The New World of Emotional Data: From Analysis to Storytelling


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In a world of abundant data and always-on consumers, the importance of data is evolving from being about targeting and modeling to being "in the moment" with the consumer. Today data value is not only about consumer purchase decision paths but also about their emotional states ... about allowing the marketer to be present with the consumer within their experience, shifting the emphasis from statistical analysis to storytelling. As real-time adaptive marketing becomes the norm, marketing success and effective marketing spending will increasingly rely on re-imagining the data in order to move the consumer effectively to action by meeting them within their mindset. We've learned that messages about fitness and health don't always spur action in those looking to lose weight and that marketing messages about the joys of house ownership don't always activate mortgage deals. Traditional marketing relies on a definition of "brand" that is static; but in an always-on dynamic world, marketing messages and content need to be fluid, interactive and inspired. Learn how emotional data fuels a different kind of marketing idea and why we need to progress from data dashboards and modeling to emotional relevance and meaning.

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The New World of Emotional Data: From Analysis to Storytelling

  1. 1. Emotional Data Nick Moore Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman Slavi Samardzija Chief Analytics Officer, KBM Group
  2. 2. Today BFF (or not?)
  3. 3. Changing consumer habits 3
  4. 4. … resulting inVideo uploaded to 24 Petabytes Data processed per minute by per day200 ThousandText messages sent Tweets per dayper secondMinutes spent on 72.9 Ordered on Products per month per second
  5. 5. Data Deluge (aka Big Data)
  6. 6. Data on Data1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 Source: Google Scholar Articles in Subject: Business
  7. 7. The Seduction of Data
  8. 8. “Research is the enemy of creativity…Advertising is an art, not a science.”George Lois “Its not the consumers job to know what they want.” Steve Jobs“If I had asked people what they wanted,they would have said faster horses.”Henry Ford
  9. 9. Point of Divergent Creative Designers Data talking talking to data designers
  10. 10. Who the heck are Arcade Fire?
  11. 11. Most peopledon’t live in a design studio
  12. 12. Creativity = Change the World
  13. 13. If you want tochange the world, talk to the people who don’t agree with you
  14. 14. Insight Idea
  15. 15. Creativity + Relevance = Change the World
  16. 16. … targets were on average 4-5x more likely to buy. Global Frozen-Food Brand 6:1 ROAS ROI compared to the previous similar campaigns was better by up to Leading Technology Company 2000 %higher conversion ratethan campaign average byLeading Technology Company 274 % … recognized ROI lift of 37 Leading Mobile Phone Provider % 50 % Increased the ROI of their audience buying by approximately Leading Car Manufacturer
  17. 17. Use data to inspire creativity.Emotional Data
  18. 18. EXAMPLES
  19. 19. This is emotional data
  20. 20. From emotional data comes emotional insight
  21. 21. A new type ofcreative thinking
  22. 22. Attitude does not lead to behavior.Behavior leads to attitude