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Email Direct Marketing Techniques

  1. 1. Email Direct Marketing Techniques Guaranteed to Increase Your SuccessReggie Brady Tuesday, October 4, 838-8138© Regina Brady 2011 all rights reserved
  2. 2. Agenda• Email Benchmarks and How Do You Rate?• 4 big trends – Mobile – Social – Relevance and email triggers – Reactivation• 8 building blocks for success
  3. 3. Overall Benchmarks Q2-11 Conversions based on clicks – 3.16% (up from Q1-11)Epsilon – Q2-11 Email Trends and Benchmarks – 8-31-11a study of 7.1 billion emails sent by Epsilon across multiple industries for around 150 clients
  4. 4. Overall BenchmarksEpsilon – Q2-11 Email Trends and Benchmarks – 8-31-11a study of 7.1 billion emails sent by Epsilon across multiple industries for around 150 clients
  5. 5. Benchmarking Mean Class Performance for Maturity Class Email • 21% average year-over-year improvement in revenue Best-in-Class • 11% average year-over-year Top 20% improvement in click-through rates • 2% average year-over-year Industry Average improvement in revenue Middle 50% • 2% average year-over-year improvement in click-through rates • 2% average year-over-year Laggard decline in revenue Bottom 30% • 1% average year-over-year decline in click-through rates How do you rate?Aberdeen Research – Email Marketing: Customers Take It Personally – 12-10
  6. 6. Differentiate Process from Business Metrics Email Marketer Executives • Our open rate is now • How much revenue email 22%. generate? • Unique click-through • How has email improved rates have increased customer retention? since our redesign. • Has email reduced our • Delivery at Yahoo is up costs of communicating since we stopped using with customers? one large image. • What impact is email • Spam complaints are having on conversions down 15%. from other channels?Silverpop – Email Marketing Metrics That Matter – 7-09
  7. 7. Differentiate Process from Business Metrics Process Business • Opens • Revenue/Orders • Bounces • Downloads/Demos • Delivered • Qualified Leads • Clicks • Retention • Cross channel activity
  8. 8. Your mission: beat the competitionI’ll share some ideasto keep you ahead ofthe pack 
  9. 9. Big trend #1Email design must take mobile into account
  10. 10. Mobile devices and email• Last October fewer than 9% of emails were read on a mobile device• Today between 16% and 20% are read on a mobile device• You need to re-think design for the ―small screen‖ or be left behind 
  11. 11. Advice for email re-design • KISS - stick with your offer, create something actionable • Don’t waste valuable real estate on a tiny screen with clutter • Proper coding will enable your message to be seen on iPhone, Droid, Blackberry. • Avoid slow download times • Use short subject lines
  12. 12. Advice for email re-design• Width must be compressed – Less than 500 pixels• Columns – no more than 2 – Put the most important information to the left• The top 2 – 3 inches is valuable – Put ―click to view‖ and ―click to view mobile‖ at top – Headers should be short – no more than 120 pixels in height – Move ―forward to a friend,‖ social icons and ―add to address book‖ below top of the message• Use text links, in combination with image links – The fat finger issue
  13. 13. Mobile Rendering – a handy toolIf a rendering check is not provided by your ESP, offers this capabilitystarting at $49 per month for 29 different environments.
  14. 14. 2 columns• Easier to read on screen• Allows for easy organization of content• If many of your subscribers read emails on mobile, you may want one column … at least near the top.
  15. 15. 2 columns• Easier to read on screen• Allows for easy organization of content• If many of your subscribers read emails on mobile, you may want one column … at least near the top.• If this email was displayed on a mobile device, readers would see the upper left text, but may not see the picture of the waffle breakfast sandwich.
  16. 16. Big trend #2 Maximizing social for sign-ups and within emailCo-op 2012
  17. 17. Social can be a big gorilla • Plan to integrate your email and social strategies • Today most marketers have yet to get a return on investment with social … but it’s coming – BtoB – 11% see a direct ROI – BtoC – 15% see a direct ROISource: White Horse, ―B2B Marketing Goes Social,‖ 5-18-10
  18. 18. Exploit your social presence to grow your list • Promote your email program Kentucky Fried Chicken created a separate area on Facebook with an email sign-up widget 3% of all sign-ups now come from Facebook These sign-ups have 70% higher opens and CTRs • Post or tweet offers or content from your email programs • Promote social via email and email via socialEmail Sherpa – 2/15/11
  19. 19. Exploit your social presence to grow your listMoosejawMountaineering
  20. 20. Consider a social sign-up option Allow people to sign up with their social credentials A recent study found 90% opted for regular email sign-up and 10% used Facebook Connect Social Network ID that Social Users Worldwide Use to Sign in to WebsitesSource: Janrain company blog 4-14-11
  21. 21. Consider a social sign-up option Profile Data Available on Social Networks The data you collect is amazing!Source: Gigya, “Multiple Identities” 7-7-10
  22. 22. Consider a social sign-up option Activities that US Social Network Users Are More Likely to Do After They Follow a Company or Products on Facebook or Twitter Major implications for e-commerce!Source: ROI Research Inc., “S-Net:The Impact of Social Media” 6-7-11
  23. 23. Registration and email sign-up Facebook Connect
  24. 24. Embrace social in your emailsSome marketersconsolidate socialmedia icons withforward to a friend
  25. 25. Embrace social in your emails• Create special emails to encourage social participation• Subject line: Now You Can Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter!
