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What's on VIVA - Nov 2011 Issue #2


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What's on VIVA - Nov 2011 Issue #2

  1. 1. great offers to make the most of every moment November 2011 - Issue 002 BlackBerry® from VIVA it’s thumb time p. 16Page 2 Page 4 Page 8VIVA Broadband VIVA Postpaid VIVA Add-onsIt’s the fastest, it’s the best, it’s here 5 great reasons to have one Add one, add all, add-ons
  2. 2. VIVA fast Bahin est rain VIVA BroadbandBroadband Packages fa broa stest in B dband ahra in VIVA Postpaid Broadband Packages VIVA Broadband Choose any package that suits your needs. With four different packages, which you can use on the go or at home, everyone Devices can enjoy the fastest broadband in Bahrain. Package Monthly Fee Usage Benefit from attractive deals on the latest and Broadband Unlimited BD 30 / month Unlimited* fastest devices. Please contact the customer care representatives at VIVA shops for more Broadband 20 BD 20 / month 20GB* details on the device price per package. Broadband 10 BD 10 / month 7GB* 28Mbps Home Router Broadband 5 BD 5 / month 3GB* Features: *Usage Policy: Once you exceed your monthly data allowance, you will keep enjoying broadband for free, but the speeds will be throttled till end of the month. For VIVA Broadband Unlimited, after 60GB usage, you will continue to enjoy unlimited usage at a throttled speeds. • Supports speeds up to 28Mbps • Supports 4 LAN • Fastest home router in Bahrain • Ethernet ports and built in Wi-Fi pa VIVA Prepaid Broadband Packages whay for t useyou new 42Mbps 21Mbps USB 21Mbps Dongle 7.2Mbps • Only pay for what you use Denomination BD 3 BD 5 BD 10 BD 15 BD 25 Dongle Wi-Fi Router Dongle • Best value prepaid broadband in Bahrain at the fastest speeds Threshold 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB 8 GB 15 GB Features: Features: Features: Features: • Can be used with any VIVA Broadband USB dongle • Supports speeds • Supports speeds • Supports speeds up to 21Mbps • Supports speed Validity 30 days 30 days 30 days 60 days 60 days or home router up to 42Mbps up to 21Mbps • Available in 2 designs up to 7.2Mbps • Select your startup package • Dual carrier • Pocket Wi-Fi • Plug & Play • Fast, cost - 1GB free data (valid for 30 days) plus simcard at BD5 • Fastest in • Can connect effective and - 1GB free data (valid for 30 days) plus simcard plus Bahrain up to 5 users reliable 7.2Mbps USB dongle at BD15 • Plug & Play • Plug & Play • Durable battery2 | VIVA VIVA | 3
  3. 3. VIVA use VIVA Postpaid Plans it an way y Package Details Postpaid 10 Postpaid 20 y wan ou SIM Price FREE FREEPostpaid t Monthly Subscription Fee BD 10 BD 20 Free Monthly Credit BD 10 BD 20 Local Voice Minute Rate 20 fils 10 fils International Voice Minute Rate please refer to Free Bundled Data 100 MB 200 MB Mobile Data Rate (pay as you go)* 3 fils / 200KB 3 fils / 200KB Local SMS Rate 20 fils 20 filstop 5 reasons International SMS Rate 25 fils 25 fils Video Call Minute Rate 40 fils 40 fils 50 fils (0 - 100KB) 50 fils (0 - 100KB) MMS Rates 125 fils (100 - 400KB) 125 fils (100 - 400KB)to get postpaid Notes: • Any unused amount from your monthly subscription will not be carried forward to the following month. • Unused amounts will not be reused in case of change or termination of packages. * This rate applies upon consumption of the free bundled data. GPRS prices while roaming With VIVA you can enjoy accessing data while roaming with our partner networks. 1 2 Mentioned below are the GPRS rates, so you can keep a tab of your usage. Free monthly credit One Flat Rate Country Operator GPRS rate in BHD per 1 MB Country Operator GPRS rate in BHD per 1 MB spend it the way you simple and low Egypt Etisalat 6.876 Malaysia Celcom 5.723 like flat rates Egypt Egypt Mobinil Vodafone 6.876 3.000 Malaysia Malaysia DiGi Maxis 5.493 0.247 India Aircel 4.895 Malaysia U-Mobile 5.441 India Airtel 4.895 KSA Mobily 7.104 India BSNL 2.700 KSA STC 0.200 3 4 India Idea 4.895 KSA Zain 7.104 Add-ons that fit Lowest Rates India Loop Mobile 5.493 UK Cable & Wireless 3.512 India Reliance 6.591 UK 3 1.402 around your save and stay India TATA 5.400 UK Orange 2.453 needs connected India Uninor 5.042 UK O2 6.845 India Vodafone 5.400 UK T-Mobile 2.059 Thailand AIS 7.925 UK Jersey Telecom 3.552 Thailand TAC 7.925 UK Vodafone 7.009 Thailand True Move 7.138 5 Exclusive Deals on the latest handsets4 | VIVA VIVA | 5
