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  • Catalog Spree: The Personalized Digital MallCatalog Spree drives quality customers to over 150 retail partnersWith the best user experience and most active user base, Catalog Spree is the category leaderCatalog Spree is available on the iPad and the WebWeb: browser experience on Andriod, IE 9, Firefox, Chrome and SafariiOS: for iPadWhen I refer to the market: Mobile = Smartphone + Tablet
  • We’ll be talking about Merrell primarily.Acquire 4 new brands last month: Sperry Top Sider, Saucony, Stride-Rite, Keds101 stores around the world – under 8 different banners. 28 eCommerce sites plus 13 mobile sites in 8 countries
  • NOTE: JR FIX SLIDEDisparity between the distribution service (like the internet, mail, roads to stores) and the best tool/device (computer, digital appliance/device)Tale of 4 Segments: Music, Books, Retail, News/MagazinesDisruptive opportunitiesDistribution (print, mail, internet) and devices (dedicated & mobile devices)Internet alone had massive impact: NewsInternet alone had little impact: books
  • Web: SEM, SEO, e-commerce site, affiliates, etcEngage: off-line, vs online, vs socialOff-line, in-store, and online (social, web, mobile) channels
  • smartphone shipments will grow from 494M last year to 1.6B in 2016. Most of the growth outside US. Overall growth less than 10%
  • Linda:What is the source of this chart???
  • And, NPD says that tablet shipments will increase to 416M by 2017Yankee Group: Tablet Sales will surpass PCs by 2015
  • Try to fix graphic
  • Not since the dot-com boom has a consumer trend single-handedly turned the retail industry upside down. As shoppers become more comfortable with smartphones and tablets, they are demanding their favorite retailers do the same by adding mobile-centric solutions that will personalize and improve the shopping experience.  NRF Stores, Nov 2011
  • Catalog Spree: Building a Digital Mall for catalog lovers on the web and on the iPadHave your own store but participate in the mall
  • Source!Have a title for each of the charts to explain. Day of week / timeRelative usage by hours and day of the week.
  • Shopping with a mobile device becomes ‘blessed’ by syndicated data… does that make it an official “channel”?
  • What are you going to do to help users shop?
  • “pop” after 2011 holidays when so many tablets came in market, then still growing – especially in Europe. Until now the proportionate value to the business is nearly equal each period.  Tablets generally have higher conversion rates than smartphones (interpreted another way, smartphones generally have higher traffic volumes than tablets). Europe overtaking US could be that the consumer in the EU is actually a bit younger than the consumer in the US by brand strength.
  •  Tablets generally have higher conversion rates than smartphones (interpreted another way, smartphones generally have higher traffic volumes than tablets).
  • + / - Awareness: exclusivity vs. quantity+ / - User experience: can be subpar when home grown, unless done well on user design+/ - One of a crowd: lost or halo effect.
  • Sample of a contest app that scores big points on simplicity, acquisition, and surprise & delight. You couldn’t pay for that kind of copy.
  • Sample of Crocs App – still feels like a catalog. Easy to view. Cheerful representation of the brand that is easily updated. Email signup is a win.
  • IKEA AppWins on ease of use, although the book is so big. Needs interspersed table of contentsCan interact with the catalog even when downloading… original version took 20 minutes to load, but now you can view while downloading.Allows for favorite, but takes a while to get through everything… just like their normal catalog. It’s an immersion experience!Went shopping, and the thing I wanted wasn’t on their web site This happens often, driving people to the stores instead of shopping online. Lost sale! Missed opportunity.
  • Dicks Considered a periodical.Takes20 minutes to download. Built in Adobe Publishing Suite and have to get it off the Newstand.Includes an education and entertainment and ads in ads.So much to do… is this the future of interaction? Is all this too much? Does shop seamlessly.
  • Invest without over-investing
  • Why use more than 1 vendor? - No vendor is the same - Reporting and transparency is very mixed. New discipline getting weak reports --- Catalog Spree is best to date.Coffee Table has new reporting.
  • Merrell = classic catalog design. Copy heavy, product oriented.HP = derived look book with product as focus, but much less dense & little copySebago = full on lifestyle look book.
  • GAN:Google Affiliate Network = 3% commission + anything they commission if they sell through your site; has ability to set up different commission structures.GAN is used to send data out to the eCatalog and push the sales to your web site.We use a GAN feed in some cases sales go through our site and in other cases it’s a shared cart that is processed by our consumer services.
