Ultimate Email Marketing: Big Brands Square Off


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  • Without further ado – in my best bruce buffer voice - - It’s Time!
  • Without further ado – in my best bruce buffer voice - - It’s Time!
  • Without further ado – in my best bruce buffer voice - - It’s Time!
  • Ultimate Email Marketing: Big Brands Square Off

    1. 1. #DMA13
    2. 2. THE RULES • The cage has a diameter as big as this stage, all of which can be used by the fighters to demonstrate their mastery • The Champion Bout consists of four rounds, plus Q&A • The bout will run 45 Minutes (or until somebody cries “uncle”) #DMA13
    3. 3. THIS FIGHT • This is a Heavyweight Bout • Unless there is a TKO, the winner will be determined by you • Be disruptive…er, uh interactive FOULS • Boring the Audience • Physical Abuse Verbal abuse is highly encouraged • No questions from the audience #DMA13
    4. 4. #DMA13
    5. 5. IT‟S TIME! #DMA13
    6. 6. THE BUSINESS Company: JibJab Media Industry: Entertainment Product: Starring You® eCards, satire and assorted tomfoolery Employees: 55 Snacks: Unlimited Personal Years of Experience: 5 #DMA13
    7. 7. THE CAMPAIGN Two Goals 1. Broaden personalization experience by using our most recognizable and iconic “data” effectively in the inbox 2. Increase click-through and conversion rates #DMA13
    8. 8. THE CAMPAIGN So we built a Personalized Image Engine #DMA13
    9. 9. THE CAMPAIGN How did we build it? 1 - Existing eCard “casting” technology 2 - A little SQL allowing us to combine custom graphics and user “heads” 3 - A lot of servers to process JPG creation at peak open times The culmination of our efforts… #DMA13
    10. 10. THE CAMPAIGN And now… the test! St. Patrick’s Day 2013 A/B-Split 1. Personalized Mailing 2. Non-personalized Mailing Three Possible Variations (depending on user state): 1. Users with 0 heads 2. Users with fewer heads than shown 3. Users with all heads #DMA13
    11. 11. THE RESULTS Casted version wins! • Click rate  35% • Conversion rate  43% • Revenue  117% #DMA13
    12. 12. THE RESULTS Reactions & Confusion • Responses directed to friends in images  • Requests for more personalization  • Legal threats  • Compensation demands  Clearing Things Up: • Added explicit callouts explaining security of personalization • Added opt-out feature in „My Account‟ section #DMA13
    13. 13. WHAT‟S NEXT? • Deeper testing (location, size, no. of heads) • “Create This Card” feature • Incorporating into transactional and triggered messages • Building functionality for children‟s brand to verify character creation and highlight educational Starring You® products #DMA13
    14. 14. #DMA13
    15. 15. TAKE YOUR SHOT! #DMA13
    16. 16. THE BUSINESS Company: CheapAir.com Industry: Online Travel Industry Size: $157 Billion Product: Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars Personal Years of Experience: 6 in Email Marketing 10+ in Marketing, Product & Finance #DMA13
    17. 17. THE CAMPAIGN Description: Abandonment Series Goal: 1) Bring back customers who demonstrated an interest in flights, but didn‟t buy. 2) Remind these prospective buyers about what makes CheapAir unique. 1) Price Drop Payback 2) Personalized service 3) Mix-and-Match™ 3) Not about discounts and coupons. Target Audience: Users who searched for a flight, did not buy, whom we associate to an email address, and haven‟t purchased another flight from us in the last 90 days. #DMA13
    18. 18. THE CAMPAIGN Key Metrics Tracked: Opens, Clicks, Sales Definition of Success: Subscriber opens message, clicks and returns to CheapAir.com Why it works: - It‟s personalized - We make it easy + demonstrate value (without pushing a coupon!) #DMA13
    19. 19. THE RESULTS 48% 58% #DMA13 Open Rate Click-to-Open Rate
    20. 20. WHAT‟S NEXT? • Testing message timing • Additional landing pages • Personalized letters from our in-house travel advisors • Expansion of program to Hotels and Cars #DMA13
    21. 21. TAKE YOUR SHOT! #DMA13
    22. 22. THE BUSINESS Company: Zumba Fitness Industry: Health/Fitness, Consumer Products, Apparel Product: Professional Fitness Training/Education; At-home Exercise DVDs; Video Games; Apparel, Footwear & Accessories; Music Employees: 285 Target Market: THE WHOLE WORLD Personal Years of Experience: 7 #DMA13
    23. 23. THE CAMPAIGN Problem • We are too awesome • We operate in numerous verticals • We present new instructors with an overwhelming number of offers/products/programs/benefits • We did it all at once #DMA13
    24. 24. THE CAMPAIGN Messaging Flow Chart: #DMA13
    25. 25. THE CAMPAIGN Target Audience: New members of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN™) Description: Understand instructors‟ motivation for joining the network and target message sequence accordingly. #DMA13
    26. 26. THE CAMPAIGN Goals: Increase engagement/conversion rates, lower disengagement, build loyalty and strengthen retention Key Metrics Tracked: • • • • Opens/Clicks/Unsubscribes Specialty Training Registrations Affiliate Program Registrations Apparel & Product Sales #DMA13
    27. 27. THE CAMPAIGN • Initial message sent as part of welcome series • Use tracking logs (+ wizardry) to identify clicks • Target following messages based on interests • Introduce additional brand offerings later in customer lifecycle • Testing offers to generate more interest #DMA13
    28. 28. THE RESULTS Opens/Clicks: Targeted follow up messages achieved : • 65-75% open rates • 20-40% click-through rates Conversion: Significant revenue and participation lift across all categories Disengagement: Unsubscribe rate dropped nearly 40% within the first 30 days of membership #DMA13
    29. 29. WHAT‟S NEXT? • Continue optimizing welcome series – testing creative, subject lines, offers… • Additional messages to help construct more accurate user segmentation • Better consumer (non-instructor) onboarding/welcome series • Real-time dynamic content #DMA13
    30. 30. TAKE YOUR SHOT! #DMA13
    31. 31. AND THE WINNER IS… #DMA13
    32. 32. #DMA13
    33. 33. #DMA13