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  1. 1. Social Intelligence Panel Discussion
  2. 2. Our PanelistsAmy Millard Albert Thompson Franck ArdourelVP, Marketing Director, Brand Strategy Senior Online Marketing Director Panel Moderated By Micah Johnson CEO
  3. 3. The Social Media LandscapeHow it is Changing and Where it’s Going
  4. 4. Enter the World of “Frictionless Sharing”Wikipedia: "real-time serendipity in a friction-less experience"
  5. 5. Future of SharingSource: Social Media Weekhttp://www.rashaproctor.com/2012/02/frictionless-sharing-is-the-future-of-social-web/
  6. 6. Your Evolving Social StrategyBrand will have to consider how consumers express, share, network, consume andthe context and location for which this takes place.
  7. 7. The New “ECHO” System• The DISTRIBUTED WEB has changed consumer media habits.• We live the science of SOCIAL MEDIA.• We use NEW TECHNOLOGY to consume anywhere anytime.• With 5B plus CELL PHONES we do not just talk on the phone.• ADVOCACY is more important than loyalty.
  8. 8. Strategic Fatigue and Overload
  9. 9. Beyond Social Monitoring And Into Social Intelligence
  10. 10. Social Business is Evolving Toward Real ROI Social Sales & Marketing (Present) Customer relationships across the enterprise Social Broadcast (2008) Corporate page management Listening (2005)Collaboration (2001) Monitoring for mentionsEmployeediscussion boards
  11. 11. Marketing Has Evolved Your web site is no longer the CENTER OF GRAVITY. In 2008 web siteaccounted for 100% of our digital touch points. Now due to social media our web site ACCOUNT FOR LESS THAN 50%, while the total volume of touch points has doubled.
  12. 12. Social IntelligenceShaping Today’s Business Intelligence
  13. 13. “The fastest growing media market is being shaped by consumers themselves. The opinions they share in social media are highly trusted and can have significant short and long-term impact on your business and brands.” Source: Nielsen
  14. 14. Connecting the Entire Enterprise to Social Sales Marketing Customer Service Compliance Legal IT HR
  15. 15. Example: 24 Hour Fitness Actual Network Graph Local Store Pages Brand Page
  16. 16. ConclusionEnter the Era of Agile Marketing
  17. 17. Era of Agile Marketing• SOCIAL MARKETING is still marketing, and going social does not change your business priorities but it changes our way to do business.• You still need superior online and offline marketing strategy to reach your customer anytime anywhere, but you need to redefine the MIX.• Evolving into a SOCIAL ORGANIZATION affects individual staff, internal processes, the structure and culture of your organization.• The ROI of social media is your business will still exist in five years (Erik Qualman, Socialnomics).• Content isn’t king, CONVERSATION is…