Gain More Qualified Leads for Your Partners


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Gain More Qualified Leads for Your Partners

  1. 1. Gain More Qualified Leads for Your PartnersThe TIE Kinetix CSP solution ensures channel partners promote the most relevant, up-to-date sales and marketing content available. Once aligned, the partner communityeasily delivers the right message, at the right time, with thetools to convert traffic into sales ready leads.Clients use TIE Kinetix to: Streamline content updates throughout domestic and international partner communities Automate repetitive tasks such as co-branding sales and marketing collateral Increase consistency throughout the channel Out market competitors on partner websites Enable partners with additional lead generation capabilities Capture ROI metrics across the global partner community Improve sales throughout the entire channelTIE Kinetix CSP Features: Gain Complete Control Over Your Partner Network The fully automated enrollment feature allows partners to create a connection between the vendor and their websites in under a minute. The intuitive user interface allows partners to easily update their content and campaigns being displayed on their website. Changes made within the portal are updated instantly, and are also reflected across new and preexisting marketing collateral. Enrollment By establishing a simple connection, the vendor gains complete control over partners’ campaigns, collateral, messaging and provides a new look into how content is received throughout the target audience.© TIE Kinetix, All rights reserved. Page 1
  2. 2. Save Time, Save Resources & Start Generating Leads The Brand Showcase saves everyone involved a significant amount of time, money and resources by automating content and collateral updates across the partner community. After a simple implementation, this feature becomes a one-stop research and shopping experience for the vendor’s brand across partner websites. Simple calls-to-action and a contact form are Brand Showcase also visible for web visitors to convert further down the sales funnel. Help Your Partners Generate More Qualified Leads The Lead Generation feature allows vendors to add additional call-to-actions throughout the brand showcase. By orienting content and call–to-actions throughout the showcase, partners are able deliver the right message, at the right time, with the tools to move web visitors to sales at that ‘ah-ha’ moment. Once a lead converts, two items happen simultaneously. First the Lead Generation form submission is sent directly to the partner for immediate follow up. Secondly, a conversion is recorded on the vendor side showing a successful event has occurred. Save Everyone Time with Co-branding Automation The custom collateral feature allows the partner community to skip the manual co-branding process and focus on more important tasks at hand. It saves everyone time by automating the process of blending vendor and partner information together into a customer ready document. It works by dynamically building digital collateral for sales or Custom Collateral marketing on-the-fly. By building documents on-the-fly, end users receive the most up-to-date information from both the vendor and the partner.© TIE Kinetix, All rights reserved. Page 2
  3. 3. Understand Your Customers Anytime, Anywhere As online marketing continues to become a basic staple in the marketing mix, channel marketers face a whole new set of challenges understanding partners’ and customers’ behavior with their products and solutions. With the ROI & Analytics feature, vendors are able to take advantage of both real-time tracking and monthly channel centric ROI & Analytics reporting showing exactly what vendors need to know to take the next step in the right direction. Award Winning Analytics Partner - WebTrends The ROI & Analytics feature is built on top of the award winning WebTrends platform. Send Email Campaigns Through Your Channel Channel Mailer VR allows vendors to push campaign-ready emails to their channel partners. Once deployed to the channel, partners are able to review, customize and send to their customer base. Emails pushed from ChannelMailer VR are not only dynamically co-branded, but are also directly linked to landing pages within the partner’s Brand Showcase guaranteeing the recipient will interact with the intended experience. As a result, partners are ChannelMailer VR more apt to leverage vendor’s email campaigns to nurture leads and generate new interest. Award Winning Email Partner – VerticalResponse ChannelMailer VR is a web-based email solution created by TIE Kinetix and built on top of the Vertical Response email delivery platform.© TIE Kinetix, All rights reserved. Page 3
  4. 4. Maximize Exposure Through Social Media While the entire channel pushes the latest and greatest content and campaigns through the Brand Showcase feature, the next step is to identify new opportunities through social outlets. With the ability to enable content and campaigns with social bookmarking tools, the vendor provides ‘social enabled’ tools so channel partners can to widen the sales and marketing funnel even further. Social Integration Increase Your Organic Search Ranking In the search industry, its common knowledge that building keyword rich text links (from reliable sources) is one of the most influential off-page SEO factors when it comes to ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing. In the SEO Link Builder feature, the vendor simply provides which keyword or key phrase they would like to rank for and that’s it. SEO Link Builder The solution will be configured to the desired term and, as more partners enroll, the links naturally start building themselves. Generate More Leads by Optimizing Traffic Exchange The easiest way to generate more leads is to optimize a preexisting campaign or process. That’s exactly what the Partner Direct feature does. It easily connects the vendor’s partner locator with the enrolled digital channel. By making this connection, traffic jumps directly to the vendor’s Brand Showcase while avoiding any potential competition on the partners’ website. By optimizing the connect between vendor and partner, Partner Direct partners are able to convert more traffic into leads.© TIE Kinetix, All rights reserved. Page 4
  5. 5. Generate Even More Leads with Automated Campaigns Vendors spend a significant amount of time building and maintaining their partner networks. With the channel advertising module, vendors have the ability to broadcast advertisements and landing pages across their enrolled channel. Some vendors choose to promote upcoming events. Some promote product launches. Others sometimes create a new source of revenue by charging other vendors with complimentary tools and solutions. Campaign BuilderStart Generating More Leads for Your Channel Partners TodayAsk About Our Low Risk Pilot ProgramsNot ready to take the plung? Try out our low risk pilot program with a small group ofpartners. This will provide you with the insight needed to determine if TIE Kinetix isright for your partner network.For questions or more information, contact your TIE Kinetix representative today.URL: http://contentsyndication.tiekinetix.comCall: 1-800-624-6354© TIE Kinetix, All rights reserved. Page 5