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Email Marketing Certification DMA2012


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Email Marketing Certification DMA2012

  1. 1. 9/18/2012 State of the Email Marketing Section Title Industry Speaker• Loren McDonald – VP, Industry Relations – Twitter: @LorenMcDonald – Google+: +LorenMcDonald 1
  2. 2. 9/18/2012 Email is  Strong Opt‐in  Q & A Everywhere Agenda Design for  Automation Mobile Inactives Content1. Industry performance is strong- email still rocks 2
  3. 3. 9/18/2012Email is thriving by ALL accounts! Email is bringing in $40.56 for  every dollar spent on it. Source: DMA 3
  4. 4. 9/18/2012User Base Still Growing 4
  5. 5. 9/18/201220.1% Open Rate ‐ Average43.7% Open Rate ‐ Top Quartile8.0% Open Rate ‐ Bottom Quartile Open Rate – Select Industries (WW)  Top  Vertical Mean Quartile Retail 17.12% 30.60% Leisure, Sport &  16.18% 32.61% Recreation Media 20.91% 47.98%Banks / Fin. Services 22.62% 48.91% 5
  6. 6. 9/18/2012 5.2%  Click‐through Rate‐ Average 16.6%  WW: CTR ‐ Top Quartile0.7% CTR ‐ Bottom Quartile CTR – Select Industries (WW)  Top  Vertical Mean Quartile Retail 3.09% 6.21% Leisure, Sport &  2.31% 5.29% Recreation Media 8.87% 31.67% Banks / Fin. Services 3.46% 9.88% 6
  7. 7. 9/18/201219.3% Click‐to Open Rate‐ Average40.0% CTOR ‐ Top Quartile6.7% CTR ‐ Bottom Quartile2. Capturing opt-ins and dataeverywhere your customers are 7
  8. 8. 9/18/2012 Popovers: A Bit Annoying – But They Work!!! Pop‐overs = 200‐400% lift 38% of Americans  would ratherclean their toilet than  create anotherUsername/password  combination! 16 8
  9. 9. 9/18/2012What types of data are available? 9
  10. 10. 9/18/2012Facebook Timeline Email Sign UpTablet/Kiosk Opt‐in Collection 10
  11. 11. 9/18/2012 SMS to Email Opt‐in • POS• Garden Center Tips • Video Alerts• Return/Info. center • Store Signage • Events QR Codes to Email Opt‐in • POS • Garden Center Tips • Video Alerts • Return/Info. center • Store Signage • Events 11
  12. 12. 9/18/2012State of QR Code Usage/Awareness  – Still A Little Early3. The shift from broadcast toautomation + behavior 12
  13. 13. 9/18/2012Pounding isn’t the answer, because… …Hope is not an marketing strategy. 13
  14. 14. 9/18/2012 Individual relevance is increasingly the key to deliverability Broadcast to Behavior Marketing Sophistication Bto1 Individual Messages Behavior‐based Messages (Multi‐Track) Time‐based MessagesAutomated (Drip, Simple Nurture) Manual Targeted Mailings based on Segmentation  Mass Mailing to a broad database   Response Rates/ Engagement 14
  15. 15. 9/18/2012 Relevant Emails Rock! 9x Note: Metrics and salary costs based on JupiterResearch executive survey. Broadcast assumes  $3 CPM, and all others assume $4.5 CPM. All assume $89 AOV, 50 percent product margin,  and 2.8 million pieces of mail per month. Low Volume, High ROI!Volume of Emails sent Sales Generated 4.1% Triggered Campaigns 40.2% Triggered Campaigns 59.8 % 95.9 % Batch Batch Campaigns Campaigns 15
  16. 16. 9/18/2012 Explicit data Demo‐graphics AutomationBehavior Implicit data Programs – Mass Personal 16
  17. 17. 9/18/2012 Browse Behavior Browse BehaviorCustomer viewed “Joint Supplements” landing page Sent SmartFlex Finder email 17
  18. 18. 9/18/2012Message A – 1 day afterMessage B – 3 days after 18
  19. 19. 9/18/2012 Message C – 5 days after DEMCO Cart Results Cart Email A Cart Email B Cart Email C Day 1 Day 3 Day 5 AVERAGEOpen Rate 40% 39% 32% 37%Click-to-Open 44% 47% 28% 41%Click-thru-Rate 18% 18% 9% 15%Conversion Rate 22% 15% 24% 20%Sales/email $8.60 $8.40 $5.04 $7.46 19
  20. 20. 9/18/20124. Content and personality playsa bigger role [get pur‐suh‐nl]1. Marketing content that speaks  with a “human” voice.2. Targeted, personally relevant  messaging based on consumer  preferences, demographics and  behavior.3. Dude, lose the corporate speak. 20
  21. 21. 9/18/2012“Human” Cart abandonment• Aaron -Real person• Servicetone• 50%conversionrate 21
  22. 22. 9/18/2012 Let Customers Do the Selling30+% Increase in Orders and Sales 22
  23. 23. 9/18/2012How‐to video Important Dates Reminder Email 46 23
  24. 24. 9/18/2012 Your dates trigger an email… 21 days before occasion Personalised with name Occasion w/ date Coupon code 10% Off 31% CTR Highest revenue  generating email5. Inactives become the biggestchallenge 24
  25. 25. 9/18/2012 Inactives Are a HUGE IssueTypical Actives vs. Inactives Ratio 25
  26. 26. 9/18/2012 Impact of Inactives Lost potential revenue Inefficiencies/Reduced ROI  Fuzzy metrics Potential reduced deliverability Hypothetical Revenue Loss Actives Inactives# Subscribers 250,000 200,000Average Revenue Per  $0.12Email Delivered4 X week X 53 weeks  $6.4M~ 212 emailsPotential Lost Revenue $5.1M 26
  27. 27. 9/18/2012 Reactivation & List Cleansing • Data cleansing by implementing a Re Engagement Program • Contacts who have  had no mailing activity for 9 months • Have not opted in within the last 3 months Re‐engagement Email 1Birmingham Airport: Hello There! 27
  28. 28. 9/18/20123 weeks later…Re‐engagement Email 2 Birmingham Airport: We Miss You! 2 more weeks later…Final Email Birmingham Airport: Details deleted 28
  29. 29. 9/18/2012 Data Cleansing Upon receiving Email 3 contacts are   track routed to ‘To Be Removed  from Database’ track and then get  purged by the client Upon receiving Email 3 contacts’  profiles get date stamped under  ‘Inactive’ date database field which  makes them easy to query offThe best reactivation strategy  is to minimize inactives  to begin with. 29
  30. 30. 9/18/2012Typical Reactivation Rate: 1%‐2% High Performers: 10%+Automate: Activate Early Inactives New subscribers don’t  open/click first XX messages/X  weeks Move these early inactives into  “activation” track Send survey, different offers;  best of, diff subject lines,  testimonials, etc. 30
  31. 31. 9/18/2012 Opt‐in process Preference mgmt. Expectation mgmt. Minimize! Targeted / Relevant  Welcome /  Content Onboarding6. Designing for mobile is nolonger optional 31