  26. 26. Embrace social in your emails An excellent job at explainingwhy people should followthem on Twitter. – Share photos of you in your favorite looks by The Limited
  27. 27. Big trend #3 Triggered Messaging for relevance — you’ve got to do it!Co-op 2012
  28. 28. RelevanceThe days of ―batch and blast‖ or―spray and pray‖ are overRelevant emails that make eachcustomer feel special will providemore leverage and salesTriggered messages are a greatway to personally touch youraudience 
  29. 29. Trigger #1: browsed, but didn’t buy Trigger sent if customer views at least 3 products but does not buy. Incentive to purchase Address possible customer service issues 30% open rate and 6% CTR along with increase in live chat usageS&S Worldwide – Must Have Triggered Campaigns for Every Business – 1-10
  30. 30. Trigger #2: birthday messages Subject Line: Happy Birthday – Get 10% Off Your Next Flight Results: – 50% open rates – Revenue per email 360% higher than average fare saleAlaska Airlines 2-3-10
  31. 31. Trigger #3: cross-sell in order confirmationAdditional selling in messageSubject Line: Order Confirmation#092857855452Like top navigation & ―You May AlsoConsider‖ with dynamic population ofitems that complement purchaseObserves 80/20 rule with most of themessage referring to transaction
  32. 32. Trigger #4: order review requestPurchases featuredSent 3 weeks after purchaseNice way to drive siteinvolvement
  33. 33. Trigger #5: abandoned cartMy favorite – you can recoupup to 15% of lost salesMost marketers see up to 50%of carts abandonedConsider:• sending a series• including a product picture• no discount in first email
  34. 34. Trigger #5: abandoned cart You could sweeten the offer, like the email here • I like sending a series and NOT including a discount in the first email Opens Clicks Conversion % Revenue per email No offer 15% 12% 1.8% $3.20 Offer 17% 13% 2.9% $3.29Experian CheetahMail- The Remarketing Report – 2/10
  35. 35. Trigger #5: abandoned cart Including a picture of the product left in the cart is a consideration. Opens Clicks Conversion % Product shown 63.8% 28.8% 2.9% No product but link to cart 53.5% 24.9% 1.4% Log in to see your cart 45.1% 17.1% 1.3%Experian CheetahMail- The Remarketing Report – 2/10
  36. 36. Abandoned cart emails work!Experian CheetahMail- The Remarketing Report – 2/10
  37. 37. One company’s experience with triggered messages Annual email volume Annual email sales*Carolyn Nye- S&S – eROI Virtual Trade Show 11/11/10
  38. 38. Big trend #4 ReactivationCo-op 2012
  39. 39. Create a win back plan Up to 50% of most lists are inactive and have not opened or clicked in months. Win them back – before it’s too late!
  40. 40. Reactivation • An important reason to care! – ISPs are starting to measure non-openers – It affects your reputation – A large volume of inactive e-mail recipients is considered junk by ISPs. – Long-term inactive email addresses can turn into spam traps. • Remember, your most active subscribers generate all your traffic and revenue – Inactive do NOT help you reach business goals and you are paying to send to them. • Your metrics are distorted if you have a significant number of inactives.
  41. 41. Reactivation And, it is costing you money! The financial costs of inattention
  42. 42. ReactivationCisco Win Back CampaignHuge database – but, only 25% were active- Some hadn’t been active in 3 to 6 years- Some didn’t have clear opt-in flag- Decided to test 14.5% of inactivesSegments and offers to capture updated info:- VPs and above - $25 Starbucks gift card- Directors & Managers – white paper- Directors & Managers – no offerResults:- VPs – Opens 17.1%, CTR 7.6%, Conversions 6.1%- White paper – Opens 12.1%, CTR 2.0%, Conversions 1.4%- No offer – Opens 18.3%, CTR 6.5%, Conversions 3.9% Email Sherpa – 1-11-11
  43. 43. Reactivation Bed Bath & Beyond Win Back Campaign Decreased frequency for inactives from 7x per month, to 5x per month and eventually to 1x per month
  44. 44. Reactivation Bed Bath & Beyond Win Back Campaign Finally, they send a re- permission email specifying a date when they would stop sending emails without subscriber permission.
