IBM Group of ArrowAdvantage 2014


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IBM Group of ArrowAdvantage 2014

  1. 1. IBM Group of Arrow ECS Arrow’s 2014 IBM Strategy Positions Business Partners for New Opportunities, New Markets, and Ongoing Strong Growth Why IBM Business Partners and Arrow Make a Great Team End-customers look for value and capability. Affiliated Business Partners gain access to an innovative set of tools to accelerate business results, such as: • Arrow Insight. Leverage our huge store of valuable market data and use it to focus your sales and marketing on the most profitable solutions and markets. • Arrow RenewIQ. This innovative cloud-based tool gives you a 360-degree view of expiring assets along with a single platform for tracking and forecasting renewal information across supplier lines. • Arrow xFactor. It’s a game-changing tool for creating quotes quickly and easily, organizing IBM special bids and deal registration information so you can jump ahead of the competition, and making the most of IBM bonus programs to quotes and review part pricing for better profitability and quality. • MyArrow. It’s your own private portal for Solutions Management (promotions and configuration support), Business Management (order tracking), and Executive Management (incentives and supplier rebates). • MyArrow Informer. Arrow is expanding the capabilities of MyArrow with enhanced tools such as Informer. With Informer, you have a completely streamlined process for customer engagement, sales, and fulfillment. Its order tracking provides automatic update to your desktop, tablet, or smart phone, maximizing your productivity while providing an opportunity for internal resources to be reprogrammed for activities that support business growth. How We Enable Partner Growth IBM offers some of the market most effective and affordable solutions for meeting end-customer needs. Arrow helps you master these tools and find new routes to the market where your firm can enjoy substantial and consistent growth. • Arrow Education Enablement Program and Skill Builder. Arrow Education provides industry expertise and thought leadership through an ongoing program of webinars, in-person events, and self-paced courses. Arrow’s Education team uses complementary strategies to provide you with the targeted learning they need succeed in a competitive market. Training and self-assessment tools generate training “roadmaps” that you can follow to attain specific knowledge goals. Skill Builder, our on-line learning portal, makes this target learning approach both affordable and efficient. With Skill Builder, you are able to perfect their technical, sales and business development skills 24/7. Along with expanding your knowledge of IBM solutions, you are able to master complementary technologies from allied vendors such as VMware, Juniper, Brocade, and others suppliers. Each year, Arrow Education contributes more than 1,000 new product certifications to the IBM ecosystem. Similarly, it continues to provide a cost-effective system for delivering product-specific knowledge while enabling IBM Business Partners to better meet customer needs.
  2. 2. • ArrowSphere. Cloud services are taking off, and Arrow is ready to help you meet the demand with a complete suite of fixed-fee consulting services. Arrow works with you to implement, monitor, and manage end-user cloud services. We can even help you deliver specific solutions, including security as a service, software as a service, infrastructure as a service, business continuity, disaster recovery, and business intelligence. • Managed Service Provider Program. – This program is tailored to the needs of Business Partners pursuing opportunities as Managed Service Providers in the Midmarket and in combination with Specialty Services. It includes all the benefits of MyArrow and Empower plus special financing opportunities geared to these offers. How We Position the IBM Ecosystem to Win Arrow has the largest inventory of any U.S. Distributor and an impressive bench of product and subject matter experts based throughout North America and Europe. Arrow also aggressively promotes unique offers that take advantage of new IBM solutions and the offering portfolios of companies acquired by IBM. • Juniper Networks QFabric Architecture for IBM Flex Systems. Arrow has introduced a new offer that demonstrates the open and flexible nature of the IBM PureSystem. The two solution bundles include fully tested and integrated IBM Flex System and Juniper QFabric technologies. These systems are ready for remote configuration in as little as two weeks. • Arrow Empower. The customer data center is evolving. Through Empower and the Converged Infrastructure Program, Arrow is positioning Business Partners to act as trusted advisors to customers who are considering next steps for making their infrastructure more efficient and flexible. • Actifio Partnership. Since 2011, Arrow has working with Actifio to create an integrated strategy for enabling new business opportunities. Its technology offering end-customers new ways to address local data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity, testing, and development. • IBM SAP HANA Business Model. Arrow has created a unique distribution model for the SAP in-memory data analytics platform. Arrow is aggregating key resources to assist Business Partners with opportunity assessment, implementation, and support. Why Arrow’s Capabilities are Hard to Beat The Arrow team is dedicated to Business Partner business development, marketing, sales, enablement, software, and engineering. They provide the essential support you need to reduce business costs and improve operational excellence. Our scale and commitment to resellers is one reason so many Business Partners affiliate with Arrow. For more information, 770.625.7500 (888.228.2101) or