  32. 32. 9/18/2012Going Mobile / Screensize‐apalooza Smartphone Sales Pass PC Sales Q4 2010 32
  33. 33. 9/18/2012 U.S. Smartphone Penetration – Nielsen 2/2012Tablets… 369M 2016 Source: Gartner, April 2012 33
  34. 34. 9/18/201235% of email subscribers are opening your emails on their  mobile device!Where is Your Email Being Read? 34
  35. 35. 9/18/2012 So Context Means…ScannableSingular calls to actionLarger fontsSingle columnsBullet‐proof / large CTA buttonsDesign for touch … The New Design Challenge Old mouse New mouse 35
  36. 36. 9/18/2012 Do Your Email’s Have the Touch? Source:, Litmus Know Your AudienceSource: Unica Corporation/Pivotal Veracity 36
  37. 37. 9/18/2012 Regular Mobile 64% higher  CTR A/B test sent  to frequent  mobile  openers Thanks / Q & A Loren @LorenMcDonald Google+: LorenMcDonald 37
  38. 38. 9/18/2012Anatomy of an Email Marketing ProgramAgenda • Introductions • Rules • State of the Email Industry & Top Challenges • Foundational Program Overview – Acquisition – Welcome – Promotion – Transactional – Opt-Out • Conclusion 1
  39. 39. 9/18/2012 Goal for Today Teach you how to optimize your foundational programs so that you can be effective at advanced strategies You need to be here100k50k25k You are here Ground Level 2
  40. 40. 9/18/2012 Hello, my name is Ryan • Industry Experience – Director, Email Marketing & Acquisition at Sears Holdings – Responsible for East Coast Operations at Responsys – Director, Email Marketing & Online Advertising at infoGROUP, Inc • Thought Leadership – DM News : Email Gets Personal (Cover Story) – Keynote address – March 2012, EEC12 – Recent Article: Changing Consumer Perceptions of the Email Channel, Simms Jenkins - Phelan – Co-Chair of the EEC List Growth & Engagement RoundtableVice President, Strategic Services – Member of: Various Email Discussion Groups on: Hello, my name is Damian What I do • Oversee Strategy, Creative, Deliverability, Integration, Accounts and Campaign Management • Focus on retention marketing • If I do my job, then we have a lot of happy clients with great email programs Thought Leadership • Speaker at Email Insider Summit Damian Borichevsky 2011 and 2012, Email Evolution SVP, Professional Services 2012, Casual Connect 2012 PulsePoint 3
  41. 41. 9/18/2012 Rules • Opinions are welcome • This is a discussion, not presentation • You know your business, share it • All opinions, debates, questions, leaps of faith, gut feelings are validA Look at the Marketplace What’s really happening out there 4
  42. 42. 9/18/2012 Dispel the myth Why do marketers believe that every message we send evokes this reaction?Marketing Rationalization 5
  43. 43. 9/18/2012Challenges for Email Marketers • Deliverability – Challenges with Yahoo! across the industry – Changes in how “Spam” is defined • Relevancy and the a relationship to the consumer • Time, Resources, Money and Smart Marketing STOP THE INSANITY! 6
  44. 44. 9/18/20121,000 consumers were surveyed… • U.S. Based Consumers • 77% own a smartphone • Selected ages between 18 and 45 • 79% were employed • Diverse ethnic mix • 77% earned $35,000+ • 35% live in urban area; 65% in suburb How many email addresses do you have? © Digital River Inc. , Source: BlueHornet Online Email Behavior Survey, Feb 2012 n=1,000 7
  45. 45. 9/18/2012 How many times a day do you check your personal email? © Digital River Inc. , Source: BlueHornet Online Email Behavior Survey, Feb 2012 n=1,000Why do you sign up for email? © Digital River Inc. , Source: BlueHornet Online Email Behavior Survey, Feb 2012 n=1,000 8
  46. 46. 9/18/2012 Change must happen Consumers will continue to grow weary of the email onslaughtWhat is Engagement Marketing? 9
  47. 47. 9/18/2012 Engagement MarketingThe combination of customer disclosed preference withbehavioral based data to form an actionable picture ofthe customer that allows the marketer to answer theneeds of the consumer through active communication. Simply put, engagement marketing is selling without looking like you’re selling Primary message is thankful, not BUY, BUY, BUY! 10
  48. 48. 9/18/2012 Foundational Email Programs Getting on the path to success Email Program Development Strategic Planning: Advanced Persona Development, Cluster Analysis, Next Logical Product, Behavioral Segmentation, Attitudinal, Dynamic Messaging, Shopping cart abandonment, Transactional Messaging, programs that rely on big data Video in Email, Preference Center Phase 2, Segmentation, Differentiated Welcome and progressive thinking. Messaging, Social Messaging Revenue Impact: Extreme Foundational Programs: Thoseprograms that are common and Welcome, Transactional, Opt-Down, Basic Acquisition, Basic Segmentation, Promotional, expected from the consumer Cadence Guidelines, List Usage Rules, Testing Revenue Impact: Substantial Low Hanging Fruit: Those quickfixes that can correct a programs Calls To Action, Cadence, Design, Capture, Opt-In, Shopping Cart, Product Placement, bad path. Rules and Legislation Revenue Impact: Minimal 11
  49. 49. 9/18/2012Agenda • Foundational Program Optimization – Acquisition – Welcome – Promotion – Transactional – Opt-Out Acquisition Providing the food for your program 12
  50. 50. 9/18/2012 Acquisition DefinedGenerically…• Acquisition (a-kwə-ˈzi-shən): coming into possession or control of often by unspecified means (Merriam-Webster)In the context of Email…• Subscriber Acquisition (səb-ˈskrīb-ər a-kwə-ˈzi-shən): Convincing people to provide both their email address and their consent for you to distribute content to that address. (Borichevsky-Phelan) Where Should You Look?• Who are you trying to acquire?• What are you willing to pay for a subscriber?• How fast are you trying to grow?• Where is your quality vs. quantity slider? 13
