A Marketer's Guide to the 4 ISP's


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A Marketer's Guide to the 4 ISP's

  1. 1. A Marketers Guide to the "Big Four" ISPs
  2. 2. Matt RausenbergerSr. Director, Deliverability ConsultingReturn Path, Inc.matt.rausenberger@returnpath.net eec Co-Chair Deliverability & Compliance Roundtable PSVillage Co-Chair Denver Chapter
  3. 3. A Few Common Truths About Email and Receivers
  4. 4. 1. ISPs are focused on providing a great email experience to mailbox usersCommon Truths 2. 99 / 100 deliverability issues are the sender’s problem About 3. ISPs put a heavy weight on a Email and sender’s IP reputation Receivers 4. Engagement is important 5. Batch and blast is a thing of the past 6. ISPs will mediate with senders if subscribers are engaged and vocal about your email deliver (Detailed Info is needed to support your case) 7. ISPs have a tough time sorting the good, the bad, and the ugly email
  5. 5. Reputation FactorsInfrastructure IP Permanence List Hygiene Content Complaints Engagement
  6. 6. Fun Facts#1 ISP with 350 million active users / 1 billion mailboxesHoTMaiL launched in 1996; acquired by Microsoft in 19978 billion emails per day for all domains#2 ISP with 280 million users / 320 million with its partnersY! launched in 1995 but email came later#3 ISP with 193 million usersLaunched beta 2004 and general public in 2007Fastest growing ISP#4 ISP in sizeEmail launched in early 90’sGlobal presence is about half that of the top three ISPs
  7. 7. Spam FilteringPatented Spam Guard Home-grown, Home-grownSmartScreen Technology learned system Focus mainly onanti-spam All Aspects of “This is Spam” IPfiltering Reputation vs. “This is nottechnology “This is Spam” vs. Spam” Votes Heavy Emphasis “This is not Spam”Panel data on URL Content Domain and IP Votes(Active Users) and User Consideration Complaints Invalid recipientsJunk or Not (Trusted Voter or Unknown UsersJunk Votes Community) EngagementURL ContentFiltering Engagement Domain and IP Consideration
  8. 8. Keep Complaints to a Minimum BestPractice
  9. 9. Methods to Reduce Complaints  Set expectations  Respect unsubscribe requests  Be recognizable  Send relevant content  Analyze complaint data
  10. 10. Junk e-Mail Reporting Program (JMRP) FBL’s by individual domain (requires DKIM) No FBLs List UnsubscribeFeedback Loops Set industry standard for FBL application
  11. 11. EngagementPanel Data Shapes their FiltersHow active subscribers are with the mailConsiderations for Mail Placement (Inbox vs. Junk Folder)Trusted Voter CommunityIn-house solution, coupled with a 3rd Party Filters“This is Spam” vs. “This is not Spam” VotesPriority InboxAnalyzed engagement for a long period of timeSimilar to Yahoo!Engagement Trumps Complaints
  12. 12. UnderstandEngagement Best Practice
  13. 13. Best Practice Import Address BookMaintain Your List
  14. 14. Consistent Hygiene Review your data collection processes and modify if necessary Use Confirmed Opt-In Segment new subscribers on IPs Monitor unknown user rate Grow your list organically Review your internal bounce categorization routine Monitor sending logs Monitor Blacklists
  15. 15. Sending Requirements & Authentication Sender ID DKIM look up when SID does not pass Throttles mail from new IPs Reviews both DKIM and SPF Max of 20 messages per SMTP connection reject if open relay or open proxies SPF, DKIM and DomainKeys From matches d= in DKIM record Shared IPs should sign DKIM w/ Unique domain Both DKIM and SPF is best practice DKIM will help maintain reputation across IPs Fail of both SPF and DKIM = Spam folder
  16. 16. Best Practice Utilize a Solid SendingInfrastructure
  17. 17. Best Best Practice PracticeMaintain Sending Permanence
  18. 18. Sending Reputation Tools Microsoft SNDS AOL Reputation Check ToolGmail List-Unsubscribe Link Enabled Return Path Sender Score
  19. 19. Prioritized DeliveryNo internal WhitelistReturn Path’s Email Certification ProgramYahoo offers an internal WhitelistReturn Path’s Email Certification ProgramNo WhitelistPriority InboxAOL Standard WhitelistAOL Enhanced Whitelist
  20. 20. Partners
  21. 21. PartnersSympatico (Bell Canada)
  22. 22. PartnersSympatico (Bell Canada)AT&T (BellSouth, SBC, Ameritech)VerizonRogers, BT, TNZ, and Nokia
  23. 23. PartnersSympatico (Bell Canada)AT&T (BellSouth, SBC, Ameritech)VerizonRogers, BT, TNZ, and Nokiaig.brvirginmedia.comsify.com
  24. 24. PartnersSympatico (Bell Canada)AT&T (BellSouth, SBC, Ameritech)VerizonRogers, BT, TNZ, and Nokiaig.brvirginmedia.comsify.comCompuServeNetscape
  25. 25. Deliverability BlogsReturn Path www.returnpath.netDeliverability.com www.deliverability.comWord to the Wise blog.wordtothewise.comAl Iverson blog.exacttarget.com/blog.php/al-iverson
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