  • One of the key reasons to be on all vendors ---- increased exposure
  • B&M – if you have it. That is the full consumer experience, encourage them to take it home in their pocketSocial Media – FB promotionsEmail: ongoing footer and occasionally
  • Cookie tracking to who sourced from eCatalog and converted later.Social Shopping – Glimpse by The Find prioritizes products by Facebook likes --- and calls out your own friend’s facebook likes.More brands / more creative look & feel
  • Open graph integrationUse eCatalog sweepstakes for email growthpromotions
  • Platforms: apps, html, social, tablets
  • Today's Personalization Technologies to Fit Your DM Campaign

    1. 1. Today’s Tablets Mean Bigger Consumer Engagement Connected Customer Strategies Track Linda Brown, Wolverine World Wide Joaquín Ruiz, Catalog Spree 1
    2. 2. What is Catalog Spree? iPad and Mobile Web “Digital Mall” Points of View • Digital window shopping • Brand & product discovery • Fun • Customer prospecting • Path-to-purchase funnel • Asset leveragingOver 150 retail brands including: L.L. Bean  Nordstrom  West Elm  Horchow  Boston Proper  Merrell  Bare Necessities Coldwater Creek  Woolrich  Hanna Andersson 2
    4. 4. A Tale of Four Disruptions Music Books Retail MagazinesPastPresent 4
    5. 5. Yet Again: Omni-Channel• Be where your customers are... and tie it all together Methods US Online Shoppers Discover Nurture Plan to Use to Shop in 2012 Engage Sell % of respondents Primarily Incent Reward Mostly Mobile, 1 Stores, 12 Surprise Re-engage % % Mostly Link, link, link Online, 42 % Track, track, track Combined, 45%• Build to and measure your company’s Path-to-Purchase Source: PriceGrabber, “2012 Shopping Outlook”• Offline meets Online 5
    6. 6. Portable, Instant Access IDC: Worldwide smartphone shipments already more than PCs 2016 1,600m smartphones 2011 492m smartphones 500m PCs350m PCs 6
    7. 7. A Tidal Wave of Tablets• Tablets growing 19 times faster than PCs.• Tablets growing 60% faster than the smartphone.• By 2016, 126m tablets will be in use by US consumers. 7
    8. 8. Unbelievable (but true) Forecast NPD Group: Tablets to overtake notebooks in 2016 8
    9. 9. Mobile Share of E-commerce Traffic Doubled in Less Than 6 Months100% 8% Dec-11 Apr-12 Dec-11 Apr-1290% 7%80% 6%70%60% 5%50% 4%40% 3%30% 2%20%10% 1% 0% 0% PC Mobile iPad iPhone Other (Android) The iPad alone accounts for half of traffic from mobile devices Source: Catalog Spree Retailer Survey, April 2012 9
    10. 10. Omni-channel Implications• Design for mobile first… at the very least test on mobile – 40%-60% of retail email opened on smartphone – Optimize “first click”• Highest value retail customers are – iPad owners – Shop in stores – Use catalogs …Leveraging and integrating all your channels is vital 10
    11. 11. Regarding Mobile:“Not since the dot-com boom has a consumer trend single-handedly turned the retail industry upside down… Customers are demanding mobile- centric solutions that personalize and improve the shopping experience.” Source: NRF Stores, Nov 2011 11
    12. 12. Product Demo: iOS& Web 12
    13. 13. Data: Shoppers spend 95+ minutes/month on app • Saturday/Sunday are biggest shopping days • Peak shopping time is between 6-9 PM PST Monday 0:00 1 Sunday 12:00 0.9 Monday 12:00 Sunday, 17% 0.8 Monday, 12% 0.7 Sunday 0:00 Tuesday 0:00 0.6 0.5 0.4 Tuesday, 12% 0.3 Saturday 12:00 0.2 Tuesday 12:00 0.1 0 Saturday, 17% Saturday 0:00 Wednesday 0:00 Wednesday, 13% Friday, 15% Friday 12:00 Wednesday 12:00 Thursday, 14% Friday 0:00 Thursday 0:00 Thursday 12:00 traffic breakdown by day Usage per time and day of the weekSource: Catalog Spree data, April 2012 13
    14. 14. 45 million people, 47% of allsmartphone owners,usedmobileappsin theNielsen-defined Shopping/Commercecategoryin June 2012. It was Nielsens first study of a particular category of mobile app. 14
    15. 15. Most of the top 10 apps in the category just help users find dealsororganizetheir shopping. 15