  51. 51. 9/18/2012 Channel Options• Email – Effective…if you do it right• Display – Make sure you are contextually targeting your ad• Social – Very cost effective, but be wary of adding a bunch of people who just want to win something• Co-Registration – Make sure you find a white hat provider• Appending – Not a best practice – You are assuming consent What should you collect?• Email address – get this before you ask for anything else to reduce drop-off• Only ask for data that you will use• On subsequent screens, ask for secondary and tertiary information – Demographics – Interests• Offer additional subscriptions 14
  52. 52. 9/18/2012 When to Act• It’s a strategy, not a tactic• Don’t wait until your existing list shrinks to nothing to start thinking about acquisition• Constantly have a line in the water• Set multiple lines around key events – Holidays if you are in retail – Big PR announcements – Other brand building campaigns Doing it Right A real world example – New York Magazine 15
  53. 53. 9/18/2012Give yourself a few chances Quick and to the point 16
  54. 54. 9/18/2012 Once you get a bite…Expectations Options Go Social 17
  55. 55. 9/18/2012 Doing it RightA real world example – Permission Data Co-RegMain Registration Path 18
  56. 56. 9/18/2012Co-Registration Options Welcome Think of it as a first date 19
  57. 57. 9/18/2012 Now What?• Once you get an email and consent, what should you do? 20
  58. 58. 9/18/2012 Why are you yelling??• This is a crucial time… – Your subscriber is online – You can direct them to their inbox to look for your message – Your brand is top of mind – They are expecting to hear from you And make sure it’s a 10• Welcome messages typically enjoy great open rates• This is your only chance to make a first impression 21
  59. 59. 9/18/2012 What to include• Clear branding that will match the bulk of your campaigns• Well thought-out, concise copy – Welcome them to your program – Set expectations, especially for the first week – Talk about value… Membership has its privileges• Your subscription better offer some value. This is your first chance to tell them about it. – Relevant content – Relevant promotions – Relevant updates (See the theme???) 22
  60. 60. 9/18/2012 Goals for your Welcome Program1. Establish your branding2. Drive engagement3. Promote your program’s value4. Set expectations5. Retention6. Provide value Doing it right Some examples of what to do 23
  61. 61. 9/18/2012 24
  62. 62. 9/18/2012 25
  63. 63. 9/18/2012 Make it a Series• Appropriate when you have a lot of content – send smaller, easily digestible pieces• Repetition builds habits• Multiple sends increases likelihood of at least one open• 3 to 5 messages over the first week is not overwhelming Promotion In any investment, you expect to have fun and make money. -Michael Jordan 26
  64. 64. 9/18/2012 Why do we send email?• The underlying goal of all email marketing programs is the same… Show me the Money• Email is about providing good content… – So people create more impressions on your site• Email is about building our brand… – So people buy more of your product• Email is about providing value through transactional messages… – So your service is more valuable and people remain customers and spend more money 27
  65. 65. 9/18/2012 What Makes it “Promotional”• A message is considered promotional or commercial if the message has a primary purpose of advertising or promoting a commercial product or service Core Components - Header• Assume that your from address and subject line are the only parts of your message that someone will see. – Let them know what is inside – Make it relevant – Don’t waste characters overpersonalizing – Don’t send from “” 28
  66. 66. 9/18/2012 Doing it Right – Subject Lines• 40% off pants tonight! Happy hours are here again (Banana Republic)• Dinner Out Tonight - $25 Gift Certificate for Just $4 (RetailMeNot)• Rory McIlroy Trusts Titleist to Capture Deutsche Bank Championship (Titleist)• Everyone wants one of these (HockeyMonkey)• You deserve a bag you can’t live without (eBags)Not Quite There – Subject Lines• Ideas for you – Vague – I have a feeling these are probably ideas for everyone, not just me• Big Savings on New Cars – Sounds like a cars salesman…• Damian, here are your top deals of the week – Personalization adds nothing here – Travel site should have said “Top Deals from Austin for the week” 29
  67. 67. 9/18/2012 Core Components - Branding• If it’s a 3rd party promotion, keep your branding prevalent• Keep the core offer as high on the screen as possible• Don’t have all your branding in images Core Components - Offer• Balance of text and images• You have less than 5 seconds…make it obvious• Strong Call To Action and several placements• Create a sense of urgency• Dazzle them with numbers (50% Off, 2 for 1) 30
  68. 68. 9/18/2012 Finding the Balance• A great program has a balance between promotional, content and transactional messages• Your subscribers will tell you where that balance should be• It is different for everyone Doing it right Some examples of what to do 31
  69. 69. 9/18/2012 Banana Republic• Clear branding• 40% offer jumps off the page• Links to web• Clever theme• Urgency The New Yorker• Good text to image balance• Pre-header• Social sharing featured 32
  70. 70. 9/18/2012 Southwest • Southwest branding, partner offer • Tied to a transaction • Subject identifies it as a promotional message Transactional Enabling everything else you want to dowhile adding huge value to the subscriber 33
  71. 71. 9/18/2012 The Money Tree Does Exist Transactional Email• Look to HTML based emails that provide all relevant information• Transactional messages have +60% open rate and can represent significant revenue 34
  72. 72. 9/18/2012 20% promotional content space• Gift Cards is the only promotional message – They pioneered the cross sell 35
  73. 73. 9/18/2012 Starbucks Perfect opportunity for cross sell to coffee, cups or gift certificates Norton/SymantecUpgrade to a suite product 36
  74. 74. 9/18/2012 Costco• Why not try to sell me 5,000 asprin McAfee Text? Really? 37
