Do Wealthy People Click? Silversea Cruises Leveraging Digital Media


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  • Luxury is often intertwined with brands and their meanings, but not always the brands one would expect. Many cited a Mercedes, BMW or Lexus as their most recent luxury purchase, but for others, luxury meant a new Mini Cooper, or a Corvette, or a Prius.Luxury is often highly personal and emotional. Many cited watches or jewelry from traditional luxury brands such as Cartier, Tiffany or Louis Vuitton, but others cited artistic upgrades and repairs to their existing wedding and engagement rings.Travel was often cited, both as a personal indulgence, and quite often as an opportunity to bring family together.Whether it was a traditional luxury purchase, or a mini-luxury ―treat like a manicure, pedicure or spa treatment, Affluents were ultimately seeking a self-reward to satisfy their feeling of ―I deserve.
  • Affluents spend twice as much on vacation as they do on personal electronics $4100/year
  • Are we comparing these banners to the ones on the next slide? They’re completely different, branding vs tactic…except for my super butler! Could we maybe compare these banners without CTA and with CTA? And then also show the tactical ones with the CTA which we can speak to how your recommendation helped us increase CTR / performance
  • With the type of research HH has performed and shared with us we’re now able to really see what our audience is actually saying about us, what they want, and what they’re asking for…giving us a much clear sense of how to fulfill their needs
  • Should we mention here something about South America and the different strategy we’re implementing here vs MX or BR?
  • I kind of tweaked the verbiage to sound more in present time than past. I know we stopped the advertising but we will resume and I would like the tone of all this to be more about what we are doing overall. Agree?
  • We could add here, American Express Publishing Network logos – travel and leisure, food and wine? Don’t know, make this one a bit more interesting 
  • For me to remember :HolisticConsumer centricReflect luxury / Modern / Interactive
  • Do Wealthy People Click? Silversea Cruises Leveraging Digital Media

    1. 1. Silversea Cruises: Luxury TravelAcquisition through Digital and Emerging Media
    2. 2. PresentingAlejandra Lopez Jeannette Kocsis Matthew RosenblattInteractive Manager SVP Digital Marketing EVP CreativeSilversea Cruises The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks@alejalopez @jnetk @mattrosenblatt
    3. 3. Agenda• About Silversea Cruises• About Affluent Consumers• The Assignment• The Situation• The Solution• New Opportunities• Top 5 Things We Learned
    4. 4. Silversea Cruises• A global, luxury cruise line with six ships serving over 450 destinations around all seven continents – All ocean-view suites – Butler service for every passenger – Gourmet cuisine and choice of dining venues – Complimentary wine and spirits – Exotic and adventurous destinations• Average customers have $1 Million plus net worth, are 55+ and with over $250,000 annual HH income
    5. 5. Targeting Luxury• It wasn’t so long ago that people thought – Rich people don’t use the Internet – Or search engines – Or social media – Or even mobile• What do they do with their time? FPO
    6. 6. But first let’s start with..
    7. 7. Conceptualizing Luxury Luxury is subject to interpretation by the consumer, based on their definition Luxury is personal.. And emotional Luxury is a personal indulgence.. Or can mean bringing the family together Ultimately affluents are seeking a self- reward of.. I deserve
    8. 8. Who is considered “affluent” Upper 20% - $250K+/Year Income Middle 60% Lower 20%
    9. 9. What Do They Do With Their Time?Publications are both online and offline
    10. 10. How Active Are They on Social? Affluents of all ages are active in social networks, although the study showed that Affluent Seniors are more likely to be involved in cause-related or family discussions About 50% visit YouTube on a monthly basis and 14% visit LinkedIn
    11. 11. What Do They Expect From a Brand? Customization Exceed 34% expect products & Expectations services customized to 32% expect surprise & their needs and delight (once in a desires lifetime experiences) True Distinctiveness 32% expect the brand to be an innovator
    12. 12. What Does Vacation Look Like?• 66% anticipate traveling domestically this year, 33% international – International travel includes cruises
    13. 13. What Does Vacation Look Like?
    14. 14. How Much Will They Invest?43%anticipate spending more on travel this year than last
    15. 15. Looking for Calls to Action
    16. 16. Affluent Travel Trends 75% make plans less than 6 months Plans in advance; 11% within one month 60% of young DIY affluents want to book themselves54% plan onredeeming Rewardsrewards, but 14%say not a factor
    17. 17. The Assignment
    19. 19. The Situation• Silversea Cruises is competing against other luxury cruise brands on experience – And all other cruise ships on share of voice Over 80 Cruise lines in the world!