    16. 16. What does mobile mean to WWW? eCommerce Mobile Revenue Share by Period eCommerce Mobile Revenue Share by Period Europe United States 14.0% 12.0% 10.0% 8.0% 6.0% 4.0% 2.0% 0.0% P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 P11 P12 P13 P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 2011 2012 16
    17. 17. What does mobile mean to WWW?Distribution of Mobile Visits & Sales by Device % Visits % Revenue 80% 70% % of eCommerce Business 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Apple iPad Apple iPhone Droid (Any) Other Apple iPod Touch 17
    18. 18. Community vs. AffinityOwn Apps Aggregation Apps + Brand-immersed + Branded experience + Loyalty Builder + Large Distribution – Costly + Easy MultiChannel: – Maintenance Web, App, Own-site Commitment + Ease of social – Platform choice integration ± Awareness + Scaled expense ± User experience ± One of a crowd 18
    19. 19. Community 19
    20. 20. Community 20
    21. 21. Community 21
    22. 22. Community 22
    23. 23. Affinity (Aggregation) App• Objectives – Prospecting – Participating – Positioning• Challenges – Low Awareness – User-Experience Limits – Lack of Personalization• Cost Structure – 3-15% Commission per Sale – Other fees • Setup Charge • Cost Per View • Cost Per Lead/Subscription 23
    24. 24. Vendor Selection 24
    25. 25. Design Leverage your assets to provide a unified point of view. Don’t overcomplicate things. Make it easy to use. Meet expectations before you exceed them. 25
    26. 26. Design 26
    27. 27. The Nitty-GrittyPage Processing Systems:Single pages (not spreads) “Design for Mobile”• CMYK or RGB • Landscape to portrait• 300 x 300 dpi • Fold out spreads to singles• Editable • Products that cross spreads may need adjusting • Avoid distortion by translating to a uniform page size. 27
    28. 28. The Nitty-GrittyData Feed SystemsBefore “go live” After ‘go live’• May use GAN feed • Babysit• May use your own web site for • Changes cause “Item Not sales or separate channel. Available”• Be proactive • Coordinate updates around• Determine all needed fields catalog publishing cycles• Provide test files for review• Confirm meets specifications 28
    29. 29. Beyond Response: KPIsCatalog Spree Calculated KPIs Merrell Spring x100Unique Viewers 2,718 271,800Total View Time 155 hours 15,500View Time per Person 2 min 2 minTime per page 5-6 seconds 5-6 secAvg# Products Zoomed 2.25 2.25% of Zoomed to See More Button 8% 8%Number of Viewers to Website 225 people 22,500Actual Direct Conversion 1 person 100Actual Direct Revenue $125 $12,500Potential 2% Conversion 5 people 500Potential Revenue $625 $62,500 29
    30. 30. Beyond Response: AttributionAll Attribution Merrell Spring ’12 Catalog; 400K Circ.GWP promocode(i.e. +$0.17/bookWebsite catalog request +$0.03/bookVisit website catalog & buy +$0.002/bookMerrell B&M stores +$0.27/bookAll Digital Catalogs (Combined) +$0.003/book 0.6% $0.475/bookSpring ’12 Added Revenue Contribution = $190,000 30
    31. 31. Be the CheerleaderExternal Promotion• Ongoing promotion on all channels: – B&M signs including driver QR codes – Social Media including contests – Emails regularly as primary story – Emails always in footerInternal Promotion• Who owns it?• Small team focus• Report KPIs 31
    32. 32. What’s Next?: WWW Perspective • Cookie tracking • Social Shopping • Use eCatalog sweepstakes for email growth • More brands / more creative look & feel 32
    33. 33. The Future: Spree’s Perspective Electronic Omni-channel: • “Social Shopping” • Tight integration with social and interest networks • Community annotations • Demographic prospecting & VIP services • Targeted recommendations • Targeted promotions • In-store services • Phone-centric offers & updates • HTML5 distribution • More platforms 33
    34. 34. Conclusions• The acceleration of digital space creates opportunity.• The tablet creates a unique marketing opportunity.• Experiment on multiple platforms – Make sure user-experience fits your brand – Set up a data and learning discipline – Use 1 or more of the community apps 34
    35. 35. Q&A 35
    36. 36. THANK 36