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Breaking Down Privacy Barriers: Strategies to Managing Customer Data


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Breaking Down Privacy Barriers: Strategies to Managing Customer Data

  1. 1. Breaking Down Privacy Barriers: Strategies to Managing Customer Data Presented by:David Fowler, Chief Privacy and Deliverability Officer at Marketfish Tina Hou, Director of Product Marketing at TRUSTeModerator: Heidi Cohen, President, Riverside Marketing Strategies Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Breaking Down Privacy Barriers Strategies for Managing Customer Data March 14, 2012CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. TRUSTe overview Leader in Privacy Management Solutions • 14 years of privacy experience • Robust technology platform • #1 privacy brand & trustmark Comprehensive Solution Suite • All online channels • Global coverage • Self- and full-service options Large / Loyal Customer Base • Over 5,000 clients • SMB through Fortune 500 • Cross vertical solutionsCONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. Data is a critical asset Businesses want to use it, and consumers want to protect itCONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. Privacy mistakes are under the microscope 2012 2011 2011 Path social Google settles FTC charges over OnStar forced to reverse network app “Google Buzz” privacy issues; location tracking policy accessing address company gets 20-year oversight 2011 2011 following privacy outcry books without period Netflix faces multiple Acquisition of Borders delayed permission privacy lawsuits over its due to questions over privacy data storage practices. rights of 46M email subscribers 2011 Playdom fined $3 million for violating 2011 children’s online privacy nebuAd settles $2.4 million privacy lawsuit over behavioral targeting practices 2011 Apple and Google weather “location 2011 gate” privacy scandal over their Broken Thumbs Apps settles FTC mobile devices. Apple changes charges that it violated children’s 2011 collection practices in response. privacy law – company is fined Following media scrutiny and forced to destroy the data over privacy practices, Microsoft ceases to use “supercookies” to track users on its websiteCONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. Business implications: Cloud adoption is handicapped due to privacy concerns Customer fears… become barriers to sale Privacy and Compliance Security Legal Privacy is one of the top three obstacles to adoption of cloud computing by businesses. •– KPMG 2010 Cloud Computing SurveyCONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. Impact on Cloud and SaaS providers 3rd party service providers need to show – strict and consistent data handling practices – a comprehensive privacy policy and adherence to these policies – available recourse for customers should there be a lapse in the way data is handled Data breaches, location-based services, cloud computing, offshoring, context-awareness and regulatory changes will dominate the privacy officers agenda in 2011 and 2012.” – Carsten Casper, GartnerCONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. Establishing data management practices Types of data collected Access and storage Third-party info sharing Actual PracticesCONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. Assure that your partners do the same Be sure to: • Build privacy into contracts • Review partner privacy policies • Ensure partners meet a minimum standard of data protectionCONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. Streamline your ability to do business You handle data responsibly. Prove it upfront. • Address the privacy concern before it can slow down sales • Differentiate yourself as a privacy-focused business • Give peace of mind to customers Third-party certification that your privacy practices adhere to the highest standards.CONFIDENTIAL 10
  11. 11. Case Study David Fowler, Chief Privacy & Deliverability Officer March 14, 2012Proprietary & Confidential
  12. 12. Marketfish Overview Marketfish is the only fully automated lead generation platform that offers free access to an online marketplace for email and postal lists as well as the ability to build and execute marketing campaigns, all in under thirty minutes. Marketfishs cloud-based platform enables users to reach their perfect audience in seconds, build a campaign, and then track performance using real-time data. With a pay-by-campaign model, users only pay for what they use.
  13. 13. Our Privacy Challenge Growth in an industry mired in data privacy and compliance issues Mistrust due to shady characters in list management business Marketfish needed to:  Differentiate via transparency of data management and privacy practices  Ensure same privacy standards throughout their network of providers  Foster corporate leadership with our 200(+) million database  Change the market and disrupt the norm pertaining to the channel  Provide marketers with better data to make smarter decisions
  14. 14. Approach Provide privacy and transparency from the ground up Used certification as a “privacy by design” building block Determined up front the privacy value proposition and not an afterthought Streamlined our privacy position in line with client expectations Held partners and vendors accountable for privacy compliance Changed the product model in the age of “big data”
  15. 15. Need for 3rd Party CertificationShow upfront that your data management and privacy practices are of the highest standard Certification of your service platform Dispute resolution Privacy policy/terms of service Regular review/updates
  16. 16. Privacy and Transparency From the Ground Up  Privacy certification: Service Platform  Validation of the total data lifecycle  Ensure clean consumer data and with user permissions
  17. 17. Privacy and Transparency Across the Board Privacy Certification: As a marketer  Trust consistent throughout the customer experience  Highest standards in privacy Requiring partners to be certified as well  Creating more transparency
  18. 18. Streamlined Our Ability to Do Business Lower customer acquisition costs by minimizing the back and forth during the due diligence process Remove sales barriers by addressing one of the top customer concerns up front Gain competitive advantage by showing your commitment to data privacy Focus on growing our business and let the experts advise on data privacy
  19. 19. Results Ability to address privacy concerns upfront  More trust from our customers  More trust from network of partners Shorter sales cycles  Increased revenues  Ability to win larger network of partners and better data Client and partner trust and transparency TRUSTe Certification is a CRITICAL compliment for your business
  20. 20. Q&ACONFIDENTIAL 20