mobile Measurement Strategy• Start early and involve ALLstakeholders• Find means to measure ALL mobiletraffic/interactions – not justdownloads or visits• Build a measurement strategy thataligns your objectives to measurableactivities• Think about distribution and formatfor reporting• Focus on critical measures and beable to assign $$ values to conversionactivities• Use performance data to improveprograms and user experienceUsage Rate
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    35. 35. Mobile is UnderValued
    36. 36. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec JanImpressionsCallsImpressions vs. Calls in Targeted Test AreasTest
    37. 37. 55.7%13.6%4.5%4.5%3.4%18.2%Time SpentTVPCMobileNewspaperMagazinesRadio43.2%22.5%1.7%13.2%9%10.3%Ad Spend
    38. 38. 2005
    39. 39. 2013
    41. 41. We miss morethan we catch.
    42. 42. Too much complexity.
    43. 43. Rear-facing data keeps the conversationsmall.
    44. 44. Look ForwardEfficiency  Growth
    45. 45. Status Quo:Innovative & Simple
    46. 46. Where is theBusinessHeaded?
    47. 47. Real SocialCircles
    48. 48. What are your friends wearing?
    49. 49. Market Target Households DensityNew York, NY 177,164 3%Los Angeles, CA 171,736 4%Chicago, IL 157,112 6%Houston, TX 90,120 6%Philadelphia, PA 86,869 4%Washington, D.C. 56,668 3%San Diego, CA 45,871 5%fashionista women
    50. 50. Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec JanImpressionsCallsImpressions vs. Calls in Targeted Test AreasTest
    51. 51. A Matter of Scale
    52. 52. 0500010001500200025003000350040004500050000100000150000200000250000300000350000400000450000500000ImpressionsOrder VolumeImpressions vs. Order Volume
    53. 53. CPO CostCost vs. Cost per Order
    54. 54. 0500010001500200025003000350005000100001500020000250003000035000400004500050000Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr MayImpressionsOrder VolumeImpressions vs. Order VolumeOptimizationExpansionDiscrete Tracking
    55. 55. Let’s RecapMobile is undervaluedBroken MeasurementToo ComplexNew framework:Real Social CirclesTest and ScaleMacro MeasurementImpression to Profit
    56. 56. “If I had asked peoplewhat they wanted…”-Henry Ford
    57. 57. Mobile Marketing AssociationElevateConversationthe
    58. 58. Umbrella: bow’s car booth car- Purchase phase social circles