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Engage Mobile Consumers in the Moment


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Engage Mobile Consumers in the Moment

  1. 1. Mobile CRM and Customer Engagement Richard Naddy Managing Director, Mobile Information Services Citi Enterprise Payments
  2. 2. Web-Like 1-to-1 Measurement → Pay for Performance Cookies EnabledMarketing in the Real World? Then Came Cookies and Dynamic Content • • • • Remember Static Banner Ads? Dynamic content Commission-based business models Cookies? Real Customer Behavior
  3. 3. A More Complete View of Your Customers Do you understand your current and potential buyer as a… CUSTOMER? CONSUMER? PERSON? You know what you sold to the customer and her service history But what did she buy with the other merchants she frequents? And what information is she revealing about who she really is?
  4. 4. Model-Driven Targeting of Prospects and Existing Customers LIFE EVENTS INFREQUENTLY OCCURRING • Getting married / divorced • Having a baby / new child • High school / college graduation • Change of job type / occupation • Change of residence • Starting a new business TRANSITIONAL • Accelerated spend in auto repairs AND DAILY • Environmentally conscious spend ACTIVITY • Technology spend
  5. 5. Leveraging Big Data and Advanced Analytics An unmatched collection of data from multiple sources… filtered and analyzed to generate targeted offers... Merchant Data …allows merchants to optimize marketing and increase revenue ANALYTICS, SPEND PATTERNTRIGGERS, FILTERS, ETC. Credit Card Data Public Data and distributed through Citi’s “touch points”… Data Offers Sales
  6. 6. People are Inseparable from their Mobile Phones A mobile phone is… The most personal device there is You don’t share it. It’s the last thing you check at night, and the first thing you reach for in the morning. Always sensing It knows who and where you are, as well as what’s around you Armed with powerful mCommerce capabilities Not only can it be used to target, it can immediately fulfill
  7. 7. Mobile = Always Informed, Always Addressable
  8. 8. Analytics Paradigm Shift One Offer, Which Customers? One Customer, Which Offer?
  9. 9. Big Data, Big Analytics, One Offer LOCATION • Entering a GeoFence • Entering an Overlapping GeoFence • Leaving a Geofence • Frequented Geofence Environment • • • • EXPRESSED PREFERENCES • Number of Offers to Receive per Day • Preferred Categories • Preferred Timings • Offer Likes / Dislikes Time of Day Day of the Week Seasons, Holidays Weather DEMOGRAPHIC • • • • SPEND HISTORY • • • • • • • Transaction Type Number of Transactions Avg Transaction Size Spend Type Merchant Category Location Frequency Gender Income Level Age Persona MOBILE APP HISTORY • • • • • • • Offers Searched / Pulled Offers Opened Offers Activated Offers Redeemed Offers Expired Voucher Wallet Frequency of Use
  10. 10. Unique Customer Profiles • Age 47 • Lives on Upper West Side • Income > $300,000 • Spends frequently at J. Press, Tribeca restaurants, wine merchants • Meeting a client near 53rd St. and Park Ave. for a weekday drink at 6pm • Art grad student • Hangs out at West Village cafes • Shops often at Whole Foods, Anthropologi e, Sephora • About to join girlfriends for shopping on a Sunday afternoon
  11. 11. Dynamic Content 12:30 Logo 5:46 Logo Lunch hour Happy hour 9:28 Logo After hours
  12. 12. What if Merchants Could Gain Control and Insights via a simple Portal? Merchant portal provides the ability to In just a few easy steps ► Define customer segments ► Select target profiles ► Set sales goals ► Set goals for location, volume, etc. ► Identify the event-trigger ► Specify dates, times, weather, locations, behavior ► Define customer segments to exclude ► Set when the offer gets executed; when it doesn’t ► Get insightful performance reports ► Select customer profile attributes, review customer preferences ► Set presentment parameters: geofences & limitations ► Receive redemption statistics of past and live offers
  13. 13. The Savvy Mobile Marketer Focuses on Offers the right Product through individualized targeting Uses contextual, dyn amic messaging to perfect the Gives richer offers Priced to acquire the target customer Promotional message Uses geolocation to offer a deal at the right Place
  14. 14. Putting it all Together New technologies enable “cookies for the real world” Merchants reach most desired customers with greatest efficiency Big data analytics enable win-win Mobile = always informed, always addressable Customers receive richer offers, leading to greater satisfaction and spend results
  15. 15. Learn More Richard Naddy Managing Director, Mobile Information Services Citi Enterprise Payments (CEP) (847) 924-9383