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50+ Marketplace Rules That Work for Marketers Today


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50+ Marketplace Rules That Work for Marketers Today

  1. 1. 50+ Marketplace Rules That Work for Marketers Today Learn to Understand the New Priorities for Boomers, Retirees AND Seniors Tuesday, Oct 16, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm A Presentation for DMA2012© Medina Associates 2012
  2. 2. Kurt Medina President Medina
  3. 3. Jumpstart your marketing with the 50+ “Boomers to Seniors” Marketplace• Learn proven strategies and insights for reaching 50+ers.• This will be a real "take-notes" session with Mature Market Expert Kurt Medina! What’s working now … and what isn’t? 60 minutes of usable content. How is today’s uncertain economy affecting the mature markets? Are the Boomers still the consumption engine everyone has assumed? What about today’s marketing technologies? Is social media an answer or a distraction for 50+’ers? What about direct mail? (You may be very surprised at the answers!) Are there differences between younger and older 50+’ers? An Emphatic YES! Well demonstrate some of these to help sharpen your targeting. Be able to understand your target market from inside their heads!• See example after example of both good and bad 50+ promotional work, concentrating on the critical facts you must know to succeed with the mature.
  4. 4. All Media• Examples will be shown of all DR media » Direct Mail » Print » DRTV » The Web
  5. 5. Handouts• Full handouts for the presentation will be made available at the session to every attendee• This is in addition to the FREE copy of Medina’s 77 Truths About Marketing to the 50+ Consumer softcover book (2009 3rd Edition) that every attendee will receive.
  6. 6. FREE Bookfor All Attendees
  7. 7. Content You Can Useas Early as Tomorrow