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Social Currency Impact Ranking


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The Social Currency Impact Ranking has been released by Vivaldi Partners Group, a strategic consulting firm that includes a digital and technology agency known as Fifth Season. In the report, Vivaldi Partners Group ranks the best brands that most effectively leverage the social behaviors that influence the degree to which individuals share a brand or information about a brand with others.

The report is a ranking of the brands in the Social Currency 2012 Report. Both reports can be downloaded from the Vivaldi Partners Group website: More information on Social Currency 2012 can be found at:

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Social Currency Impact Ranking

  1. 1. The Top 25 ListWhat it takes to create lasting impactSocial currencyimpact study2013
  2. 2. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013| 03Vivaldi Partners Group| 02Vivaldi Partners GroupMajor ConclusionsAchieving top scores in social currency and driving brand performance isexpensive. The top performers in our ranking needed to address almost everydimension of social currency and drive social buzz, engagement and large socialaudiences. Today, social requires real commitment. Even then, conversion ofsocial performance into business or brand results is not guaranteed. Its valuedepends on the category in which the brand competes in.Brand performance requires continuous commitment and continuity. Thereseems to be no success in half-hearted efforts, or experimentation. There is a needto keep consumers engaged and to find the right balance between advertising,information and entertainment or utility.Social media investments does not impact all categories equally and some brandssimply don’t benefit from social. Consumer electronics such as Apple translatesocial media performance much less into business results or brand performancethan brands such as Coca-Cola. Amazon drives social currency through its ownwebsite that is socially enabled rather than broad social network presence.There is a huge difference between brands and how they compete. What worksfor one brand does not work for another brand. Some brands like Playstationand Xbox compete on affiliation and community and have relatively little socialpresence on networks. A brand like Coca-Cola has much higher social presencebut relatively little engagement. There is no one success formula for brands, eachbrand needs a different route for achieving social currency that actually trans-lates into brand performance.If there is a universal success factor, it is the degree of engagement that a brandand a social currency initiative achieves that really matters. Social Currencyseems merely a means toward this end. Nike Fuel band is valuable because itengages a broader set of consumers, not merely athletes or weekend -warriors andit embeds Nike in their daily lives 24/7 and can help motify human behaviors.The New Currency For Brands –Social ImpactMajor ConclusionsTop 25 ListVivaldi Partners GroupFor this Social Currency Impact Ranking weadministered over 5,000 questionnaires in threedifferent countries (USA, Germany and the UK)using an online panel of millions of consumers,asking them about brands and their perceptionsregarding several dimensions of social behaviorand the extent to which consumers see thebrands enabling these behaviors. These socialbehaviors are: utility, information, conversation,advocacy, affiliation and identity.Brand performance or impact was measured interms of conversations: awareness to consideration,consideration to purchase or use and purchaseto loyaltyIn order to arrive at a ranking, each of the dimensionswas weighted equally.Today, it is clear that using new technologiesmerely for the purpose of amplifying advertisingcampaigns, creating conversations on socialchannels, or building communities of influencersto connect with consumers or customers moreoften underwhelms and disappoints.We believe we are entering a new era of develop-ments in the evolution of the digital revolution thatbegan more than 20 years ago. The proliferationof mobile computing devices and the new socialtechnologies combine to unleash unimaginableopportunities for people to improve their lives.This alters consumer behaviors forever. Customersare evermore empowered, enabled, and knowhow to make use of these technologies to engageor connect with brands and businesses.In our opinion, an entirely new vision and planis required to harness and capitalize the powerof these technologies. In order to provide seniorexecutives with guidance in this evolving digitally-connected world, we conducted several newstudies with customers in the U.S., Germany, andthe U.K. involving over 60 brands and businesses.We researched several hundred digital and socialinitiatives.Erich Joachimsthaler, Ph.DVivaldi Partners Group Founder and CEOThe New Currency for BrandsSocial Impact