  75. 75. 9/18/2012 No glasses, no similar winesTransactional Based Email Programs Recommendation Product Dynamic product recommendation s enhance both a promotional and Abandon transactional Cart message Strategy NLP Triggers Replenishment Survey 38
  76. 76. 9/18/2012 Groupon OMG – so excited…for 5 secondsBrowse RemarketingStop with the Kitchen Sinkmarketing tactics 39
  77. 77. 9/18/2012 Opt-Out Let me out of here!From the voice of the consumer Why would you unsubscribe from an email list? 40
  78. 78. 9/18/2012 What are the primary reasons for unsubscribing from an email list? © Digital River Inc. , Source: BlueHornet Online Email Behavior Survey, Feb 2012 n=1,000From the voice of the consumer Could a company change your mind when you have decided to opt- out? 41
  79. 79. 9/18/2012 Would you opt-down if given the option when unsubscribing? © Digital River Inc. , Source: BlueHornet Online Email Behavior Survey, Feb 2012 n=1,000 Opt-Down• Provides the consumer a choice of communication based on common reasons for attrition – Frequency – Relevancy – Subscription Choice 42
  80. 80. 9/18/2012Bonus: Win-Back Programs We miss you! 43
  81. 81. 9/18/2012 What is a Win-Back Program Win-Back programs are inactive customer engagements designed to re- activate the customer to an active communication relationship Why should I care?The landscape has changed dramatically based onreductions in force and changes in ISP businessmodels• Rules for engagement – Active engagement – Reactive suppression of inactive – Relevancy 44
  82. 82. 9/18/2012 Deliverability RisksLow Risk Med Risk High Risk Critical Risk Deliverability Risk Low Risk 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 As subscribers age, their emails change, especially when we see inactivity. We recommend a short window of engagement with consumer to protect your overall deliverability. Win-Back Programs• Sample process is a series of 3 emails over a short period of time• Short term Win-Back can be 1 or 2 emails 45
  83. 83. 9/18/2012Win-Back Programs • Non-Offer Based – Content sites • Offer based – Aggressive – Limited duration – Exclusive coupons to prevent viral coupon use – Segment that population out of the normal stream Putting it all Together What to do next 46
  84. 84. 9/18/2012 Your To-Do List1. Compare your acquisition program to your overall program objectives2. Make sure you take advantage of engaged subscribers during that first week to ten days3. Find the right balance of promotional messages4. Take advantage of transactions to send highly engaging messages5. Be smart about keeping your list clean. Don’t send to people who tell you they don’t want to hear from you.6. Review all aspects of you program, all the time. Contact Damian Borichevsky Ryan Phelan 47
  85. 85. 9/18/2012 Master The World of Email Lists And Databases Fine tune, take action and transform lists and  databases into high‐performance business  driversAgenda State of Affairs Acquiring Subscribers The Quest for Data Fine‐tuning Your List into a High Performance Business Driver Maintaining a Healthy List  Monetizing your List Through Other Means Closing: Resources, Exam Prep, Feedback 1
  86. 86. 9/18/2012 State of Affairs• Email still rocks• The shift from broadcast to automation• “Inactives” are the #1 deliverability challenge• Designing for mobile is no longer optional• List rental is going old school• Programmatic buying for email newsletter  advertising Acquiring SubscribersHow can I add new prospects / customers to my database effectively? Streamline the signup process Best practices for permission Set proper expectations Acquisition channels and methods 2
  87. 87. 9/18/2012Acquiring New SubscribersWebsite registration is still #1 3
  88. 88. 9/18/2012 Three Methods To Increase Opt‐in• The problem: There is a better way to introduce new users to  your service than imposing registration on them before they  get to the main features.• Make registration easy, intuitive and valuable for the  customer.• Give the customer control of how much information they  want to share with you.• Start with basic questions and ask for deeper information  gradually. Make Registration Easy• Make the sign‐up box ubiquitous.• Offer Social Connect: – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – Yahoo – WordPress• Remove unnecessary fields 4
  89. 89. 9/18/2012 Registration Value Proposition• Clearly explain the benefits of registering and the value that you intend to provide through your email program• Set expectations about what the customer can expect from your email program• Make sure your emails deliver on that promiseBest Practices for Permission The old saying that double opt‐in is best may  be true for some, but for others it can be  harmful to growth Create less friction by reducing the user’s  responsibility for permission, but be aware of  the cost. 5
  90. 90. 9/18/2012 Building Your List Building Your List• Growth Hacking (Virality) – “If you create content that stirs emotions, causes laughter or inspires recipients  in some practical or meaningful way; they will probably want to share it with  others in their life." Tom OLeary • Buying has risks• Go organic!• Location, location, location• Increase the value proposition of registering• Customer acquisition methods and channels – Focus on the audience – Focus on the channel – Focus on the creative and messageBring it all together; a consistent message and creative elements targeted to the right audience, through proper channels that set the right tone for your brand. 6
  91. 91. 9/18/2012 The Quest for DataFour types of dataEnhancing your dataExample: Welcome program with enhanced dataPreference centers 7
