Reputation Management: A Holistic Business Tool


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Reputation Management: A Holistic Business Tool

  1. 1. ReputationManagement A Holistic Business Tool
  2. 2. What is Reputation?“If we picture a company as a living organism,say a tree, then half of the mass or more ofthat tree is underground in the root system.And whereas the flavor of the fruit and thecolor of the leaves provides evidence of howhealthy that tree is right now, understandingwhat is going on in the roots is a far moreeffective way to learn how healthy that treewill be in years to come”
  3. 3. An Overview..• What does reputation mean to you?• How much is your company’s reputation worth?• Can you measure and manage your reputation?
  4. 4. Understand and Improveyour Online Reputation...
  5. 5. What is Online ReputationManagement ?Ans:: Online Reputation Management is aProcess to Protect and building Positiveonline reputation for an individual orcompany, so that whenever people Googleabout them, they find positive informationonly !!
  6. 6. Is ORM Important?Ans:: Yes, Because...........•Customers are online•Prospects are online•Competitors are online•People against you are online•Future of your company is online
  7. 7. Why should I care about myonline Reputation?Ans:: Internet has become an importantplatform for all the business to grow to themaximum and a little negativity goes a longway in the wrong direction. It will adverselyimpact your brand. So it is important to careabout.
  8. 8. Who created the negative contentdamaging my reputation?Ans::Determining the source of negativecontent is usually the first step in combatingit. The anonymity provided by the Internetallows negative content to come fromvirtually anywhere, and often it turns out tobe a competitor or disgruntled ex-employeestirring up trouble.
  9. 9. How could I track my OnlineReputation?Ans::Search engines are working as a reputationengine. So you have to search with the mostrelevant keywords and this will pop up theresults. From this you can figure out yourreputation.
  10. 10. How long does it take toeliminate negative content?Ans:: First, it’s important to note that we can’talways eliminate negative content. ORM’sgoal is to promote your positives and createnew positive content as necessary, pushingthe negatively so far down the search engineresults that nobody sees it. Depending on theextent and complexity of the negativity, thiscan take months.
  11. 11. How can You Protect OnlineReputation for FREE of cost ?Ans::One can take precautionarymeasures to protect their reputation byregistering their profiles & blogs on allrenowned Portals like Facebook, Myspace,Linkedin, Twitter, Blogger, WordpressPLUS setup Alerts for their name orcompany on Google & Yahoo SearchEngines !!
  12. 12. What else one can do to Protecttheir reputation opting paidoptions?• Ans:: One can buy all TLDs• (Top Level Domains)• Including .com .net .org and .me with Personal or company name !!
  13. 13. I have Few Bad reviews on Googlefirst Page, can I handle it myself ?Ans::You can do few things which mighthelp (we cannot assure). One of them willbe having Good press release distributionsother option is developing sites onPurchased TLDs and optimize them torank high on your desired keyword(company or your name) having badreviews !!
  14. 14. Its been months I’m trying tooutrank bad reviews but notsucceeded what can I do ?Ans::You might be having a seriousreputation problem which needs aspecialized online reputation firm to handleit, try finding one !!
  15. 15. ORM Techniques..• Social Media Optimization• Search Engine Optimization• Blog Creation and Optimization• Profile Creation
  16. 16. Can your Company help me without ranking bad reviews fromSearch results ?Ans:: Yes, we can help you with outranking all bad reviews ranking on firstpage of Google for your name or companybrand name keywords or their variationsas well !!
  17. 17. How much you charge, Do youoffer monthly payment plans ?Ans::Costing of any online reputationmanagement campaign depends on howseriously your brand is affected by badreviews or if you are having authoritycomplaint sites ranking on first page, Yeswe offer monthly Payment plans !!
  18. 18. How soon bad reviews will be outranked from first Page of Google?Ans:: Any Reputation managementcampaign takes 3-6 months to out rankbad reviews completely from first page ofGoogle
  19. 19. Do you offer Guarantee & MoneyBack Policy ?Ans::Yes we offer online reputationmanagement services with money backGuarantee !!
  20. 20. How to START ?Ans:: Just Send your Details /sales@reputatationhead.comvisit us on /
  21. 21. Thank you