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HootSuite Enterprise & Webtrends On-Demand OneSheet


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HootSuite Enterprise & Webtrends On-Demand OneSheet

  1. 1. HootSuite Enterprise and Webtrends On-DemandCalculate Your On-Site Social MediaROI AutomaticallyThe HootSuite Integration with Webtrends connects social mediamessages to website conversions and statistics, allowing organizations +to optimize their social tactics and compare social media ROI againstother digital channels. By connecting the origin of message with the pointof conversion, Webtrends On-Demand users and marketers how haveaccess to actionable data to optimize the impact of their social mediastrategy. Take the guesswork out of the equation and close the loop onyour social-to-website conversion data. “HootSuite’s integration with Webtrends allowsThe HootSuite-Webtrends integration is available to HootSuite Enterprise Gogo to automatically track the ROI on ourand Webtrends On-Demand customers worldwide. Visit social media engagementwebtrends for more information. across Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. ByWhat does the Integration Measure? pulling key social data from HootSuite intoBy using Webtrends and HootSuite Enterprise together, any team, Webtrends, we now know when to reach out to ourdepartment and organization can gain access to powerful data on the ROI followers, which socialof social engagement, answering critical questions on: network works best, and what types of posts get Message Efficacy: Which message types result in the highest number the best response.” site actions? Which words drive the most conversions? Linda Ramsey Vice President of Integrated Social Account: Which Twitter account is the source of the most Marketing at Gogo resources in organic online engagement? Social Networks: Which platform is providing the greatest return on the brand page: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter? Where is Learn More: engagement weak, and where is it strong? Time of day: To learn more about using Webtrends with HootSuite looking to buy? Enterprise, visit: 1
  2. 2. HootSuite Enterprise and Webtrends On-DemandHow Much Does it Cost? Any team,There are no additional charges associated with this integration - it isavailable without charge to both HootSuite Enterprise and Webtrends On- department, orDemand customers. organization can gain access toIntegration Details powerful data on The HootSuite-Webtrends integration provides access to granular the effectiveness you optimize your posting schedule. of their Analyze conversions rates to discover strengths and weaknesses in social media messaging, allowing you to make informed decisions on how best to engagement, optimize your social strategy and team structure. HootSuite’s streamlined publishing capabilities integrated with answering Webtrends’ advanced and easily customizable analytics provides critical questions businesses with actionable data that connects social tactics to any on social ROI. success metrics tracked across social properties. “Set it and forget it” - the integration can be quickly set up and results are automatically tracked, eliminating the need for manual tracking parameters. All reporting on social metrics for messages posted through HootSuite is seamlessly rendered in Webtrends.Setup StepsHootSuite Enterprise clients using Webtrends On-Demand who wish to Contact the HootSuitetake advantage of this integration are encouraged to email Business Team for more with the following information: Phone: HootSuite Account Name and Account Admin Email Address Twitter: @hootbusiness Email: Chat Live: HootSuite account will be activated and the integration report packreceiving this information in the proper format. 2
  3. 3. HootSuite Enterprise and Webtrends On-DemandIntegration Sample ReportsThe following images are sample graphs of the reporting functionality available within Webtrends as a result ofthe HootSuite integration.Message by Send Day of Week: Webtrends two-dimension conversion report broken down by the socialmessage that drove the conversion activity on .Social Network Type: Webtrends conversion report Send Hour: Webtrends conversion report brokenbroken down by the that drove the down by the that were most successful invisits/conversions. 3