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Creative Slamdown

  1. 1. Creative Slamdown: How World-Class CreativesSuccessfully Sell Strange, Obscure, Boring or Even the Most Mundane Products! Nancy Lisa Melinda Moderator: Carol Worthington-Levy
  2. 2. Creative Slamdown 3 fierce contenders: stars in the the creative field 3 big challenges: Pedestrian products (all useful) and services that need to be sold Your challenge: Listen to each of these war stories, and decide for yourself which you think was the best solution Ask questions: The first 5 good questions will be rewarded with a lovely 8GB thumbdrive! How to vote at the end: Low tech solution — we’ll ask for you to applaud at the end for your favorite contender — and watch the winner receive the coveted World’s Greatest Creative award! Then: Leave the room all fired up with great ideas for your most boring client 2
  3. 3. The Contenders: Nancy “Insurance Crusher” Harhut Lisa “ ” Charlebois Melinda “The Fiercest Writer” Risolo 3
  4. 4. Creative Challenge: Sell auto insurance to an affinity group Nancy presents:
  5. 5. Creative Challenge: Sell auto insurance to an affinity group that was so unresponsive the program was about to be cancelled
  6. 6. Product: Nationwide Auto Insurance Affinity group target: Members of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Goal: 1. Generate quotes 2. Generate sales
  7. 7. HRC - Human Rights Campaign Largest LGBT equal rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the U.S. LGBT= Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered
  8. 8. Sales Proposition Get HRC discount when you get Nationwide auto insurance Plus get Nationwide’s great service and prices
  9. 9. Barriers Nationwide is not a low-cost option HRC discount is small Historically unresponsive target Inertia- only switch if bad claims experience/price hike Competitors cite specific savings amounts 10¢/piece – and reflect new “Join the Nation” branding
  10. 10. Barriers But wait, there’s more… Could not acknowledge target was an HRC member Not allowed to use HRC name/logo on OE Other insurers had much more traction with LGBT community
  11. 11. The Solution? “Slide in under the radar” package Cast doubt on other insurer’s commitment to the cause Prove NW is a genuine HRC supporter Highlight many discounts available + proactive checkups Signed by NW exec who’s also an HRC member
  12. 12. Did it work? 56% lift over the control Client wrote: “Wilde Agency’s creative was able to break through to the point where we WENT FROM SHUTTING DOWN OUR MAIL PROGRAM TO ADDING EXTRA MAILINGS NOT PREVIOUSLY BUDGETED.” 2013 ECHO Award winner
  13. 13. Lisa “Northern Fury” Charlebois or according to Lisa “Toothless Grinder” Charlebois
  14. 14. And you are… • Creative Director for Western Region of GolinHarris • Work on Toyota, Nestlé, Purina, Nintendo etc. • Backseat Art Director • Worked in Toronto, New York & Los Angeles at BBDO, Digitas, Ogilvy #NoMoreMoving • I still say ‘eh’
  15. 15. A single, integrated, cloud- based, on-demand, business management solution designed for small or midsized businesses that way the benefits of a large-scale application without the need for IT infrastructure.
  16. 16. A single, integrated, cloud- based, on-demand, business management solution designed for small or midsized businesses that way the benefits of a large-scale application without the need for IT infrastructure.
  17. 17. - Marketing to SMB - Product benefits not intuitively easy to understand - SAP: jumbo faceless company - Need to raise awareness - No pre-existing assets to leverage
  18. 18. The Silver Linings… • Take a good long look at your product/service • Everything has a story…seriously everything • Don’t be afraid of “in their own words” • Beg, borrow, or steal some interest • Remember all B’s are still C’s • Don’t be afraid of no
  19. 19. Melinda “The Fiercest Writer” presents: Beyond mundane. Worse than boring. CANCER INSURANCE
  20. 20. Challenges to Overcome • Fear (“I don’t want to think about it.”) The very word “cancer” inspires a degree of fear that “heart attack,” “stroke” or even “kidney failure” do not. - Maggie Mahar, Health Beat • Denial (“It won’t happen to me.”) …unrealistic optimism undermined interest in risk reduction indirectly by decreasing worry… - Weinstein ND.J Behav Med. 1982 Dec; 5(4):441-60. • Lack of knowledge (“I don’t need it.”) Cancer is already covered by most health plans.
  21. 21. Our Solution If people don’t want to hear about the product… we won’t talk about it.
  22. 22. #10 Outer Envelope • Looks important but not scary • Emphasizes the trusted AAA relationship • Shows a personalized membership card through the second window • No mention of the product
  23. 23. Personalized Letter Overcomes FEAR with: • An optimistic tone • No insurance-speak (policy terms and features) • Emphasis on the big dollar amount to maintain interest Delays talking about the product
  24. 24. Personalized Letter Overcomes DENIALwith: • Statistics stated in a factual tone • 100% Return of Premium benefit – there’s no risk • A solution for every problem—but no product details
  25. 25. Personalized Letter Overcomes lack of knowledge with: • Examples of costs not covered by medical insurance • Examples of financial hardships beyond medical costs • A solution for every problem—but no product details
  26. 26. Personalized Letter Also in the letter: • Affordable rates • Guaranteed coverage • No medical exam required • No need to send money now • 30-day risk-free review • An answer for every objection— but no product details
  27. 27. What do you know about the plan? (Hint: Not much.) What you know: • Cancer is scary and expensive—and chances are good you’ll get it. • If you do, you’ll get up to $250,000 to spend as you choose. • If you don’t die from cancer, your premiums will be returned. • There’s absolutely no reason not to respond. What you don’t know: • What is the $250,000 paid for? • What’s covered, and what’s not covered? • What are the age limits, if any? • How much does it cost, and will my premiums increase with age? • Etc., etc. etc.
  28. 28. Brochure Primary message: • Chances are good that you or a loved one will get cancer. • If you don’t, all of your premiums are refunded.
  29. 29. Brochure
  30. 30. Buckslip Primary message: • It’s easy. • It’s urgent. • There’s no risk.
  31. 31. How’d we do? 231% higher response rate 278% lift in the TAP/MC ratio Silver Award Winner, PIMA
  32. 32. Credits Client: Transamerica Agency: Anderson
  33. 33. Who will win the coveted World’s Greatest Creative award? Now it’s time for YOU to vote… Whose campaign are you most impressed with? Clap hands, even cheer, for the one you feel is the winner! We’ll measure the applause – But they ALL deserve applause for their amazing work! Now it’s your turn!
  34. 34. Nancy Follow me: Lisa Follow me: Melinda Follow me on LinkedIn Moderator: Carol Worthington-Levy My articles: Thank you!