  3. 3. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013| 04Vivaldi Partners Group#1. Subway (712)Initiatives like the “Flavorizer”emphasize on the customizable natureof Subway’s sandwiches and promotebrand identity among its 20 millionFacebook fans.Subway ranks No. 1 because it performs high on both, thesix social behavior dimensions of Social Currency and impactwith customers or consumers (consideration, purchase andloyalty). Subway not only benefits froma large Facebook and Twitter audience but it also gets veryhigh engagement scores which drive Conversation,Advocacy and Affiliation. Subway fans and followers are veryactive. Subway continously manages to sell promoted dealswithout pushing the advertising theme too far. These resultsare confirmed by other social rankings including TrackSocialand SocialBusinessIndex rank its presence and engagementabove average. Numerous studies including for example the2012 Social Media Restaurant Index by DigitalCoCo confirmsthe strong performance of Subway in 2012 with high scoreson engagement. Subway is not only the leader in our ranking,it is among the top restaurant social media categoryleaders. Very positive overall sales performancewith a growth of nearly 50% over five years.Subway ranks now No. 2 with over 11 billionin sales (5-year sales growth McDonalds 26%,Wendy’s 9%, and BurgerKing flat growth(Technomic 2012).Top25List| 05Vivaldi Partners Group#2. GOOGle (709)Launched mid 2011, Google Plus holds 500 million users, andeven though Facebook is leading the way, Google Plus is wellembedded into Google’s portfolio, creating synergies.Google leads the other tech companies such asMicrosoft and Apple in terms of the large numberof social audience, nearly 21 million. It has morethan 5.5 million Twitter followers, more than anyother technology firm. Apple and Microsoft merelyget about 10 percent of this number. Google’ssuccess follows from its large branded ecosystemof product portfolio that consumers access in theirdaily life. Be it GMAIL, Google Maps, Youtube,Google Plus or classic Google search, there is justno way around it. This all emcompassing businessmodels boosts social media presence and leveragesbusiness impact.googlegoogle plusGoogle+ aims to make sharing on the webmore like sharing in real life. Check outCircles, Events and Hangouts, just a fewof the things we’ve been working on.subwayflavorizerThe Flavorizer is a custom applicationthat lets users build and namea breakfast sandwich.
  4. 4. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013| 06Vivaldi Partners Group#3. target (688)There is something for everyoneAmong retailers, Target succeeds becauseit understand well to attract consumers usinga 360° presence through numerous channelsand in different functions to create buzz andawareness. It has been ranked Target SocialMedia Champ in 2011 because of its richness incontent and customer segmentation. With over21 million FB users target attracts huge audiences.Target has well organized their social networkpresence from FB to Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube,Instagram, Tumblr and Linkedin. These channelsare managed well, the presence is integratedacross recruiting, branding and fashion Youtubechannels, and there is an enormous effort oncontent creation that drives social buzz of over60 million views, the highest of any retailer andconsideration. The FB is illustrative. There issomething for everyone including apps designedfor newlyweds, bargain hunters, the tech savvy,and everything in between. Relative to Walmart,Target realizes a higher repurchase or loyalty rate.Walmart has scores higher on social performancebut Target effectively translates its social perfor-mance into consideration, purchase and loyalty.| 07Vivaldi Partners Group#4. heineken (665)Reaching more than11 million fansHeineken continuously creates high visibility for its brand through social media. Especially on FB Heinekenreaches more than 11 millions fans versus about 3 million for budgweiser. Its users engage with itsviral campaigns and innovative concepts. TrackSocial rates them “A” consistently and within a fairlyhomogeneous beer market they remain present on top. Heineken also performs stronger with consumersand influencers relative to Anheuser-Busch.heinekenBottle of the futureAfter the success of the inaugural bottle re-design challenge – which saw over 30,000entries from more than 140 countries –Heineken launched its second annual globalbottle design competition. In celebrationof their 140th anniversary, the iconic beercompany opens the doors to its rich historyof iconic items in their expansive archive,giving designers creative freedom to exploreand work with nearly 250 unique items andimages as design inspiration for the bottleof the future.
