The Top Social Media Fails and How to Avoid Them


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  • I think the point is that we have yet to define what social media means. In fact its why I think we need to just think about social with out media. This helps get us away from a definition bound by technology and helps us realize that its much more than that. Its how we will define business in the future, it will oil our enterprises by driving efficiency, collaboration, innovation as well as other changes such as work balance and location.
  • The generations who have adapted to digital. Xer’s grew up analogue but adapted quickly. Y’ers always had digital products, basic to begin with but have grown up with ever increasing complexity
  • They will grow to not just a digital age but an age where we are connected 24 hours a day, where the things they own, the things they wear are all connected to the web. Interfaces such as a TV remote be met with “how did they work this thing. That’s crazy shit”They know other way to work and are innately social. They won’t hit the workforce for a while but when they do they will expect a very different reality to the one we have now.
  • The largest customer segment on the planet and growing. All ages, all income but all together.
  • While social technologies are not the only thing that Porter is referring to here, it is a significant segment.
  • Social Media Today started in 2007 as
  • The Top Social Media Fails and How to Avoid Them

    1. 1. The top social media fails and how to avoid them Digital transformation|1
    2. 2. 5 key take away’s for you to consider 1. Its just social not social media. 2. Socialtechnologies amplify social behaviors that have always existed 3. Social ‘fails’ apply to us personally as well as to our businesses 4. Social ‘fails’ run deeper than you think 5. What you can do so you’re not next (or how you get better if you are!) Digital transformation|2
    3. 3. Defining social Websites and applications used for social networking (Wikipedia) Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration (Whatis) Digital transformation|3
    4. 4. Defining social With social media, I think there’s a literal definition concerning the media that people create and share online. But there’s also the notion that social media is about the technology that facilitates individuals and groups of people to connect and interact, create and share. Unlike other software that works fine with a single user, social media applications and websites work better the more people there are using them. Technology that facilitates collective wisdom, engagement, creation and sharing – that’s what I consider “social media” Lee Odden Digital transformation|4
    5. 5. Defining social Oracle Study Reveals 97% of Executives Place High Importance on Becoming a Socially Enabled Enterprise Oracle defines a socially enabled enterprise or social business as “an organization with social capabilities woven into the fabric of its daily business operations, from consumer marketing and sales, to customer service and research, to employee communications and collaboration” Digital transformation|5
    6. 6. Shifting sands Generation Y Digital transformation|6
    7. 7. Born digital Digital transformation|7
    8. 8. Generation C Not bound by age – anyone who has crossed over to the digital lifestyle • • • • • • • • • Always on Mobile Global Create and share Go to friends first Very social Experiences beat ownership Highly demanding Very ME orientated Digital transformation|8
    9. 9. Digital transformation|9
    10. 10. Your personal social “With advancements in digital technology, the world is becoming more transparent, and you can’t fake it until you make it anymore” Porter Gale Your Network is your Net Worth Digital transformation|10
    11. 11. Personal first world fails Digital transformation|11
    12. 12. Digital transformation|12
    13. 13. Lufthansa – empowerment? Digital transformation|13
    14. 14. Swedish tourist board. Who needs control? Digital transformation|14
    15. 15. HMV. People matter? Digital transformation|15
    16. 16. HMV. People matter? Digital transformation|16
    17. 17. What you can do so you’re not next (or how you get better if you are!) Digital transformation|17
    18. 18. Top Social Media Fails How to Avoid Them Digital transformation|18
    19. 19. We’ve been connecting marketers to customers and influencers through quality content since 2007. Digital transformation [confidential]|19
    20. 20. How Do You Transform    Start with listening Understand your strategy Don’t think just of your goals but what is the purpose of the people you are trying to reach?    Gen X and Y – Red Bull – creating purpose externally, Compliance and guardrails in place Trust and transparency “Trust is the New Currency” Digital transformation|20
    21. 21. Start with Listening Digital transformation|21
    22. 22. Understanding Strategy Digital transformation|22
    23. 23. Creating Online Purpose Digital transformation|23
    24. 24. Compliance and Guardrails Digital transformation|24
    25. 25. Trust and Transparency Digital transformation|25