  92. 92. 9/18/2012 The Quest for Data Segmentation is  primarily driven from  four types of data Four Types of Data• Endemic - Data unique to a particular record - e.g. B2B -Job title, company name, vertical industry; Demographic info• Transactional - Data captured during any transaction an opt-in has with your brand - e.g. financial, opt-in landing page, subscriber’s IP address• Behavioral - Data captured during any interaction with subscriber - e.g. website clicks, email clickthroughs, calls into technical service• Computed - Data is the outcome when one or more variables are used to create a third variable - e.g. The distance to subscriber’s home from your retail store, RFM 8
  93. 93. 9/18/2012 Enhancing Data• Third-party profile append• Progressive profiling tactics for self-stated attributes• Device and engagement patterns from raw tracking data• Advanced attribution analysesWelcome Program With Enhanced DataThe ChallengeCustomers are heavily engaged at theonset of a subscription, a time whenmarketers know the least about thecustomerThe SolutionLeverage a real-time data append andinteractive content elements to betterunderstand new subscribers, creating amore relevant and effective WelcomeexperienceThe ResultA relevant first-impression is deliveredto the customer creating a greaterlikelihood of ongoing engagement long-term 9
  94. 94. 9/18/2012 Welcome Program With Enhanced DataStep 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4Customer Subscribes Data is submitted and run real‐ All data elements are  The first Welcome  time against an integrated third‐ passed into the  Message in a defined  party database to overlay  appropriate database series is triggered available demo/psychographic  data elementsStep 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8Content is generated  An Interactive Poll will also be  Upon response to the  Remainder of series will be dynamically based on the  delivered within the content of the  Poll, data submitted will  automatically deployed – including third‐party data provided ‐ if  first message to collect additional  be written back to  content and poll questions no match exists a default  profile information about the  customer database for  dynamically served up and driven communication will be sent customer. Questions will be  future targeting by previous engagement or lack  dynamically generated and driven by  thereof presence or lack of overlay data Preference Centers In addition to demographics • Drive targeted communications with this  and attitudes, include: self‐reported menu of “likes” and “dislikes” • A way to declare communication preferences: type, frequency, • Only ask for information you plan to use device (e.g., mobile-friendly) • A clear and easy way to unsubscribe (or subscribe) from • Determine how much control you can give  all mailings recipients without offering an  • A mechanism for password change unmanageable number of preferences • A mechanism for email change of address • Evolve preference options along with your  segmentation opportunities • Occasionally ask customers to refresh their preferences, as  preferences change over time 10
  95. 95. 9/18/2012 Fine-tuning Your List into a High Performance Business DriverSuccess starts with segmentationPopular segmentation strategiesTailoring to the customer lifecycleTriggered emailsIndividual exerciseSuccess Starts with Segmentation The good news is most marketers realize not all subscribers are alike Enjoy reading  Evaluate  what the CEO  Like learning  purchasing  I look forward  thinks money saving  I recently  options to coupons tips changed jobs 11
  96. 96. 9/18/2012Popular Segmentation StrategiesUse segments to – Understand how  different groups within  your email database  respond – Provide your audiences  with appropriate content  and offersCase Study Challenge Needed to send 2 million emails/day with  precisely targeted promotions Solution Improved email targeting with data mining  for more customized and personalized emails Result Increased from 3‐5 sales events per day  to  18 per day across 7 categories based upon  subscriber engagement 7% increase in subscriber engagement with 12% increase in open rates and 25%  increase in click‐through rates 12
  97. 97. 9/18/2012Case Study Campaign Objective Drive member engagement and purchase  conversion. Campaign Strategy Targeted email that notifies members that  their favorite brand is back, two hours  before event launches. Key Metrics Tracked  Open Rates, Click‐through rates, Purchase  Conversion, Revenue/Email Delivered.Case Study Description Triggered email alerting members when their  favorite brands are back on HauteLook. Goal Drive purchase/repeat purchase and  engagement. Target Audience Members who have purchased or carted an  item from targeted brand. Frequency  ‐ Daily Why it works • One‐to‐one marketing. It doesn’t get much  more relevant than this!  13
  98. 98. 9/18/2012Case Study Brand vs. Category Level Targeting Results 343% Compared to category‐level targeted  emails, brand affinity emails drive: • 52% more opens 216% • 32% more clicks • 2x more purchases/click • 3.5X higher revenue/email delivered 52% 32% Opens Clicks Click to Purchase Rev/Email Delivered What’s Next Scale and automate this campaign!Tailoring to the Customer Lifecycle Acquisition Conversion Growth Retention Reactivation1. Email Appends2. Preference Centers 10 12 113. Subscription 8 9 14 13 Management 15 6 74. Mobile 5 Acquisition 17 16 5. Welcome 9. Welcome 4 3 Programs Programs 12. Editorial 15. Reactivation 6. Shopping Cart 10. Enhanced Wrapping Programs1 2 Abandonment Transactional Email 13. Lifecycle 16. List Hygiene 7. Landing Pages Programs 11. Sharing to 17. Win-back 8. Click-stream Social 14. Surveys Programs Triggered Networks Messages 14
  99. 99. 9/18/2012Case Study Challenge Mature email list with 60%+ unengaged  (no opens, clicks, site browses) in last 12  months Solution Target unengaged segment with enticing  subject line and compelling offer Test Subject Line A:  “Save an additional 10% for a limited  time only.”Case Study Results • Customers responded to a valued  customer message over generic • Subject line test generated a 10%  lift  • A 15% offer increased CTO ratio by  2.3%   What’s Next Scaled and automated ‐‐ Win‐Back  has become a regular at Travelocity 15
