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Effective Digital Advertising: Making Sense Of Data, Targeting & Measurement


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Effective Digital Advertising: Making Sense Of Data, Targeting & Measurement

  1. 1. Effective Digital Advertising: Making Sense of Data,Targeting and Measurement Bryan Schroeder Senior Director, Global Advertiser Product Marketing, Yahoo! Linda Young Director, Addressable Advertising Solutions, Acxiom
  2. 2. Agenda• Big Data Overview• Data Challenges• Proving ROI Through Offline Sales Attribution• Case Studies• Future Trends
  3. 3. Big Data WorldOnline Offline Data Data Marketer’s Data
  5. 5. Data is Growing ExponentiallyQuantity of global digital data, exabytes130 1,227 2,720 7,9102005 2010 2012 2015
  6. 6. Data ChallengesTechnology to Harness Large & DiverseData SetsNavigating Privacy ConcernsMaking Your Data ActionableBridging Online and Offline Sides of theBusiness
  7. 7. Technology to Harness Large and Diverse Data Sets Big Data is not totally new Volume, velocity and variety of data increasing Complex data and combinations Needed: New technologies New methods New guidelines New knowledge Trusted partners
  8. 8. Navigating Privacy Concerns Consumer: Guidelines to leveraging behavior data Marketer: Protecting your own data Publisher: Protecting their user data
  9. 9. The Value of Addressable Data Allows for persistent targeting  Combats cookie churn  Ensures accurate reach and frequency campaign management  Facilitates multi-screen campaign delivery  Solves for shared computers Enables offline sales measurement
  10. 10. Making Data ActionableLeverage your own CRM files to reach your customersonline and measure the offline sales impact Matched Audience Advertiser Yahoo! CRM File User File 1 Advertiser 2 Acxiom 3 Ads reach provides CRM matches matched file to trusted Yahoo! users advertiser file across screens partner, Acxiom to Yahoo! including PC, addressable mobile and user file tablet
  11. 11. True ROI: Offline Sales Attribution1 2 Advertiser customer 3 Yahoo! campaign A report detailing exposure data is offline sales data is sales or conversion shared with trusted shared with Acxiom impact across third party data and matched to channels is sent Yahoo! exposure partner, Acxiom data back to the advertiser
  12. 12. Use Case: Department StoreObjective:Mirror offline direct mail campaigns to reach existing customersonline and understand the offline impactSolution:Acxiom and Yahoo! partnered to target advertiser’scustomer list online and provide multi-channel insightResults: Drove $20M in in-store sales and $2.5M in online sales Experienced 11% incremental lift per shopper who received both online and direct mail (vs. control group, direct mail only) Incremental 4:1 return-on-ad-spend for online campaign
  13. 13. Use Case: Insurance CompanyObjective:Mirror offline direct mail campaigns to acquire new customersSolution:Acxiom and Yahoo! partnered to target advertiser’sprospect list across Yahoo! and measure the impacton offline salesResults: 6.3x return on ad spend $407,190 in incremental premiums Users exposed to the campaign were converted at a rate of 2x more than the control
  14. 14. Key Takeaways Develop a strategy around using your CRM driven insights online. Don’t just test once and stop Addressable data enables persistent targeting and offline sales measurement Make your traditional and digital business work together through partnerships You can safely use anonymous data and PII data, while staying privacy compliant and consumer friendly
  15. 15. Future Trends Marriage of data and creative Increased frequency and depth of campaign insights Tools to inform overall media mix and cross channel attribution
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. FAQs What segmentation strategies work best online? Whats the most efficient way to get started on a CRM data-driven display campaign? How long does it take to get this kind of addressable display program up and running?
  18. 18. Thank You!Bryan SchroederSenior Director, Global Advertiser Product Marketing, Yahoo!bryans@yahoo-inc.comLinda YoungDirector, Addressable Advertising Solutions, Acxiomlinda.young@acxiom.comTwitter: @YahooAdBuzz, @Acxiom