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Creative Rules That Work for Print Part 2 (Slides 62-123)


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Creative Rules That Work for Print Part 2 (Slides 62-123)

  1. 1. Welcome to the DMA’sCreative Certification Course Part Two Creative Rules that Work for Print Slides 62-123 Thurs., Oct 18, 2012 ; 8:30am - 12:00pm Presented by Alan Rosenspan & Carol Worthington-Levy
  2. 2. New controlby CWL TEAM A DM packageWe were not able to talk them into an offer62
  3. 3. Next controlby CWL TEAM A DM self-mailer tested with and without an offer.But the offer sucked.63
  4. 4. “Offers don’t work for us” Correction: bad offers don’t work. Or Offers don’t work if the audience is wrong/ Mailing list is bad Is a cheap electric BBQ fork that’s been out on the market for a few years a good offer? Ecchh! NEXT slide: the offer that won (Thanks to Alan!)64
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  8. 8. Key Driver #2 IT MUST BE ALL ABOUT BENEFITS68
  9. 9. “The customer or prospect doesn’t give a damn about you, your company or your product. “All that matters is ‘What’s in it for me?’” — Bob Hacker69
  10. 10. Determine your main benefit • Definition of feature and benefit • A feature is what your product is or does • A benefit is what it does for the user • Advertisers sell features; people buy benefits • All benefits are not created equal70
  11. 11. Why does anyone buy these products? Product: Product: Gasoline Washing Powder Features: Features: Poisonous, Powdery, granular, smelly, comes in a expensive. box, poisonous. Benefit: Travel! Benefit: Clean clothing (You’ll feel clean and fresh)71
  12. 12. You can turn almost anything into a benefit(How about the high price of a Porsche?)
  13. 13. 74
  14. 14. 75
  15. 15. The Incredible Pencil Test How many features andbenefits can you think of for an ordinary #2 pencil?
  16. 16. Ranking your benefits Is it unique? Is it important to your market? Is it believable? Is it a personal benefit?77
  17. 17. Key Driver #3 IT MUST ADD VALUE78
  18. 18. If the only time I ever hear from your company is when you want to sell me something… …then I’m not sure I want to hear from your company
  19. 19. • Add valuable information• Add tips or advice• Add something that helps them• Add something they didn’t expect• Add entertainment
  20. 20. 85
  21. 21. Turn your direct mail package into a fortune cookie Something that people just can’t wait to open
  22. 22. Key Driver #4 IT MUST HAVE URGENCY92
  23. 23. And in this uncertain economy… People are deferring purchase decisions Why do I need it has become: Why do I need it now?93
  24. 24. Create urgency now! Tell people what will happen if they don’t respond Give them a deadline… Use urgent language Consider a fast 50… but never honor it94
  25. 25. 95
  26. 26. Psychology studies show…People are more motivated by fear of loss than by the prospect of gain96
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  28. 28. Key Driver #5 IT MUST BE TARGETED98
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  33. 33. How to Evaluate Direct Mail104
  34. 34. Choosing the right format• Choice of formats: • Boxes • Self-mailers • Postcards • Letter packages• Testing is essential• Change is good105
  35. 35. Self mailers  Why do so many companies use them?  Easy to do, less work  More graphic, more fun  Usually cheaper  When to consider a self-mailer  A simple message or offer  As part of a continuity program  When you have no time  When you have many classes or seminars  When you expect a low response rate  unqualified list  If you do decide to use a self-mailer…  Be careful about the BRC  Test against it106
  36. 36. Postcards can pull  They must be visually-oriented  They must be single-minded – almost like a tiny billboards  Use them strategically  Use unusual size or shape postcards  www.shipshapes.net107
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  42. 42. Carol’s favorite postcard: the ‘don’t let this happen to you’ approach! • For a proofreading service113
  43. 43. You can Bet on a Box • It has a 100% opening rate • It gets a lot of attention - almost like a gift • It forces you to be creative • It will be the most memorable mailing the person receives that day • It doesn’t matter what you put in the box…114
  44. 44. …if you do use a box  Your company name must be prominent  Nothing perishable or fragile – unless that’s the point  Don’t just do half the job – include a letter, a reply device, a strong offer….115
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  48. 48. A slight diversion by Carol…about dimensional packages • “They” say that boxes ONLY work for B2B – that it’s too expensive for consumer mailing… • Here is an exception to that rule • It also brings up the old adage, if you don’t ask, you won’t get…119
  49. 49. Finding our way to the big idea… • Isuzu was introducing a line of vehicles under the title, ‘Ironman’ • These were a few different models, so we couldn’t concentrate on one specific market • Brainstormed around “Ironman” and then someone said,… “I wish we could send them a running shoe in the mail to highlight the Ironman competition!” …120
  50. 50. Isuzu Ironman dimensional package • Highly cost effective • Beat a flat direct mail package in a head to head test • Incredible ROI • It led to new profitable relationship with Reebok • Winner National Postal Forum awardElements: outer box, letter, brochure, reply form, offer121
  51. 51. One more: anamazing ideafor a box pkg.A collapsible boxthat slips underthe door…“Breaking into yourapartment may beeasier than you think!”122
  52. 52. Back to Alan: The Letter Package• Elements include: • Outer envelope or OE • Letter - usually personalized • Brochure • Reply device • Extra enclosures• Usually outpulls other formats (except boxes)• Always outpulls self-mailers• Still allows for creativity and flexibility123