  5. 5. Social Currency Impact Study 20132013/14 Trend Outlook| 08Vivaldi Partners Group#5. Verizon (661)Social effort drives business impactVerizon ranks high because of its presence in classicalsocial media channels like Facebook and Twitter. It ranksNo. 3 of all brands in terms of its social presence acrossmajor social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Youtube, Instgram and Google Plus, ahead of all othertelco or technology brands. Presence means includesalso initiative conversations on those platforms includingrunning customer support and engaging with customerssupports customers’ social behaviour and therefore itssocial effort drives business impact.| 09Vivaldi Partners Group#6. dunkin’ donuts (661)Understanding that you don’t ownyour online media channelsDunkin’ Donuts started its social media campaignsin late 2008 understanding among the first that itdoes not own its online media channels, but merelycan moderate them. DD invested heavily in socialmedia support with dozens of people engaging withcustomers and tracking responsiveness via socialanalytics and monitoring tools. This made DD one ofthe top brands on SC in our 2010 study already. Thesocial tracking shows that its employee engagementin social media is very high that focus on conversa-tions about the brand and company.dunkin’ donutsa killer job of engagingcustomers via socialmediaFor a food company, Pinterest might be anobvious sharing platform, but it can quicklyget overwhelming if they’re posting photos ofevery donut under the sun. The Dunkin’ DonutsPinterest features 13 boards, and while thereis inevitably a board dedicated to donuts anda board dedicated to coffee, the 11 otherboards feature a well-rounded glimpse intothe brand. In particular, we like the glimpseat Dunkin Donuts through the years as wellas the “Creativity runs on Dunkin” board, featuringfan tributes to the coffee house.
  6. 6. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013It is always about being present in the consumer’smind without pushing the brand. The HomeDepot tries to get customers to think about homeimprovements, materials, renovating ideas, etc.This happens well through little Facebook quizzesor innovative design ideas on Pinterest to hopefullydraw the customer back into store. It scores highon conversation with customers about relativelynarrow topics of interest. This brand hence needsto be evaluated relative to its category – competitorLowe’s ranks slightly below The Home Depot.| 10Vivaldi Partners Group| 11Vivaldi Partners Group#7. the home depot (652)Being top of mind#8. amazon (649)Relative weak socialplatform presenceAmazon has high-quality security measures,excellent shipping methods and the highestreputation among all online retailers. WhileAmazon has high social features implementedon its site that enhances the shopping experience resulting in very high affiliation scores that drives repeatpurchases, it has a relatively weak presence on social platforms. Hence Amazon scores relatively onconversion due to social currency, even though social currency scores are moderate. High scores stillon social buzz with 48 million mentions across platform, the highest retailer score, except Target that hasover 60 million. Some of the Amazon buzz has to do with its evolution beyond retailers including creationof a device business such as Kindle resulting in impressive figures on social audience of over 16 pagescustomized url’sAmazon is opening a new chapter in its role asan online marketplace for third-parties to selltheir goods. The company is quietly pushinga service called Amazon Pages, which letscompanies set up their own pages on as “custom destinations,” complete with URLsand dynamic designs with large photos andsocial media links. Along with this, it is alsooffering Amazon Posts for companies to marketthemselves across Amazon and Facebook,and Amazon Analytics to measure how wellall of the above is working.the home depotDIY BlogTo help DIYers quickly find what they need,Home Depot has introduced a new mobilitytool for Windows Phone 7 users.The Home Depot app is the ideal powertool. Consumers can research and purchasemore than 100,000 products directly fromwithin the app. Now it’s easier than everfor Home Depot shoppers to get inspired,search, plan, find discounts and get moredone – all on the go.