  45. 45. When all else failsRemove dead addresses – your metrics will also improve
  46. 46. Re-engagement of past purchasers Subject Line: We Miss You – Come Back for 30% Off Your Next Flight Entice non-flying members to book. Tested offer vs non- offer. Results compared to usual promotions: - Opens 55% higher - CTR 75% higher - Revenue per email 564% higherAlaska Airlines – 2-3-10
  47. 47. 8 Building Blocks for Success
  48. 48. 1. Leverage your site to grow your list• Make email sign-up visible and ―above the fold‖ on your home page• Include sign up on most visited pages• Or, use persistent sign up to promote on every site page• And give them a reason to sign up – Offers and promotions – Tips and best practices – Product news and updates – How to information
  49. 49. Sign up above the foldUpper right-handcorner drawsattention
  50. 50. 2. Registration form placement Which form position generated higher submissions? A. Form on the left B. Form on the rightWhich Test Won – 1/27/10
  51. 51. 2. Registration form placement Which form position generated higher submissions? Which form position generated higher submissions? B. Form on the right Version B generated 24.6% more form submissions In western countries we tend to read from left to rightWhich Test Won – 1/27/10
  52. 52. 3. Work your subject lines Top 100 used words Which form position generated higher submissions? The larger and darker the words, the more frequently these words were used, while those that are smaller and lighter were used less frequently.Source: Mailer Mailer: Email Marketing Benchmarks 7-11
  53. 53. Subject line lengthSource: MailerMailer: Email Metrics Guide – 7-11
  54. 54. 4. Learn more about your list Preference centers • Demographics and interestsData Capture • Up to date/changes Subscriber • Personal controlEmpowerment • Better retention • Preferred frequency, lists Increased • Basis of personalization, Relevance segmentation
  55. 55. Simple preference center
  56. 56. Complex preference center
  57. 57. Preference center emailSubject line: Spring Fever!Introducing New Women’sStylesPromotes preference center
  58. 58. 5. Segment and mine your list1. Self-selected Which form position generated higher submissions?2. Demographic3. Email behavior4. Transactional5. Site behavior6. Lifecycle7. Modeling
  59. 59. Email behavior American Meadows sends a weekly email. Now they send an additional email 3 days after main email. - Those who click on a product receive an email with a call-to- action based on the product clicks - Those who did not click receive an email based on the most popular product Results: • Behavioral segmentation increased revenue by 14%Bronto website
  60. 60. Geographic segmentation National Hockey league • 800,000 fan database • Segment on zip & favorite team • 60% of fans don’t live in the city of their favorite team A Boston Bruins fan living in Boston receives an email with Bruins imagery and the Bruins first 7 home games A Bruins fan living in Philadelphia receives Bruins imagery, but the game schedule only has info on games in which the Bruins were playing the Philadelphia Flyers in Philadelphia. The NHL believes this system increased single ticket game sales by 31%eDialog 7-10
  61. 61. Geographic & preferences segmentation King Arthur Flour Currently has 6 segments with the first 4 gained from registration & preference center: • Subscribers near their retail store • Canadian subscribers • Those interested in wholesale • Gluten-free subscribers • Print newsletter subscribers • Subscribers to their baking school General opens and clicks – 30% and 27% Segment opens and clicks – 35% to 50% and 25% to 35%Email Sherpa 7-12-11
  62. 62. 7. Engage your readersInvolve your readers to build community
  63. 63. Engage your readers Involve your readers to build communitySubject line: Help build theBest Buy Business District.It’s a robust site for smallbusiness professionals witha strong knowledge centerand the opportunity to postquestions and comments.
  64. 64. 8. Use Customer Reviews• Reviews are altering how consumers make purchase decisions• Reviews will increase conversions• Online shoppers are often willing to spend more for highly rated products• Plus, page views increase and customers say they feel more satisfied with their shopping experience when it includes customer reviews Forrester Research says that 87% of consumers tend to write reviews when they have something positive to say.
  65. 65. Customer Reviews• Conversions go up• SEO traffic goes up• Returns go down• Customer satisfaction and brand trust increase Reviews are a fundamental tool where customer conversations become powerful content.
  66. 66. Customer ReviewsCustomer Reviews encourage sitepurchases. If you have them on your site– try including them in some emails.Subject line: Shop Dells Top-ratedProductsConsider highlighting reviews in yoursubject line.Dell found if a shopper spent time with sitereviews, conversions doubled. (BazaarVoice)
  67. 67. Customer Reviews A review capability need not be expensive, a small business, works with PowerReviews and pays $80/month. Results: – Sales grew by 23% for those items that had positive reviews – 9/28/09
  68. 68. Email & Social likesEmail helpedincrease Facebookfan growth by 700%to surpass 1 millionfans.
  69. 69. Thank you!Reggie BradyEmail Marketing Consultant(203)