The Real Story – Integrating Media to Engage Consumers


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  • New Media has enabled consumers to change their shopping patterns and advertisers are compelled to change the way they go to market. As a result, we are struggling to reach the consumer throughout the Path to Purchase.Media consumption, Big Data and the technology to respond to consumers is driving the change
  • A Day in the LifeYou wake up read the paper (print or digital edition)You move from your home - Stop for Coffee – maybe drop a child off to school or daycare, Go to the OfficeLunchtime – You do a little online shopping and head out for a bite to eatHeading Home – Stop at the grocery store to pick up food for dinner or a mass retailer or perhaps a drug store.
  • The traditional definition of RTA was based upon the consumer’s proximity to the retail store location.RTA has been the targeting strategy for decades because it works well with retaining your customersWe all live and rest our heads at night in a RTAWhat if the trade area followed you, the consumer
  • A Consumer Trade Area moves with consumers through the path to purchase by leveraging additional data sets such as commuting distance, location (mobile), e-commerce and the notion of serving Valassis media within the day-part. The CTA targets consumers and creates a path to purchase around act-a-like vs. look-a-like commonly leveraged in the RTA (retail trade area) analysis.
  • As the consumer moves through the Path to Purchase there are many touch points.Integrated print in the retail trade area for retention of your best customers.Digital/MobileMobile geo-fencing around locationsGeo Conquesting - to place ads in your competitors footprintDisplay creates sub-ZIP CTA and improves frequency in the most relevant geosThe more relevant / integrated touch points are, the greater opportunity to alter a path to purchase or to accelerate the consumer through it.Its all about the consumer! Her Path to Purchase. Putting her in control.To produce the most effective integrated media plans that engage consumers throughout their path to purchase, advertisers must consider a new media planning model. Advertisers must redefine the trade area and adjust their media mix to move with the consumer.
  • We defined the “high propensity geography” of online shoppers at a sub-zip code basis – a green pasture for new customer acquisitionThen analyzed the client’s customer data and found distinct differences of online and in-store shoppers, what they looked like and how they actedAn efficient integrated on-line / offline campaign was developed to follow their consumers in their CTA as well as to acquire new consumers who were act a likes in media engagement and spending.The results: More efficient integrated media buy on a sub zip code bases that increased the consumer touch points on their path to purchase and delivered improved sales lift and new customer acquisition within the CTA model.RESULTS SHOULD BE AVAILABLE BY CONFERENCE TIME AND CAN BE SHARED VERBALLY.
  • The Real Story – Integrating Media to Engage Consumers

    1. 1. The Real Story – Integrating Media to Engage Consumers Suzie Brown Valassis
    2. 2. Retail Trade Area
    3. 3. Consumer Trade Area
    4. 4. Media
    5. 5. Solution Story • National Specialty Retailer/etailer • Blunting competition from well established wall-less etailers • Analyzed their consumer data/profiles for in-store and online – Discovered key differences • Developed digital campaign for their online consumers • CTA vs. RTA
    6. 6. Our Panel of Experts Angel Ilagan Pandora North America Sean Breckenridge Bass Pro Shops Roger Saunders Prosper Insights & Analytics