Pinning your Business to the Top with Pinterest


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Pinning your Business to the Top with Pinterest

  1. 1. Pinning your Business to the Top with Pinterest Jess Loren, SVP of Digital Legacy Marketing Partners @ChiTownJess Jessica Galliart, Social Media Manager Tribune @JessicaGalliart
  2. 2. Overview • • • • • • • • • • How effective is social media? Social media and marketers Alicia Keys and Pinterest (?!) What is Pinterest? The appeal of Pinterest Getting started with Pinterest How does Pinterest work? The image theory Case studies Viralocity
  3. 3. Social Smocial: How effective is Social Media? • • • • • Social Media is just another tool Needs laser focus in order to be effective Must be driven by business needs Must be measured Must be tweaked based on results
  4. 4. Social Media and Marketers Five Benefits of Social Media Marketing from” 1. Increased exposure 2. Increased traffic 3. Provided marketplace insight 4. Generated leads 5. Developed loyal fans
  5. 5. Alicia Keys • • Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and actress Alicia Keys used Pinterest to correspond with her new album Pop culture enters social media (and vice versa)
  6. 6. So why does Keys care about Pinterest?
  7. 7. What is Pinterest? The people behind Pinterest describe their company as: “Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the Web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. In simple terms, it is a visual board where one can attach images that tickle their fancy. It’s like a scrapbook that lets the world share itself.”
  8. 8. The Appeal of Pinterest • • • • • Above graph shows increase in visits since 2012 from 2.5 billion page views a month (40-50 million unique visitors) Over 70 million registered users Valued at $2.5 billion Used mainly by 18-50 year old women ( • Women are five times as likely to use Pinterest than men • Strong base in fashion and home decor posting • Higher rates of posting more acceptable
  9. 9. Getting Started with Pinterest • Pinterest used to require invites to register, but now it’s public. • If your business has a Facebook and Twitter already, you next logical step is Pinterest: you can sign up for Pinterest with either of those two accounts • Before pinning anything, determine your brand’s editorial tone: light-hearted/fun? Glamorous?
  10. 10. Getting Started with Pinterest • Before inviting everyone on Facebook and Twitter to follow your Pinterest, build a small library of board, pins and re-pins first • Respond to re-pins you like and communicate with your Pinterest followers as your brand • Ask for your fans’ input on what you post • Don’t go “pin-crazy” and spam your fans’ page with your pins: though Pinterest allows for higher frequency posting than Facebook, it’s still quality > quantity
  11. 11. How does it work? • • • Pinterest Basics: Pins (photos), RePins (posting someone else’s photos, ie “retweet), and Boards (where you post the photos) Pins link back to their original source • You want to make sure your website receives credit for your pins • It’s not in bad taste to repin someone else’s pin, just remember that it will link back to their pages Describing your Pin • Slight explanation for your pin: creative or straightforward • Your description will be seen by all who repin
  12. 12. Creative Board Names • • • • • • Engage the Senses State the Obvious Sarcastic Banter Quote others Inspire Themes
  13. 13. Pinterest Categories • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Popular Everything Gifts Videos Animals Architecture Art Cars & Motorcycles Celebrities Design DIY & Crafts Education Film, Music & Books Food & Drink Gardening Geek Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness History • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Holidays & Events Home Decor Humor Illustrations & Posters Kids Men's Fashion Outdoors Photography Products Quotes Science & Nature Sports Tattoos Technology Travel Weddings Women's Fashion
  14. 14. The Image Theory - Dr. Walfish: “Attention spans are lengthened when you offer some visual or auditory enhancement to the written word... Visuals, when it comes to advertising, are much stronger than just words. That is why so much is done in graphics and trailers down to the imagery of the title.” - Dr. Wald: “Branding is all about imagery. People associate images with companies. Psychological research has suggested that visual attractiveness causes people to associate other positive attributes to a person or product."
  15. 15. Effectiveness of Images • Images have the potential of producing positive and emotional responses • Making images more dynamic and interesting draws attention to your products • You can use your images to: • Show products that you produce • Inspire users to pin their own images • Show lifestyle tips in action
  16. 16. Case Studies • J.Crew launches new September style guide on Pinterest • A great way to get fans’ first impressions • Creates a sense of exclusivity between fans and brand • Fosters loyalty among fans for getting a “sneak peek”
  17. 17. Case Studies • Nordstrom: The most followed brand on Pinterest • Posts inspirational quotes, wedding ideas, and funny stuff (like a “Fashion Cats” board) to keep people interested in the brand’s attitude, not just the fashion • Proof that success on Pinterest relies on a diverse amount of high-quality content.
  18. 18. Case Studies • • Whole Foods: perfect for Pinterest’s main demographics and interests “We’ve really focused on remaining authentic to the space that [Pinterest founders have[ created and not treated it as an extension of our website or as an advertisement of our products.” — Michael Bepko, Whole Foods global online community manager. ( 012/02/23/pinterestwhole-foods/)
  19. 19. Case Studies
  20. 20. Viralocity • Infographics • Provides necessary details and figures while stimulating the brain • Word-of-Mouth • Liking, Sharing, Repinning, and Commenting on your content • Contests • “Pin and Win”, Most Repins, Scavenger Hunts, Sweepstakes
  21. 21. Viralocity • “The more you incentivize people to share, the more they will share. There are two ways to do this: bribe them or inspire them.” – Emerson Spartz • Define what going viral means for you • Just because something should go viral does not mean it will. The same goes for the opposite
  22. 22. Thank you! @ChitownJess @JessicaGalliart