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The Mobile Project. Technology, Standards & Scale


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Session Presentation

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The Mobile Project. Technology, Standards & Scale

  1. 1. Josh Wexler GM, Mobile Rubicon ProjectMobile Marketing Association
  2. 2. The  Mobile  Project:     Technology,  Standards  &  Scale     •  Mobile  is  crea9ng  new  revenue  opportuni9es  for  publishers  and  new   immersive  capabili9es  for  adver9sers  to  reach  their  target  audience.  To   benefit  from  these  trends,  publishers  must  embrace  mobile  and  offer   adver9sers  ad  formats  to  drive  ROI  in  this  highly  fragmented  market.  In   this  session,  you  will  learn  how  to  create  a  strategy  to  maximize  mobile  in   a  mul9-­‐screen  world  –  leveraging  technology  and  standards  to  do  it  at   scale.  Mobile Marketing Association
  3. 3. M I S S I O N   
  4. 4. #1  RANKING  IN  U.S.  AUDIENCE  REACH   Ad Focus Ranking (U.S.) Category Ranking       December 2012       UVs   REACH   •  Entertainment RANK   PROPERTY   (MMs)   (%)   #1 •  Entertainment News 1   Rubicon  Project   214.2   96.7   •  News & Information 2   Google  Ad  Network   208.0   93.9   •  Technology 3   Specific  Media   198.1   89.5   4   Federated  Media   193.4   87.3   •  Auto 5   AOL  Adver9sing  -­‐   186.5   84.2   #2 •  Community Food 6   AT&T   185.7   83.9   •  Community Personals •  Games 7   Genome  from  Yahoo   184.5   83.3   •  Health 8   Vibrant  Media   181.3   81.9   •  Real Estate 9   Real  Media  Group  –  24/7  Access   177.8   80.3   10   ValueClick  Networks   176.5   79.7   #3 •  EducationMobile Marketing Association
  5. 5. TOTAL  CONTROL  FOR   BUYERS  &  SELLERS  Mobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  6. 6. AUTOMATION  ACROSS  DISPLAY  AND  MOBILE   The  Rubicon  Project  Marketplace   AdverPsers   Direct  Deals   Agencies   P R R U E E B V V Trading   L V V Desks   I   INFRASTRUCTURE     S S B H E U E L DSPs   Y R L Exchange  Traded   E S E   R R   Ad   Networks  Mobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  7. 7. DATA-­‐DRIVEN  LEARNING  ALGORITHMS  &  REAL-­‐TIME  CLOUD  IP   Pricing  Algorithms   AucPon  &   •  Profiling   Historical:  3.5  trillion  trades   Big  Data   •  Dynamic  pricing   ProtecPon     Pricing  Meta  Data Algorithms •  Rules  mgmt.     Real-­‐Time:    1,000,000  bids/sec   30ms ProtecPon  Technologies   •  Bid  price   per •  Helix™  (bots)   trade •  Clearing  price   •  SiteScout™  (malware)   •  Bid  density   •  AdCheq™  (crowdsourcing)   •  1M  classified  crea9ves   Bid  Efficiency  Algorithms   Real  Time   •  Bid  predic9on/throeling   Cloud •  18,000+ CPU Cores •  Real time data pipeline •  40+ gigabit/sec network •  Network Operations Center •  3 petabytes storage •  Zero failure protection (100% uptime)Mobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY STANDARDS SCALEMobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  9. 9. TECHNOLOGY  PLATFORM       • Cross  plaform  &  device     • Dynamic  crea9ve  tools     • Targe9ng     • Measurement,  Analy9cs  &  Forecas9ng  Mobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  10. 10. PREMIUM  CONTENT,  AD  FORMATS,  &  ADVERTISERS   FORMATS   TARGETING   MEASUREMENT   Premium  ad  formats   Enhance  media  with   Measurement  beyond   (e.g.  rising  star,  dynamic   mobile  specific  targePng   impressions  &  clicks  (e.g.   ads)   (e.g.  geo,  device   aeribuPon)     targePng)    Mobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  11. 11. 2013  PUBLISHER’S  MOBILE  TRAFFIC  PROJECTION   >50%  Mobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  12. 12. CASE  STUDY:  LEVERAGING  PREMIUM  AD  UNITS     Description •  #1 Women’s site sees significant traffic growth in mobile and see money left on the table •  Reactive mobile ad deals yield low CPMs •  Need to arm sales with premium ad package •  Need to arm sales with tools to upsell display advertisers to mobile Results •  Increase CPM by 2-3x •  Upsell display advertisers to mobile How? •  Package creative & media for display advertisers without mobile-optimized assets •  Innovate on new mobile ad units that fits within user experience •  Analytics beyond impressions and clicks (e.g. emails sent, avg time video played etc.)Mobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  13. 13. Mobile  CreaPve  Best  PracPces     •  Calls to action must be clear and kept to a minimum •  Non-immediate calls to action are essential •  Videos should be 30 seconds or less •  Banner teaser and moderate animation increases engagement by 40 percent •  Location, location, location •  Adhesion units are a good way to offer premium productsMobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013
  14. 14. RUBICON  PROJECT   HIGH  LEVEL  DEEPER  DIVE   BEST  PRACTICE   “Watch  video,  See  how,  Try  now”,  and  other  direct  call  to  ac9on  approaches   Call  To  AcPon   increase  engagement  by  40%.  User’s  ac9on  rate  drops  off  significantly  when   presented  with  more  than  three  calls  to  ac9on.     37%  of  ac9ons  taken  by  users  are  non-­‐immediate  (e.g.  “Email  this  to  me,  Email  to   Non  Immediate  Calls  To   a  friend,  Send  me  a  text  reminder”),  and  others  generate  clicks  and  long  tail   AcPon   engagement,  especially  for  ads  with  offers  or  informa9on  about  a  product  or   service.     Half  of  video  view  9mes  were  16  seconds,  and  the  average  video  view  9me  across   Videos  <  30  Seconds   all  campaigns  was  30  seconds.  Adver9sers  need  to  capture  a  user’s  aeen9on  and   deliver  key  messages  within  the  first  16  seconds  of  their  video  clip.   Rich  media  aeracts  aeen9on,  but  it  has  a  nega9ve  effect  when  done  to  excess.   The  combina9on  of  a  clear  banner  teaser  such  as  “Watch  video,  See  how,  or  Try   Banner  Teaser  &  Moderate   now”,  with  a  minimalist,  one-­‐9me  anima9on  of  text  and  image,  or  an  animated   AnimaPon   video  thumbnail  teaser  aeracts  the  aeen9on  of  users  without  compromising   their  experience.     Geo-­‐targe9ng  and  dynamically  adap9ng  ad  crea9ve  to  the  user’s  loca9on  (e.g.   LocaPon,  LocaPon,  LocaPon   automa9cally  showing  driving  direc9ons  or  different  product  offers  by  loca9on)   increased  click-­‐through  engagement  by  27  percent.   Adhesion  are  a  good  way  to  implement  a  9ered  approach  to  your  ad  products.   Adhesion  Units   Adhesion  can  command  with  2-­‐3x  CPMs  with  2-­‐3x  CTR  performance.    Mobile Marketing Association #MMAF2013