Customer Connections: Using Customer Data to Improve Email Relevance & Revenues


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Customer Connections: Using Customer Data to Improve Email Relevance & Revenues

  1. 1. Customer Connections: Using Customer Data toImprove Email Relevance & Revenues
  2. 2. Category/ Social Brand  Product Incentives Media Interest Information Better Customer Experience More Efficient & Effective Marketing• Channel preference/convenience • Creates relationships • Drives loyalty & satisfaction• Ability to easily find Product/brand information • Saves on agency costs• Relevant & timely promotional incentives • Lets the marketer focus on creative,• Highly personalized communications delivered messaging, offers more frequently • Increases average purchase price • Store/product/brand recommendations
  3. 3. Connecting to Customers
  4. 4. Three Things To Take Away1. Customers don’t want more email. They want  more relevant email.  How can we define  “relevancy” for our audience?2. Communicate on the customer’s timeline  and urgency.  Learn from ISC’s experience.3. Where do we go from here?  A checklist.
  5. 5. What Hasn’t Killed Email Yet?
  6. 6. Email ROI  Puts  Stars In Our Eyes
  7. 7. New Reality: Consumers can quickly “sweep” and filter email messages they don’t find interesting. In fact, that process is automated.Even permission-based messagesare marked as “spam.”
  8. 8. Typical Email Marketing Stream Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? Hi, are you ready to buy? 9
  9. 9. Lifecyle‐based Email MarketingWelcome!  We like you.Hi, are you ready to buy?Thanks for buying!You might also like….Hi, are you ready to buy?Here’s what others like!Please tell us what you like.Hi, are you ready to buy?Cool content you might like.Hi, are you ready to buy?Something special for youAny of your friends like this? 10
  10. 10. Cross Channel MarketingWelcome Email.   We like you.TXT: Free taco Tuesday!  You in?Hi, are you ready to buy?Thanks for buying!Text in to join our new alert service!Dear Pamela, you might also like….Hi, are you ready to buy?Visit Facebook: What do others like?!TXT: Summer savings deal.  Want more savings? Reply back “More.”Cool content you might like.Mobile coupon!  Hurry in!Something special for you!Any of your friends like this? 11
  11. 11. Making ConnectionsRequires Segmentation
  12. 12. Email Marketing is Technology Driven
  13. 13. Wherefore Art Thou Data?Customer Email Call CenterSales Team Database Online
  14. 14. Email Conversations• Purchase • Upgrade• Download• 90 day anniversary• Chose competitor• Renewal• Event attendance• Event no show • Service call • Start/End Free Trial• Long website visit • Non‐activity
  15. 15. 19
  16. 16. Data Driven  Lifecycle Triggers• Customized balances  without the account  statement feel• Imagery specific to the  room the customer has  available• Variable offer  components according  to the guest’s  transactional history• Events based upon our  inventory needs
  17. 17. Advanced Segmentation
  18. 18. Dialog Management and Nurturing
  19. 19. Relevancy is Like Art
  20. 20. What Is Relevant to My Subscribers?Check the data!  Most active source(s)  Activity by time of day / day of week / geo  Spam complaint / Unsubscribe spikesMold the program to “in market” moments  New subscribers  Recent purchases / downloads / attendees  Recently inactiveFocus on Raving Fans  Reward Activity  Thank Everyone  Be GentleUtilize Alternate Channels  Social, Sales, In Person, Call Center
  21. 21. 27
  22. 22. ISC Email Marketing Imperative It’s all about fans in seats…. Limited opportunities to “Get it Right” Looking for deeper connection with fans
  23. 23. CRM Roadmap High Lifecycle Marketing Targets customers based on ISC loyalty and expected  behaviors2011-12 Life‐stage  Marketing Targets a segments based on life  experiencesISC Event triggered Marketing2009-10 Communicates in response to customer action Mass MarketingISC2007 Targets broad customer groups with reach and  Low frequency Low High
  24. 24. Pre‐Event Emails: Segmenting GOAL: Deliver Relevant Information while Increasing ROI Season /  First Time  Saturday‐only  Sunday‐only  Prospects Weekend Ticketholders Ticketholders Ticketholders Ticketholders First  Promote  Promote  Time  Sunday  Saturday  Upgrade Tips Action Action
  25. 25. Pre‐Event EmailsSunday – Only Customer Season / Weekend Customer Open: 36% Open: 32% CTO:  31% CTO:  33%
  26. 26. Pre‐Event EmailsProspects Add’l: ADAOpen: 51% Open: 48%CTO:  47% CTO:  57%
  27. 27. First Time Customers Pre‐Event EmailOpen: 50% Open: 46%CTO:  49% CTO:  76%
  28. 28. First Time Customer Engagement Email Call Center Social Media Website Race Day Mail
  29. 29. First Time Customers: Social Media
  30. 30. First Time Customers: Race Day
  31. 31. First Time Customers:Race Day ‐ Postagram Application
  32. 32. Testing OpportunitiesSubject LinesTimingLayout/FormattingCall To actionButton placementOffer/ContentSegments Goal: Increase subscriberLanding pages! engagement and increase ROI
  33. 33. “With great power comesgreat responsibility.” - Uncle Ben
  34. 34. Email Dialog Checklist Just get started! Establish a baseline for results Identify 2‐3 key data attributes that speak to customer experience Start with a small test  Forecast the success across all efforts Make a business case for improving relevancy Recruit internal champions (& external support) Set your own milestones & measurements Embark on Proof of Concept stage Celebrate results Expand to other business units/message types Reset expectations and baselines Land & expand Keep testing for higher or @StephanieSAM
  35. 35. Marketers Must  Be Change  Agents!
  36. 36. Thank you!   Any Questions? or @stephanieSAM