  100. 100. 9/18/2012 Triggered Emails A single or series of emails created  by a defined set of rules based on  dates, events or behaviors that are  automatically sent to a subscriber Consistently achieve higher open  rates due to timing and relevancy Popular Triggered Campaigns Welcome 63% Thank you 54% Transactional (e.g. bills, receipts) 48% Post purchase (e.g. product review) 32%Upsell (e.g. product recommendations) 26% 63% of marketers send  Activation (e.g. how to) 24% automated welcome Date triggered (e.g. renewals, reorder) 22% email messages Win back/ reengagement 17% Event countdown 16% Triggered based on website behavior 13% Shopping cart abandonment 11% Source: ©2011 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Benchmark Survey  Methodology: Fielded July 2011, N=2,735 16
  101. 101. 9/18/2012Effectiveness of Relevancy Improving Tactics Triggered emails are the top relevancy tactic Case Study Challenge Wanted to convert Active Shoppers to  “Purchasers” by sending triggered low  fare alerts for price drops, targeting  consumers who previously shopped  but didn’t book their trip Solution • Leverage triggered‐alerts • Feature relevant offers based on a  specific city pair and date combination • Integrated relevant cross‐sell offers  with built‐in search functionality 17
  102. 102. 9/18/2012Case Study Results While a small fraction of overall email  volume, this email drives 12% of  overall bookings 2‐3x of average email open and click‐ through rates Low Fare Alert generates conversions  that are 300% ‐ 400% higher than  other conversion programs Individual Exercise • List data points you store that could help drive segmentation • Write down 3 new segments your company is not targeting today  and develop a high‐level plan for how you would target them • Consider: – Demographics – Geography – Psychographics – Business and Behavioral History, including Lifecycle – Trigger opportunities 18
  103. 103. 9/18/2012 Maintaining a Healthy List What is a healthy list? Is your list healthy? Methods to improve your list health Case study Less Email is Being Delivered (Inbox)ReturnPath, The Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H 2011 19
  104. 104. 9/18/2012 State of AffairsReturnPath, The Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report, 2H 2011 What is a Healthy List 20
  105. 105. 9/18/2012The three indicators of a healthy list Revenue Engagement Growth Is My List Healthy?Focus on Engagement• Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) is the rate at which the ISPs  deliver the mail received from you to their customers’  mailboxes• IPR is determined by your sender reputation, which can  largely be measured at 21
  106. 106. 9/18/2012 It’s all About Sender Reputation... * Silverpop & ReturnPath Keynote, 2012 According To Return Path.. Senders with better reputation metrics have cleaner lists.   Unknown User rates above 1% for legitimate email is considered  problematic.Return Path, The Sender Reputation Report, 2011 22
  107. 107. 9/18/2012 More Fun Metrics• Average Complaint Rate: <0.18• Average Open Rate: 8%• Average List Depreciation: 20% annually• IP reputation and how to measure – – Senderbase.orgHow to improve the health of a list 23
  108. 108. 9/18/2012 List Hygiene List Hygiene• The Unengaged• Send more mail. Like rain, the more you mail the  cleaner your list becomes.  But at what cost?   • Sign up for feedback loops and remove complaints  and hard bounces• 3rd party validation and hygiene 24
  109. 109. 9/18/2012 Managing PreferencesConsider opt‐down options to let subscribers put your emails on pause List Hygiene – Example BACKGROUND • Major company in the publishing industry who sends1‐3 million emails a day • Regular (bad) habit of purchasing lists • Ended up with 40% bounce rate which triggered a spamhouse listing as  someone who buys lists or does appending • ISPs decide how they want to deal with you but most ISPs use the spamhouse SDL  listing to just block you outright...  even internationally IMPACT • Blocked! – 30% of hotmail blocked – 75% of yahoo blocked – Also blocked at comcast and gmail • Spent a lot of time and money remediating these issues – Cut back frequency to unengaged subscribers and took 8 months to clean it up THE BOTTOM LINE • Spam is about 80‐90% of emails sent. Purchased address have the same problems  as a piece of spam ‐‐ the email was not requested.   • If you end up on a Spamhouse listing, even those recipients who DO want email  from you will not get your messages. • Easier to start off right than try to get back to right.  25
  110. 110. 9/18/2012Monetizing your List The Email Advertising OpportunityEmail Ad Opportunity 26
  111. 111. 9/18/2012Newsletter AdsDedicated List Rental  Offer 27
  112. 112. 9/18/2012 Hybrid  Newsletter  / Dedicated Other Monetization Methods• Monetize data assets – Connect audience intelligence across channels – Online/Offline/cross‐property  data aggregation, segmentation, etc. – Monetize data assets any way you want – you sell, we sell, public, custom,  private, etc. – Provide seamless media integration for data activation – Access to marketers/buyers• Affiliate links• Facebook retargeting ads? 28
  113. 113. 9/18/2012 ContactAmanda HinkleStrategy Team Lead, StrongMailahinkle@strongmail.com650‐421‐7125Craig SwerdloffFounder & CEO, LeadSpendcswerdloff@leadspend.com917‐648‐6838@swerd Exam Questions 29
  114. 114. 9/18/2012 Acquiring Subscribers• What is the #1 most effective method to drive list growth?• What is more effective, incented or non‐incented site  registration for driving list growth?• Does Facebook Social Connect provide email by default?• What is the #1 most important disclosure at signup?• True or false: Collect as much information as you can during  the email signup process so you can more effectively target  your communications moving forward – False• Name a common email permission type – Any one of the following will work: Single, Double, Pending The Quest For Data• Name the four classifications of data discussed  in the class – Endemic, behavioral, transactional, computed• Who is the regulatory body governing CAN‐ SPAM? – The FTC 30