  7. 7. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013| 12Vivaldi Partners Group| 13Vivaldi Partners Group#9. microsoft (647)Integrating across social platformsMicrosoft’s presence among consumers is lagging with noteworthy social buzz or audience. However,with its push in the mobile OS market and its cooperation with Facebook and Bing, MS integrates acrosssocial platforms. This is why MS has relatively higher scores on social presence that indicates this suc-cessful social network performance. Microsoft social currency does not drive consideration or purchasebut drives loyalty and repeat engagement.#10. walmart (646)Geo-targeted dealsWalmart’s engagement with its customers focuses on a social media strategy, which aims at buildinglocal communities to deliver shoppers more personal and geo-targeted deals and information aboutWalmart stores. Both TrackSocial and SocialBusinessIndex rank Walmart high on presence, audience,engagement and buzz. Relative to Target, Walmart needs to focus on conversion of this very strongsocial performance toward consideration, purchase and loyalty.microsoftsoclMicrosoft has taken a shot atcreating something like a mix of asocial network and a search engine.Specifically, the tech giant launchedits search-based social network Socl(pronounced “social”) as somethingtargeted mostly at students, with theintention to let them learn and enlargetheir scope; however, at the momentthe project looks simply like a servicewhere the users share their ideas andinterests with others by means ofeye-catching posts created in coupleof seconds each.walmartclassroomsClassrooms by Walmartis the retailers latest onlineinitiative to enhance shop-ping effectiveness andexperience by matchingcustomers’ needs withthe right merchandise
  8. 8. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013| 14Vivaldi Partners Group| 15Vivaldi Partners Group#11. budweiser (640)High engagement,relatively low audience#12. lowe’s (630)Developing customer relationshipsLowes’s defines “developing customer relationships”in order to provide superior customer value by helpingcustomers to solve problems and to complete theirprojects. It scores high with influencers on conversationtopics. Buzz via Twitter or inspiration via Facebookaims at sharing information and knowledge withconsumers as well.Whereas Budweiser is a well known brandtheir presence on the web is running behindits competitor Heineken at the global level.Budweiser for example has a respectable3.8 million followers on Facebook butHeineken beats Budweiser with 11.2 millionfollowers. Budweiser performs high overallon social networks but lacks social presence(having accounts across networks andengaging on them). It ranks relatively highon engagement (that is the degree to whichconsumers respond to actions or initiativesby Budweiser) but Budweiser is lower onthe size of social audience.#13. coca cola (620)Strong presence across all social networksIn terms of performance on social currency dimensions, Coca-Cola performs strongly. It has a strongsocial presence across all social networks and takes the No. 1 spot among social audience, consumerswho like and follow the brand, a total of over 58 million consumers. It also generates strong buzz levelswhich confirms that its 20/20 content strategy is working. This also shown by high ratings on the socialcurrency dimension of information and advocacy. Overall, this is the top performing brand. There is onesocial dimension, namely engagement, where Coca-Cola does not perform as strongly. We believe thishas to do with the category in which Coca-Cola competes in where brands like Disney score on the top.Its rank of No. 13 in our ranking is also influenced by its brand performance. It scores far lower in termsof consideration and purchase, and scores high on loyalty/affinity.#14. gatorade (616)Social Media Command CenterGatorade performs equally well across both dimensionsof our ranking, the social currency performance and thebrand performance. It has over 5.5 million Facebookfans. The social currency performance of Gatoradeis driven by both online and offline performance ofthis brand in specific usage or consumption contextssuch as sports events. Gatorade is most known for its“Mission-Control” social media command center whichis dedicated to consumer engagement and to connectconsumers closer to the attributes of the brand. It ispossible that this command center efforts drive the relativelyhigh conversion rates for the Gatorade brand.gatorademission controlGatorade recently created the GatoradeMission Control Center inside of its Chicagoheadquarters, a room that sits in the middleof the marketing department and couldbest be thought of as a war room formonitoring the brand in real-time acrosssocial media.budweisertrack your budTrackYourBud enables consumers to discover thejourney of their drink to the roots of the brand’sbrewing process.
  9. 9. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013| 16Vivaldi Partners Group| 17Vivaldi Partners Group#15. playstation (608)Connecting players aroundthe worldPlayStation as Sony’s top brand in the gamingmarket relies on gaming communities sinceonline features are an essential part of the videogames community. Connecting players aroundthe world drives its very high social presencescores of over 31 million people and overall so-cial buzz. Its relative engagement scores are low-er and so are this brands’ social presence acrossall major social networks. Clearly this has to dowith this category which really is its own socialnetwork in a way and does not require trafficfrom others. PlayStation drives high performanceon affiliation, advocacy and utility scores whichis the result of the high communication amongthe active and engaged online community. Thisis also reflected by SocialBusinessIndex’ socialsemantic search score, where PS ranks 23.#16. corona (603)Promoting the brand’s identityAnheuser-Busch’s new top brand as of 2012communicates attributes like vacacion or relaxationacross its social media channels to promote thebrand’s identity. Yet it fails to reach visibility and reachlike its competitors Heineken or Budweiser particularlywith consumers. It has relatively high performanceon brand conversions toward consideration, purchaseand loyalty but its social currency scores are onlymoderately high.#17. ebay (601)The original social marketplaceAs the first social marketplace on the web, Ebay ties social communication close to its business core.By setting up a special social business unit for its marketplace ultimately to promote its peer-to-peercommerce. Although under pressure by big competitors like Amazon or small copycats it remains visibleand known throughout the web. It is the purchase and loyalty performance that drives this brand standingin our ranking.#18. coors light (590)Limited social presencePopular American lager beer Coors Light enjoys a strong onlinecommunity with engaged users posting regularly on Coors’channels. it has 2.5 milion fans on Facebooks. However interms of presence Coors cannot compete with Heineken orBudweiser and therefore its social impact is limited. This alsoproves TrackSocial’s ranking with only “D+” in presence. Ourbrand performance scores are also lower.ebaygo togetherA social way to buy tickets online togetherwith friend via Facebook or e-mail. Invitefriends through Facebook or email to splitthe cost of tickets and guarantee seats.
