Mobile, Social, Ambient: M-Commerce and the New Customer Journey


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Mobile, Social, Ambient: M-Commerce and the New Customer Journey

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing AssociationRachel PasquaPrincipalTokenNoah ElkinPrincipal AnalysteMarketer
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing AssociationAgenda• A Multiplatform World• Mobile & Marketing• Mobile & Merchandizing• Mobile & CRM
  3. 3. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe digital ecosystem in 2005
  4. 4. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe digital ecosystem in 2013Digital Out Of Home, Theaters, Connected TVTabletLaptopConnectedConsolesWearableTechnologyDesktopDigital KiosksSmartphones PhabletsSocial MachinesAppsAmbient SurfacesConnected Cars
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing AssociationMobile interfaces have addednumerous real-time touch pointsto a once-simple customerjourney.
  6. 6. Mobile Marketing AssociationFor brands, this wave of change has created numerous opportunities toinfluence, convert, and activate their customers.
  7. 7. Mobile Marketing AssociationIt’s wave of change that has potential to invigorate business of all types and allsizes.
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing AssociationYet mobile also adds layers of complexity
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe key to seamless shopping……lies in creating the right experience, across multiple platforms andchannels for each unique customer.
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing AssociationThe new 4Ps of DigitalCreating these seamless, uniquely contextual customer experience will hingeon four pillars that emerging to shape digital marketing.• Portability: Content that is accessible, useful, and usable across eachdigital touch point in each customer’s unique ecosystem.• Proximity: Content that is relevant to where the customer is, physicallyand metaphorically in his or her unique journey.• Preferences: Content that is contextually shaped by the customersunique needs, both implied and explicit.• Presence: brand/consumer interactions that are initiated according to acustomer’s conditional receptivity.
  11. 11. Mobile Marketing AssociationMobile & MarketingUsability and contextually relevant .comcontent across multiple devicesActivation of offline and traditional mediachannels using mobile triggers across print,broadcast, direct mail and POS/POP.Cross platform visibility through search andsocial channels withtargeted, multiplatform campaigns.Marketing: Getting yourcustomers into the store, onlineor offline, by activatingomnichannel awareness.
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing AssociationMobile & MerchandizingContent, messaging, offers relevant todevice, person and place.Activation of offline and traditional mediachannels using mobile triggers acrossprint, broadcast, direct mail and POS/POP.In-store experiences activated by mobiledevices and contextualized for the user.Merchandizing: Getting your customers into the physical (or virtual)register, by facilitating ease of use in the shopping experience.Offering multiple real-time forms of payment and redemption.• Content basedon pastbehaviors• Content basedon statedpreferences• Offers andoptions based onboth
  13. 13. Mobile Marketing AssociationMobile & CRMSupporting cross-channel customeradvocacy through social and mobiledelivery channels.Activation of offline and traditional mediachannels using mobile triggers acrossprint, broadcast, direct mail and POS/POP.Support continual development of amore personalized, contextuallyrelevant customer experience acrossall device and content touchpoints.CRM: Creating a virtuous cycle ofcustomer loyalty and advocacythrough superlative experiences.Contextually relevant, preference-based, conditionaloffers and alerts via email, text and push.
  14. 14. Mobile Marketing AssociationMultiple channels.Multiple devices.Multiple platforms.One responsive brand.
  15. 15. Mobile Marketing AssociationMore information:www.mobileanhouraday.comBuy online:"Nothing gets you closer to your consumer than mobile. Andnothing gets to closer to mobile marketing perfection than MobileMarketing: An Hour a Day.”— Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association and Co-Authorof What Sticks"Elkin and Pasqua expertly detail the mobilelandscape, tactics, and tools available to todays mobile marketer.This is a must-read." — Sara Holoubek, CEO, Luminary Labs"This book is filled with clear, well thought-out strategic guidanceon all things mobile, with expert perspectives to help customize thestrategy on an individual business (and budget) level.” — JoyLiuzzo, President, Wave Collapse"This is now my go-to book for mobile. Not only does it have thebrain trust going for it, but it also has the data to back it up.” — RobGarner, author of Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-Time Content MarketingMobile: An Hour a Day
  16. 16. Mobile Marketing AssociationThx:)• @rachelpasqua•••• @noahelkin•