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ArrowSphere-Americas Brochure

  1. 1. Cloud Enterprise Computing Solutions – Americas ArrowSphere
  2. 2. The cloud. It possesses extraordinary promise. And comes with complex challenges. ArrowSphere. Where Cloud meets the Channel. That’s why we at Arrow ECS built ArrowSphere, an innovative marketplace that delivers on the potential of the cloud. The multi-tier platform is uniquely engineered to simplify the connection between cloud services providers, cloud services resellers and business users. Through ArrowSphere, resellers can brand, sell and manage best-of-breed cloud services in a professional, secure and easy-to-use environment. Which brings clarity to the cloud. Turns theory into reality. And puts your business where it belongs: Five Years Out. 1
  3. 3. ArrowSphere – Simplifying Cloud Services In today’s cloud ecosystem; IT executives, resellers and service providers are faced with the challenges of meeting rapidly growing and evolving cloud service demands. As adoption increases – costs, security, complexity and performance spiral out of control. ArrowSphere provides a streamlined platform that allows simplified ordering of Cloud services through a growing, best of breed services catalog. Through ArrowSphere; Solution providers can start selling cloud services immediately with minimal investment. IT Executives can provide expanded services while maintaining control of security, subscriptions and, expenses. Cloud Services providers can gain access to partners that will integrate, support and maintain their services. ArrowSphere offers solution providers these key cloud services delivery requirements: COMPLETE COMMERCIAL FRAMEWORK >> White-label webstore and billing to match your corporate brand >> Legal templates for contract and webstore policies >> ROI and cost of ownership modeling tools >> Customized sales and marketing enablement >> Standardized T&Cs for cloud service consumption >> Access to a expanding global, regional and vertical Cloud Services >> Automated credit checking PROVISIONING, SERVICE DELIVERY AND REPORTING >> Create accounts to onboard customers >> Set usage thresholds and SLA parameters >> Add new services from the Arrow catalog to create your own customized services catalog >> Add/remove units of capacity on demand >> Set up profiles and integrate with back end systems >> Generate consolidated billing information >> Compliance to ISO standards 2
  4. 4. Change can be difficult, but regardless of its challenges, the cloud represents tangible business potential for solutions providers. Business Benefits for Cloud Services Resellers As you add recurring services, you’ll find an upside. Your role as an essential resource for long-term solutions will position you to become more deeply embedded in your customers’ business processes, reinforcing relationships in ways that one-time transactions never could. Accelerate Time to Revenue with Minimal Investment Transform your Business Model and Increase your share of Recurring Services Revenues Our unique portfolio of best-of-breed cloud services enables you to quickly and efficiently offer cloud solutions that meet customers’ business needs without having to invest the time and money needed to create your own platform. Our comprehensive subscription management engine effectively processes renewals, price changes and promotions. Billing, metering, services management, integrated single sign on security, branding, contracts and SLAs—put simply, our platform makes it easy to do business. Join the Cloud Ecosystem Our collection of ArrowSphere accredited service providers makes it possible to assemble a customized catalog of reliable, cloud-ready services, so you can complement your current portfolio with new offerings, cross-sell, develop new markets and better support your customers’ needs. Acquire new Customers Leverage the ArrowSphere cloud services portfolio to attract new customers by complementing your existing online shop or by offering services in a white-label webstore. 3 Increase the Lifetime Value of Customer Relationships Through your own existing online shop or your branded webstore, end customers can consider new capabilities, provision new services, and increase or decrease their usage levels in real time as their business needs change.