  10. 10. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013| 18Vivaldi Partners Group| 19Vivaldi Partners Group#19. apple (587)Performance is driven by designand product expertiseApple’s brand attributes base on exclusivity and loyaltyfrom existing customers. The successful tech companydoes not rely on heavily on social media presence.It generates social buzz or visibility across social mediasites and also has nearly 9 million followers on Facebook,but these social media efforts are not designed to driveits brand performance of consideration, purchase andloyalty. The brands’ strong performance as a companyis driven by its design and product expertise, not bysocial media developments and network effects. Thisis why this brand comes out in our rank No. 19.#20. at&t (577)Frustration among customers led to negative buzzAT&T’s former status as iphone exclusive carrier has significantly improved its brand image. However, onsocial channels, its performance clearly lacks other leading carriers like Verizon. Bad reception and frustrationamong customers led to severe negative buzz on Facebook and Twitter (#attfail and “AT&T sucks”). Pickedup by semantic search analytics from SocialBusinessIndex AT&T’s social reputation and therefore businessimpact suffered. It is a relatively large brand with large social media presence and this accounts for our No.20 ranking.#21. nintendo (564)Limited Brand ReachNintendo’s brand reach is very limited to specificconsumer segments. Therefore awareness andvisibility on popular channels fall behind average.However, within its community Nintendo experi-ences high audience involvement (TrackSocial)and loyalty. Brand performance is relativeconmensurate with its performance on socialmedia channels.#22. tesco (563)Past challenges led to heavy investmentsTesco heavily invested in its social media business afterhaving challenges with its engagement in the past. Negativebuzz and reproachful behavior towards shoppers (bloggeraccused of stealing) had a negative impact on the brand.The brand has been very active on the major social channelsbut our research could not determine its impact on brandperformance.TescoFacebook Game toDeliver EngagementTesco’s first game on Facebook,called Delivery Dash, is seekingto boost engagement throughthe theme of customers makinga delivery. The game primarilytargets female shoppers, whocompete against the clock to packshopping carts for friends – withincreasing levels of skill required.NintendoMiiverseMiiverse is Nintendo’s social network for theWii U, where players connect and socializewith their Mii avatars. Interfaces to other socialmedia services are existent.
  11. 11. 2013 Social Currency Impact Study Social Currency Impact Study 2013| 20Vivaldi Partners Group| 21Vivaldi Partners Group#23. mc donalds (555)Twitter campaign backfiredThe world’s most famous fast food company is a starperformer on social media channels. For exampleit has more than 27 million followers on its mainFacebook channel. Overall social buzz is high, andits has a large social audience overall across all channels.These numbers lack significantly those of otherlarge brands such as Coca-cola or retailers such asSubway, for example. But in terms of social engagementand social presence across the major networks,McDonald’s drops clearly below other major brands.It is not clear to us whether the translation of itssocial media performance on brand performance,particularly consideration and purchase is drivenby the brand’s activism. It heavily tries to emphasizeon values like nature and environment to promoteits green strategy and CSR. Promoting local sourcingand happy farmers however resulted in a Twitterfiasco when users picked up the theme and critisizedthe food or meat quality.specifics of calculationsSome specific calculations to arrive at the overall ranking were:Step 1: (old) SC-ScoreFunction: [=1/6*(SC_AV+SC_C+SC_AF+SC_UT+SC_INF+SC_ID)]; With e.g., SC_AV = [1/2*(SC_AV_1+SC_AV_2)]Step 2: (old) SC-ScoreThe average conversion rate is measured with the „geomean“ function in Excel: Geometric mean is a kind of average of aset of numbers that is different from the arithmetic average. The geometric mean is well defined only for sets of positive realnumbers. This is calculated by multiplying