  115. 115. 9/18/2012 Fine‐Tuning Your List• The majority of organizations report being able to  segment subscriber data based on what transactional  data type? – Purchase history• Name the five stages in the customer lifecycle – Acquisition, conversion, growth, retention, reactivation• Name the type of message that is created by a defined  set of rules based on dates, events or behaviors and  are automatically sent to a subscriber. – Triggered• What is the most popular type of triggered campaign? – Welcome Maintaining a Healthy list• True or False: Immediately remove individuals from your email file if they have  not clicked a message in the past 12 months. – False• According to Return Path, what % of mail is being delivered into the inbox?   – 25%, 75%, 50%, 100%?• How much does the average list depreciate in size per year?• What % of “unknown users” or hard bounces does Return Path say is  problematic?• What the average rate of complaints for senders?   – 2%, 1.6%, 0.16%, or 2.6%• What is the generally accepted average open rate?   – 5%, 10%, 8%, 12%• Fill in the blank: Opt‐down is an alternative you could offer to a customer  opting ___. – out 31
  116. 116. 9/18/2012 Monetizing your List• According to Return Path, what % of mail is being  delivered into the inbox?   – 25%, 75%, 50%, 100%?• How much does the average list depreciate in size per  year?• What % of “unknown users” or hard bounces does  Return Path say is problematic?• What the average rate of complaints for senders?   – 2%, 1.6%, 0.16%, or 2.6%• What is the generally accepted average open rate?   – 5%, 10%, 8%, 12% 32
  117. 117. 9/18/2012 Email Marketing Part 4: Produce Engaging Creative, Every Time 1 In this session you will learn: How to use a foundation email best practice principles to craft the most engaging content for your email program, campaign and individual message. Using these guidelines will ensure optimal performance for your email, whether your audience is interacting with your message in a traditional desktop environment or an on-the-go mobile 1
  118. 118. 9/18/2012 In this session we will cover: Creative Effective Best Practices Email Content • Understanding the Channel • Layout • Defensive Design • Animation • Copywriting Tips • Video • The Mobile Inbox • Teasers • Dialogue Starters • Cross-Channel The Email Channel What makes good email creative? 2
  119. 119. 9/18/2012 Acknowledge the Channel • What works for print does not translate well into email • Recipients don’t often view the email in its entirety, they scroll through micro experiences and scan copy looking for highlights • Print relies heavily on imagery, email Magazine Layout can’t always count on that creative element to tell its story • Size matters, emails download progressively, viewers miss out on content in heavy files Direct Mail 5 The principles of web design often apply to email, but with notable exceptions • Email clients are very restrictive and lack standards, rendering fidelity is a challenge • Rich media including forms, scripting and Flash won’t work properly and can effect deliverability • Don’t worry! We will cover what you can do soon 6 3
  120. 120. 9/18/2012 The Inbox Mindset Viewers will take 2-5 seconds to Words to work by decide if the email message is relevant An email is like a store window; it needs to reveal just enough to compel visitors to • Interacting with an email is different from browsing online enter and explore • Viewers aren’t necessarily looking for something • Email recipients need to be engaged quickly and be pulled vigorously through the 7 Embrace email best practices, otherwise... you design this… v but your audience experiences this! 8 4
  121. 121. 9/18/2012 Let’s talk about three key email best practice topics: 1. Defensive Design 2. Copywriting 3. The Mobile 9 Defensive Design 5
  122. 122. 9/18/2012 Default Image Suppression The trend towards disabled images is growing email client default images on? default links on? default changeable? AOL 9.0 software no no yes, web yes yes yes Gmail web no yes yes Hotmail web yes yes yes Lotus Notes software yes yes yes .Mac web yes yes no Outlook 2009, 2010 software no yes yes Yahoo web no yes 11 Optimize for the Preview Pane • 9 of 10 users have a preview pane • 7 of 10 say they frequently or always use it • Up to 60% of desktop viewers have images blocked and the trend is growing • Up to 50% of users don’t make a habit of scrolling • People generally read right left to right, top to bottom • The reading order is typically headline, bullet, CTA, then paragraph copy • Remember, mobile devices clip heavy 12 6
  123. 123. 9/18/2012 Optimize for the Preview Pane Every recipient should be able to answer the following three questions whether or not images are blocked: • WHO are you? • WHAT do you want me to do? • WHY should I do that? 13 Smart Work Around Tips Three ways to beat disabled images 1. Use HTML instead of graphical text 2. Include preheader and alt tags 3. Employ the Bulletproof Button Images disabled Images disabled Images enabled Images 14 7
  124. 124. 9/18/2012 Optimize for the (Mobile) Preview Pane • Many of the most popular mobile devices display images by default • You must answer the who, what & why question in a smaller space • Heavy messages can be 15 Email Anatomy PREHEADER HEADER NAVIGATION • Preheader TABLE OF CONTENTS • Header • Navigation • Table of Contents (preview pane banner) PRIMARY MESSAGE • Primary message • Submessage(s) • Side rail • Recovery module • Footer SECONDARY MESSAGE TERTIARY MESSAGE RECOVERY MODULE 16 8
