Transform Your Company to Deliver a Powerful Customer Experience


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Transform Your Company to Deliver a Powerful Customer Experience

  1. 1. Transform Your Company to Deliver a Powerful Customer Experience: 7 Action Items for Marketers1
  2. 2. Ernan Roman President Ernan Roman Direct Marketing Corp. (ERDM) Inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame for creating three transformational methodologies: Integrated Direct Marketing, Opt-In Marketing, and Voice of Customer Relationship Research. Named to “B to B’s Who’s Who” as one of the “100 most influential people” in Business Marketing by Crain’s BtoB Magazine. His latest book on marketing best practices is titled, “Voice of the Customer Marketing”. Author of the widely read blog, “Ernan’s Insights on Marketing Best Practices”, ( ERDM provides Customer Experience Marketing consulting services for companies such as IBM, MassMutual, QVC, NBC Universal, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Symantec Corp. ERDM has conducted over 9,000 hours of in-depth interviews with customers and prospects of these clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their expectations for a high value customer experience. Also authored “Opt-In Marketing” and “Integrated Direct Marketing”.2
  3. 3. Sandra C. Finn President, Cross Country Home Services Sandra C. Finn is the president of Cross Country Home Services (CCHS), where she promotes a culture of creativity, strategic vision and teamwork. Under her leadership, CCHS has achieved double- digit revenue growth, national recognition for innovative direct marketing techniques, and the successful launch of new product lines across multiple distribution channels. Finn has focused on a customer-centric business model, applying both qualitative and quantitative approaches to drive success. Finn has been repeatedly recognized as one of Floridas most prominent female executives and has received the Spirit of Excellence Award from the American Business Womans Association. Prior to joining CCHS in 1999, Finn served in executive roles at Cendant Corporation and held various management roles at E.F. Hutton & Company. Finn holds a bachelors degree from Brown University and an MBA from New York University.3
  4. 4. Delivering a powerful Customer Experience is NO longer optional4
  5. 5. Customer Experience Expectations Based on 125+ VoC Research efforts*  Consumers choose companies that engage them and act on their input  They expect improved customer experiences across every point of contact with your organization  Applies to all elements of the media mix and all departments in your organization  Quality experiences must be maintained throughout the customer’s lifecycle (not just during Acquisition and Renewal) *Source: Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, 9/25/125
  6. 6. Samuel Adams Crowd-Craft Project: Customers created “B’Austin Ale”  Invited Sams Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ friends to provide their preferences to help create a new beer  Asked to make their choices about the beers malt profile, hops selection, yeast type  Per Steve Greenlee, at 99 bottles: “Man is it good”6
  7. 7. Customer Driven Experience Music Concierge matches your day, time, device and situation to an expertly-curated playlist7
  8. 8. Customer Driven Experience  Surprise & Delight: CSRs are trained to actively engage with members and empowered to surprise & delight8
  9. 9. Marketing is the Driver Marketing is uniquely positioned to drive cultural change But, this is bigger than marketing Customer Experience must be delivered across every point of contact with your organization You need to engage every part of your company9
  10. 10. Cross Country Home Services Provides coverage for: Air conditioning Heating Kitchen appliances Laundry appliances Plumbing Electrical10
  11. 11. Customer Experience Challenges  Limited control of initial sales process  Customer expectations and education  Quality control when product is a service  Control of “moment of truth” at service delivery  Slim margins/usage is costly  Technology11
  12. 12. Goals of the VoC - Project #1  Tactical  Significantly increase profitable renewal rates  Improve the customer experience across all segments  Invest resources where they are most impactful12
  13. 13. Learnings from VoC 1 Based on in-depth insights provided by customers:  Renewing is not solely based on Renewal promotions  It’s about how they are treated from the moment they enroll  How customers are treated during the Claims process, not just the claim dollars paid, significantly impacts renewal behavior13
  14. 14. Results: Increase in average renewal rates: * * Updated 8/15/1214
  15. 15. Driving Change with VoC Listen Change Prioritize Customer Centricity Pilot Measure15
  16. 16. CCHS Customer Experience Journey Preference-driven Experience Ongoing Research/NPS Voice of Partner Rethink Corporate Culture Voice of Customer16
  17. 17. Marketing as the CHANGE AGENT for Transformation7 Barriers You Must Overcome:1. I know what our customer wants/needs2. The ROI trap3. Don’t have time for this4. Don’t know how5. Structural barriers6. Changing corporate culture is impossible7. Too hard to measure17
  18. 18. I Know What Our Customer Wants / Needs18
  19. 19. I Know What our Customer Wants / Needs Do you want to be…Intuition driven…or Data driven? “By creating a process that allows organizations to engage with, listen to, and learn from customers and prospects, companies can harness the wisdom of the customer…and generate consistent double-digit increases in response and sales.”…Ernan Roman Tip: if you have not re-calibrated your marketing in the past 12 months, your strategies may be out of date19
  20. 20. The ROI Trap “We cannot afford to do research this year.” “We cannot afford to give our customers more...”20
  21. 21. The ROI Trap We found that being customer centric does not mean “being a doormat” or that we need to provide additional financial incentives. In fact, doing what customers told us led to significant financial improvements. Tip: It’s not about no – it’s about how to improve the customer experience21
  22. 22. The ROI Trap Present your business case - Use your company’s financial objectives to demonstrate ROI in the requested investment Tip: Start small and leverage results22
  23. 23. Don’t have time for this23
  24. 24. Don’t have time for this2424
  25. 25. Don’t Know How25
  26. 26. Don’t Know How Listen to your customer Don’t Know How26
  27. 27. Don’t Know How Listen Change Prioritize Customer Centricity Pilot Measure27
  28. 28. Mktg. Sales Call Center Product Structural Barriers28
  29. 29. Structural Barriers Marketing is the driver Build allies through engagement29
  30. 30. Changing Corporate Culture is Impossible30
  31. 31. Changing Corporate Culture is Impossible Everyone says they are customer centric Few are Only way to be customer centric: Listen to the Customer Tip: Trick is to listen to the VoC and launch a Pilot!31
  32. 32. Changing Corporate Culture is Impossible Result of VoC: CCHS Customer Driven Brand Promise: To make home management easy by delivering hassle-free services32
  33. 33. Changing Corporate Culture is Impossible Marketing is uniquely positioned to drive cultural change  Prove this works and you will get support  OR, start at the top to get a sponsor Culture rarely changes overnight33
  34. 34. Too Hard to Measure34
  35. 35. Too Hard to Measure  Establish a formal baseline  Measure multiple indicators: – Cost (service, product, staff) – Revenues (referrals, repeat purchases, renewals, price) – Satisfaction (impact, NPS, social, employee)35
  36. 36. Results: Numbers  Renewal conversion: 35%  Phone handle time: 4%  Claim cost: 4%  NPS: 8 pts. (and rising)36
  37. 37. Results: People “You do everything you say you will do in your brochure!…”37
  38. 38. 7 Take-aways for Marketers 1. Be humble! You probably do not know what your customers expect. 2. Don’t fall into the “ROI Trap” 3. There is no better use of your time than learning the expectations of your customers. 4. Don’t know how? Follow these steps:38
  39. 39. 7 Take-aways for Marketers 5. Structural Barriers:  Marketing is the driver.  Build allies through engagement 6. Changing Corporate Culture is impossible:  The most effective way to change culture is to leverage Voice of Customer insights. 7. Measure multiple indicators  Cost  Revenue  Satisfaction39
  40. 40. Questions40
  41. 41. Thank you Contact Information Ernan Roman: Sandi Finn: sfinn@crosscountry-home.com41