    20. 20. The SituationMany factors influence declining occupancy
    21. 21. The SituationPrevious effortsbrought manypeople into thefunnel – and the callcenter sorted them FPOout
    22. 22. The SolutionA Targeted Media Plan With Where At the Right Relevant Affluents Moment in Call-to-are Online Time actions
    23. 23. The Solution
    24. 24. The ApproachTarget affluents online to reduce callcenter loads and improve conversion• Age• HHI• Net worth• Retargeting FPO
    25. 25. Media Mix Optimization Media Spend Mix Channel 22% Search 34% Social 3% Content Display Email 23% 18%
    26. 26. Banners “Luxury Cruises” • First changes were to add call to actions “Senior “Luxury Cruises” Cruises”(Tablets Only)
    27. 27. Increased Performance • “Butler Service” banner has a record breaking CTR, without a call to action or button to click on • Adding call to actions to the other banners increased their performance by 200%LuxuryLink CruiseCritic CruiseCritic
    28. 28. New Ways to Place Banners • New banner ads include 2013 Brochure messaging — Strategically positioned on once discussions around the release of the brochure were identified within the site’s forum pages through Social Listening & Monitoring“the much anticipated 2013 (brochure) finally made its way toNYC…a few lucky souls have reported to receive theirs early”“They did a nice job on the book…for those of us who nowenjoy having ‘the book’ in our hands…what are yourimpressions?”
    29. 29. Mobile• Using mobile search, Click to Call, leveraging the call center• New opportunities will include mobile app banners
    30. 30. Social• Advertising on Facebook, targeted to affluents• Initial Results: – Global is still not very effective – US generates the most leads, and although higher CPLs, they were more targeted
    31. 31. Going Global• Translated paid search ads and landing pages from English to Spanish and German – global reach/presence in strong markets like Europe & Latin America Spanish (Mexico) Portuguese (Brazil) German
    32. 32. Landing Page Conversion Landing pages were optimized to increase conversionAdded imagery of the shipRemoved questions relating to working with travel agents
    33. 33. Initial Results CTRincreased Lead volume hasby 36% increased by 98% CPL has 78% increase in dropped conversion by 12%
    34. 34. New Opportunities
    35. 35. New Media Opportunities Exchange
    36. 36. Facebook Application• We are creating a Facebook application to assist fans who are planning a trip – Application will allow the fan to browse and choose per ships, destinations, amenities. Get virtual brochures, suite /ship tours and most importantly, share their trip plans with their communities. – Lead acquisition with immediate opt-in – Build an online community – brand presence and awareness
    37. 37. Natural Search
    38. 38. The Situation• had not been optimized for search, and most traffic was based on branded terms• SEO scorecard showed that the site needed the most effort placed on keyword selections and content
    39. 39. The Solution Monthly Search Google Yahoo! BingKeyword Volume Position Position PositionMediterranean cruiseall inclusive cruises 18100 12100 24 6 97 48 96 47 The rightsilverseabest cruises 6600 3600 1 - 1 - 1 - keywords is thepanama canal cruise 3600 19 - -Caribbean cruiseluxury cruise lines 2900 2900 - 3 - 12 - 13 first stepMexico cruise 2900 45 - -silversea cruises 2900 1 1 1Asia cruise 2400 95 59 57cruise specials 2400 17 - -world cruise 2400 2 2 2transatlantic cruises 1900 88 - -silverseas 1600 1 2 1luxury cruise 1300 5 12 12small ship cruises 1300 - - -Baltic cruise 880 20 43 42new England cruise 720 18 62 -silverseas cruises 480 1 1 1silversea cruise 390 1 1 1best luxury cruise lines 320 12 - 41luxury cruise ships 260 2 8 7silversea cruise reviews 260 7 8 9luxury cruise line 170 2 14 14silversea cruise line 140 1 1 1long cruises 110 - - -small luxury cruises 110 4 8 11expedition cruises 91 7 9 13small luxury cruise lines 73 1 5 5grand voyages 16 3 5 5
    40. 40. The Solution• Keyword map to pages, based on Web analytics, and focused on conversion• Conversion goals are: – Sign up for Offers – Order a Brochure – Request a Quote – Request a Call• Meta data and content updates• Incoming links analysis and requests
    41. 41. International SEO• The site is also being optimized in Spanish and German, to leverage SEO in related countries
    42. 42. Moving Forward
    43. 43. Future Plans• Continuing to optimize – Media – New rich media opportunities – Conversion – Lead process• Starting a rebranding effort
    44. 44. Engagement Nirvana
    45. 45. What We Learned OUR TOP 5 LIST1. Affluent consumers are active online, and spend time researching for what they want2. Address the young affluents as they age into our cruise line3. Think out of the box; social media monitoring is critical4. Balance the media mix to achieve maximum ROI5. Our overall customer experience needs to reflect our brand – from prospect to loyal customer
    46. 46. Thank You!Alejandra Lopez Jeannette Kocsis Matthew RosenblattInteractive Manager SVP Digital Marketing EVP CreativeSilversea Cruises The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks@alejalopez @jnetk @mattrosenblatt