  125. 125. 9/18/2012 Email Anatomy • Snippet text appears in Outlook and Gmail • Only 21% of major retailers have optimized their email for 17 Email Anatomy • Preheader • Header • Navigation • Primary message • Submessage(s) • Recovery module • 18 9
  126. 126. 9/18/2012 Email Anatomy Mapping a hierarchy is a great place to start, but don’t stop there! Use it as a framework for compelling and creative 19 Copywriting 10
  127. 127. 9/18/2012 Subject Lines Subject line best practices can vary depending on the audience, test and refine based on your audience’s response • Optimize length for limited preview space • Be specific about the content in the email • Test what works – Personalization – Brand name – Mention product and/or category – Benefit of opening email – Urgency / deadlines – “Teasers” that tempt subscribers to open – Call out big 21 Craft Effective Copy • Headlines should be short and punchy • Use bullet points for maximum scannable • Include action language within body copy, and hyperlink those words or phases • Take the landing experience into account, your conversion metrics will thank 22 11
  128. 128. 9/18/2012 Calls-to-Action The 3c’s of calls-to-action: 1. Clear 2. Concise 3. Clickable • Keep it short (10-20 characters) • Create urgency with words like “Now” • Set expectations: tell the user where they’ll be taken whey they click • Use specific action 23 Copywriting Make-Over Longchamp Your Very Own Le before Pliage Longchamp’s famous foldable nylon bag is now completely customizable. Take your pick of sizes from a petite clutch to a hefty weekender, then choose the colors, handles, hardware, and, of course, the monogram. Comes in 15 colors. Your Longchamp®, Your Style after Now Longchamp’s famous foldable nylon bag Now Longchamp’s famous foldable nylon bag is  completely customizable is completely customizable • Choose from petite clutches to a hefty weekenders • Pick your own handles & hardware • Select from one of 15 colors • Don’t forget your monogram Design Your Bag Now Design Your Bag Now email 24 12
  129. 129. 9/18/2012 The Mobile Inbox Mobile Optimization - Shorten subject lines - Set scale to screen - Streamline content - Think “fat fingers”, enlarge fonts & add whitespace to clickable regions - Consider one column layout view - Increase color palate 26 13
  130. 130. 9/18/2012 Responsive Layout • Responsive layout is a new approach to the mobile inbox conundrum • Using the CSS rule ‘@media’ to read screen dimensions we are able send one file but display a unique layout for each experience • This technique works best on native mail apps for each device Desktop View Mobile Device 27 Best Practices Summary • Optimize the preview pane payload, answer the three W’s without relying on images • Each email needs a clear hierarchy, map the anatomy of the message before diving into design and copy • Copy be scannable, remember the 3C’s of calls-to-action • Consider the mobile experience, edit for the small 14
  131. 131. 9/18/2012 Now that we understand the foundation of email best practices, let’s learn how to make a message that activates your audience! 29 Effective Content Crafting engaging creative 15
  132. 132. 9/18/2012 The “S” Curve Layout • Lay the groundwork for the next scroll • Use image placement to create dynamic flow • Draw viewers through micro experiences with a flowing curved 31 Horizontal Scroll Layout • Horizontal emails are perfect for mobile touch screen interaction • Crop content to encourage exploration • Panoramic layouts match well with the luxury brand 32 16
  133. 133. 9/18/2012 Modular Content Layout • Template modules allow you to test 33 Animation • Simple and easy way to stand out in the inbox • Gifs supported by nearly every email client • Creates a richer experience and drives 34 17
  134. 134. 9/18/2012 Animation Accents • Draw attention to important details, such as offers and gift guides • Act as small accent to delight users, great with seasonal 35 Animation as Feature • Motion can tell a story quickly • Jazz up simple promos with a fun theme • Compliment the overall brand 36 18
  135. 135. 9/18/2012 Animation for Personalization • Personalization is a great way to pop out in the inbox • Easy way to convey a benefit • Increases the surprise and delight 37 Video Spoofs • Demonstrate products • Instruct viewers • Preview web 38 19
  136. 136. 9/18/2012 Video Simulations • Effective way to use the power of motion without the worry of deliverability and play back issues • Create a memorable brand experience that stands out • Kick off a media rich cross-channel 39 Embedded Video • Send video directly to the inbox • Unless protocols are set properly the experience may suffer • Several services help facilitate the compressions and delivery of video to the 40 20
  137. 137. 9/18/2012 Teasers • Interrupt the normal flow of an email • User teaser content to prompt exploration • Try a unique take on brand 41 Dialogue Drivers • Opportunities to share • Surveys and polls • Request for feedback or ratings • Customer reviews and 42 21
  138. 138. 9/18/2012 Cross-Channel Tip • Email can be a great promotional tool for your social acquisition and lifecycle goals • Social can be a great channel for research for your email content – What’s most active on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube channel or Pinterest boards? – Social channels are an easy way to gauge interest in a topic – Look at your customer’s behaviors in social to customize email content per user or segment • Remember that your email exists in a larger social landscape, make it part of the 43 Content Summary • Ensure that your message is built on a solid best practice foundation • Email is the beginning, content should drive to next step • Motion drives engagement, test different approaches to find the best response rate • Use dialogue drivers to open up the conversation • Leverage the social channels to read your audience and draw content 22
  139. 139. 9/18/2012 Bonus Round! 45 Email Creative Assessment Let’s judge some emails! 23