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Know Thy Customer


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Utilizing Social Analyticsto Enhance CRM

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Know Thy Customer

  1. 1. Know Thy Customer:Utilizing Social Analyticsto Enhance CRM October 17, 2012 Presented by: Shannon Aronson, VP, Customer Experience Design, Epsilon
  2. 2. Agenda• Defining social CRM (sCRM) • Today and tomorrow• Getting started •Changing the way we think• Unleashing the power of the data •Social anthropology •Segmentation •Channel integration• I get it - now what? •Activating the data• 5 key takeaways• Questions
  3. 3. Defining Social CRM Still a mystery?
  4. 4. Defining Social CRM (sCRM) Social CRM is a philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a system and a technology, designed to improve human interaction in a business environment.
  5. 5. What does that mean?A shift in power: • Social CRM is about customer involvement not supervision • Brands can no longer control conversations; they need to curate, respond and inspire conversations • Relationship building, loyalty and 1:1 marketing is front and center • Social CRM goes beyond social listening and customer service
  6. 6. Navigating sCRM in the future Increased data and insights: • Offline & online data coupled with social data (Facebook ads) • Open graph and APIs • Deeper segmentation & targeting Improved customized marketing: • Marketing channels will continue to play less of a role • Marketers will be forced to bring all the pieces together (including social media) and give the customer a unified experience based on their behaviors and preferences
  7. 7. Getting started
  8. 8. Change is never easy• Social CRM can NOT be looked at in a silo and is not a silver bullet • Understand the role social media plays within the overall customer experience and eco-system • How do different customer segments react across different channels?• Social media networks are a tool/channel to deliver the message, not a communication stream…
  9. 9. Benefits of Social CRM • Real-time customer insights and rapid response • Identify audience segments and engage them • Influencers/Advocates • Distracters • MVC •Reaching the customer with the right message at the right time in the right channel • Increased loyalty and engagement •Deeper understanding of the role of social media
  10. 10. Steps to get started• Find your friends & influencers…get help and buy-in• Think strategy not just data & technology• Define why sCRM is important to your brand • SWOT (compliance) • Ask the right questions• Set goals • Warning: Do not set false goals such as: get a million fans• Understand your audience and the social landscape • Where should you focus/invest• Dive into the data-Start mapping your social data • What are you currently collecting • Where are the gaps/opportunities
  11. 11. Unleashing the power of social data
  12. 12. Increasing ROI through social anthropology Brand • Leverage social anthropology to Anthropology understand culture, human behavior and how consumers interact with your brand • Develop strategies that help you curate Strategy the brand experience for your consumers • Monitor consumer activity and provide analytics and insights in an effort to Analytics drive the larger vision of enhancing brand reputation and the bottom line
  13. 13. Using social segmentationto drive communications• Create social profiles • Customers vs. prospects • MVC customers • Demographic profiles • Does your active social base trend younger? • Omni-channel customers • Behaviors • Channel preferences by content type • What role does mobile play• Who is saying what • Newbies, Advocates , Detractors• How can this data be used to adjust communication stream
  14. 14. Integration is key to providecustomized consumer experiences
  15. 15. The circle of marketing does not only includesocial mediaSearch:• How can social help optimize your search program • Keywords • SEO/Link building • Understand the questions that are being asked• How can search help social media • What questions are on customers minds the most • Driving traffic and new customers to social media
  16. 16. The circle of marketing does not only includesocial media Email: • How can social media drive email metrics • Engagement • Hot topics • Reviews drive conversions • Amplify conversations • Encouraging sharing and interacting • Acquisition and retention • Help make email more of 2-way conversation • Better customer experience • How can email help social success metrics • Drive traffic • Increase fans • Extend the conversations to a larger audience • Encourage sharing to a larger audience outside of social eco-system • Better customer experience
  17. 17. Activating the data
  18. 18. Social data coupled with CRM data to adjustcommunication plans across segmentsChallenge: Determine right channel for customer with right message and value of cross-channel customers• Overlay social activity and data onto CRM database Email Subscribers • Email addresses are matched to Social URLs (Twitter & Facebook)• Outline brand goals Tweeters/ Mobile Followers Interactions • Increased social engagement • ROI measurement • Audience segmentation/profiling SMASH Segment Over Time • Channel communication optimization 100% Fading Voices • MVC modeling Percent of Twitter population 50%• Create testing plans to drive communication streams Newbies 0% 2011-… 2011-… 2011-… 2011-… 2011-… 2011-… 2011-…• Track trending over time Revived Discussers • Adjust strategy based on trending • Identify lifecycle trends across channel
  19. 19. Activating your customers throughomnichannel influencer programsChallenge: Connect 1:1 with most valuable consumers who could best drive volume, buzz and market share across all channelsSolution: First Taste: Get new products, coupons and content into the hands of the best customers, those most likely to sample, purchase and influence others. Developed a multi-touch plan that included all digital channels, full-size product samples, personalized landing page and e-commerce website to facilitate the payment of the shipping costs.Results:  1.5+ million total brand impressions  282,000 product trials  74% of those who tried each product plan to purchase it  279,000 Households reached directly by Key Influencers alone  98% of survey respondents rate the program between good-excellent
  20. 20. 5 key takeaways
  21. 21. 5 key things to remember1. Social CRM is a strategy not a technology or process2. There is no silver bullet and one size does not fit all3. sCRM is not just social….Social media cannot support a brand on its own --integration is key4. Take inventory of what data you currently have and start collecting as much social data as possible even if you are not completely ready for sCRM5. Friends are important • Find experts that are passionate about CRM • Get buy-in from key players • The more people the are part of the process the easier the buy-in and business case
  22. 22. Questions