all the numbers (call the number of numbers n), and taking the nth root of the total.A common example of where the geometric mean is the correct choice is when averaging growth rates.The single conversion rates are the basis for this equation, e.g.:Amazon has a conversion rate from Awareness 2 Consideration (A2C): 85.71%Amazon has a conversion rate from Consideration 2 Purchase (C2P): 54.02%Amazon has a conversion rate from Purchase 2 Loyalty (P2L): 88.30%Therefore: (85.71%*54.02%*88.30%)^(1/3) = 74.22Step 3: New Social currency scoreFunction: [=1/2*(old SC-Score+AVG Conversion)]#24. x-box (549)Behind Playstation in absolut numbersXbox, in brand terms mostly unlinked to its parent company Microsoft, generally targets a young male consumersegment. As other games consoles it depends on a strong network of players. Not helping in terms of visibilityand social media presence, Microsoft last year retired the Facebook and Twitter apps on Xbox Live but it hasa strong Facebook fan base of nearly 21 million. It is relatively high on social buzz with 52 million but thesenumbers overall trail those of Playstation. There is the same pattern of performance for Xbox as it is for Playstationbut Playstation beats Xbox in terms of absolute numbers.#25. Pepsi (506)A late shift toward social channelsPepsiCo, in constant battle with its bigger competitor Coca-Cola,struggled re-allocating its marketing budget between traditional mediaand social media, it seems. It shifted late toward social channels,around 2010. Pepsi shifted substantially towards social media leavingan unbalance in consumer awareness between channels. Impactsuffered. The main Facebook channel has less than 10 million fans.Social Buzz is about 44 million versus Coca-Cola’s 110 million. Socialengagement is also lower relative to other brands and consistent withlower levels also found for Coca-Cola, clearly this is a category effect.
  12. 12. 2013 Social Currency Impact StudyEverything we do is driven by the deepest and most profoundunderstanding of how customers’ or consumers’ interact withtheir environment and with other people – resulting in a betterunderstanding of their goals, activities, needs and wants.Vivaldi Partners Group understands your customersbetter than anyone else. We are able to identify thetechnological changes that affect the daily contextof consumers. We will tell you what matters to yourbusiness so that you can make decisions thatensure long-term growth.An important aspect of our approach is how wework. We look at the context of consumers’ eco-systems from an “outside-in” perspective to createour DIG (Demand-first Innovation and Growth)model. This unique model helps build strongbrands and great businesses. Our proven DIGmodel is a practical and repeatable process helpingbusinesses and brands around the globe find newavenues for innovation and growth.what makes us different ...| 22Vivaldi Partners GroupVivaldi Partners Group
  13. 13. VPGisaglobalfirmthathelpsunlockinnovationandgrowthopportunitiesforbrandsandbusinessesinadigitallyconnectedworld.Webringtogetherdeepcapabilitiesinstrategicconsulting,withcutting-edgecreative,anddigitalexpertise,andaprovenDemand-firstmethodologytoachievenewlevelsofgreatnessforourclients.VivaldiPartnersGroupconsistsofauniqueportfolioofthreebusinesses:VivaldiPartnersisaglobalstrategyconsultingfirmthathelpscompaniesachievebreakthroughlevelsofprofitableandsustainabletop-linegrowththroughidentifyingnewdemandopportunities,formulatingstrategiesforinnovationandgrowth,buildingstrongbrands,anddevelopingactionablemarketingstrategies.VivaldiFifthSeasonisaglobalcreativepowerhousethatorchestratesandproducesinnovative,engagingsocialinteractions,buildsbrands,connectswithaudiences,andcreatesentirelynewbusinesses.Ourmulti-disciplinaryteamoperatesatthecrossroadsofbrand,businessstrategy,designanddigitaltechnology.E-Edgeisanexecutiveeducationandmanagementdevelopmentcompanythatdeliversprogramsforbuildingthecapabilitiesofleadersintheareasofbrandmanagement,growthstrategy,andmarketing.E-Edgecreatesanddeliverseffectiveexecutiveeduca-tionandlearningexperiencesforseniorexecutivesthroughastaffofexperiencedfacilitators,academics,andstrategyconsultants.13 Crosby Street, Third Floor LoftNew York, NY 10013 USAt. +1 212 965 0900f. +1 212 965