  5. 5. ArrowSphere Solution Business Services Solutions providers face considerable challenges in transitioning into a rich services practice. Arrow ECS Services created ArrowSphere Solution Business Services to address the unique business transformation requirements of our partners. ArrowSphere Solution Business Services provides the essential tools, training, marketing and management resources and services needed to launch and build your cloud services practice. Our standard, premium and customize business services provide everything you need to rapidly build your own storefront, marketing programs and sales success. >> Demand – The ArrowSphere Webstore and customized catalog of cloud services >> Enable – Onboarding and training for management, sales and services administrators >> Brand – Access to global and regional catalogs, brandable webstore, sales and marketing tools and workshops series >> Grow – Advisory support and services to complement and expand your growth Enable Demand Onboarding & Training ArrowSphere Webstore ArrowSphere Solution Business Services Brand Grow Programs & Tools Services 4
  6. 6. ArrowSphere Solution Business Services Matrix ArrowSphere Solutions ArrowSphere DEMAND STANDARD PLAN PREMIUM PLAN Standard Plan, plus: • ArrowSphere Webstore • 24hr Help Desk Support with 4 hr SLA • One year hosting • Integration assistance with VAR billing system • Access to all ArrowSphere Webstore patches and upgrades CLOUD TRANSFORMATION SERVICES • Integration with CRM, ERP and other VAR systems • White Label Billing • E-mail support with 24 hour SLA • Custom ArrowSphere Webstore development • CSV Integration with VAR billing system • Arrow Connect into existing Webstore • Full integration with VAR billing system ArrowSphere ENABLE • On-site ArrowSphere Development Workshop (1 day) • On-site ArrowSphere Business Development Workshop (2 day) • Business Transformation Planning and Advisory • Web delivered training for up to 5 Webstore administrators • Continuous access to web based training for Webstore administrators • Sales Process; Comp Plan and Finance Consulting • Services program plan • Services program plan with milestones and quarterly updates • Sales Development ArrowSphere Workshops • Solution Selling Training • Local ArrowSphere Events • Sales team ride-along • Arrow Insight • Opportunity Scoping Services • Demand Generation (phone, mail, and e-mail) ArrowSphere BRAND • Web delivered catalog creation training • Brandable Sales and Marketing Materials • VAR Branded Sales and Marketing Materials (updated quarterly) • SEO Consulting • Competitive analysis • Vendor Technical Training • Case Studies • Packaging Solutions Workshops • Joint Press Release at launch • Access to all global and regional catalogs for one year, including all additions to the catalog • Market Analysis Workshops • Internet Marketing Workshop • On-site Sales and Marketing Workshop (1 day) ArrowSphere GROW • Arrow Cloud Advisory Planning Session (up to 4 hours) • 20 Arrow ECS Training Units • 40 Arrow ECS Training Units • Cloud Implementation Services • Access to rebate program • Cloud Assessments • Cloud Integration Services • Cloud Migration Services • Cloud Monitoring and Management • Cloud End user help desk • Cloud Operations and Management Staffing 5
  7. 7. The multi-tier ArrowSphere platform simplifies the connection between cloud services providers, cloud services resellers and business users. ArrowSphere Marketplace North America rivermeadow 6
  8. 8. Are You Five Years Out? Most people live in the present. The world of now. But a handful of us work in a unique world that doesn’t quite exist yet—the world of Five Years Out. Five Years Out is the tangible future. And the people who live and work there know that new technologies, new materials, new ideas and new electronics will make life not only different, but better. Not just cheaper, but smarter. Not just easier, but more inspired. Five Years Out is an exciting place to be. So exciting that, once you’ve been there, it’s hard to get excited about the present. Because we know what’s coming is going to be so much better. Five Years Out is a community of builders, designers, engineers and imaginers who navigate the path between possibility and practicality. Creating the future of everything from cars to coffeemakers. Are you one of them? Then you’re probably working with us. In Person 877 558 6677 Call to talk or set up a face-to-face meeting with one of our knowledgeable representatives. By Email Email us for answers to questions or to start a conversation. Online Arrow Electronics, Inc. Enterprise Computing Solutions Corporate Headquarters 7459 South Lima St Englewood CO 80112 Visit our site for everything from the latest news to line card information. Find more information on other products, solutions and services from Arrow ECS. ©2013 Arrow Electronics, Inc. Arrow and the Arrow logo are registered trademarks of Arrow Electronics, Inc. Other trademarks and product information are the property of their respective owners.