  4. 4. VIVA talk mor sav e, mor ePrepaid e VIVA Prepaid Tariff SIM Card BD 2 Initial Credit BD 1 Local Voice Calls 33 fils / min SMS Local 25 fils / sms SMS International 30 fils / sms International Calls please refer to Recharge Cards Recharge Card BD 0.5 BD 1 BD 3 BD 5 BD 10 BD 15 BD 25 Recharge Value (BD) 0.5 1 3 5 11.5 17.5 31 Validity (Days) 1 5 25 40 90 180 365With extra talk-time, flat rates, better recharge Cumulative Validity - With VIVA Prepaid, you can enjoy 2 years validity when you recharge for BD 25 twice.options and superior service, you get the bestvalue for money. Get started for only BD 2 and Recharge other VIVA Prepaid numbers VIVA Credit Transferimmediately receive BD 1 of talk-time. VIVA Postpaid and VIVA Prepaid subscribers can With VIVA Credit Transfer, any VIVA Prepaid also recharge other VIVA Prepaid numbers using the customer can transfer credit to another what’s new following methods: VIVA Prepaid line. • SMS: Send VT <OtherNumber> <VoucherPIN> To transfer credit from your line to another VIVA line, prepaid data add-ons to 100. you can use one of the following methods: starting from only 500 fils Example: VT 33xxxxxx 12345678901234 • Enter a USSD command: • VIVA Self Care portal *121*amount* receiver_number# Select “prepaid data” add-on and access high-speeds Internet on the move, on your smartphone or tablet. Choose from 3 convenient packages starting from just 500 fils / week. • Calling 100 and following the instructions • Send a SMS to 121 with the following content: T <amount> <receiver_number> To activate, SMS your selected package to 88825 (e.g. 0.5 to 88825) • Access SIM ToolKit menu and follow the For more information, please refer to page 8 instructions for “credit transfer”6 | VIVA VIVA | 7
  5. 5. VIVA Calling InternationalAdd-ons ‘‘favourite country’’ per month/ country BD 500 ‘‘unlimited data’’ m 5/ onth ‘‘prepaid data’’ weefils/ k Add “unlimited data” to your VIVA Postpaid and access Access high-speed Internet on the move, on your Favourite Country By SMS By Dialling high-speeds Internet on the move, any time, anywhere. smartphone or tablet. Choose from 3 convenient ‘‘favourite country’’ gives you great savings To activate India SMS ON91 to 88824 dial *88824*91# send packages starting from just 500 fils. if you frequently make international calls. You To activate Bangladesh SMS ON880 to 88824 dial *88824*880# send To activate “unlimited data” add-on: can save up to 90% on calls to the country To activate Philippines SMS ON63 to 88824 dial *88824*63# send • By SMS: Send 10 to 88825 Packages Weekly Data Included Validity of your choice for just 500 fils per month. • By Dialling: Dial *88825*10# and press Send Subscription To activate Pakistan SMS ON92 to 88824 dial *88824*92# send To activate KSA (STC) SMS ON966 to 88824 dial *88824*966# send 0.5 BD 0.5 100 MB 7 days The list of countries currently includes India, Subscription fee: To activate Lebanon SMS ON961 to 88824 dial *88824*961# send 1 BD 1 300 MB 7 days Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and KSA. VIVA Postpaid: BD 5 per month until To activate Egypt SMS ON20 to 88824 dial *88824*20# send 2 BD 2 750 MB 7 days You can add one or more countries to your list. 30th November 2011 as a special promotion. To activate UK SMS ON44 to 88824 dial *88824*44# send If the data included is consumed before the end of the week, ‘pay as you use’ To activate US & To activate the ‘‘favourite country’’ add-on: rate applies. (2 fils per 100 KB) SMS ON1 to 88824 dial *88824*1# send Canada To activate, SMS your selected package to 88825 (e.g. 0.5 to 88825) Favourite Country Calling Rate BD m 3/ ‘‘3 for free’’ onth Favourite Country Rate / Minute Favourite Country Rate / Minute India 16 fils KSA (Zain & Mobily) 96 fils If you have a specific set of friends or family members who you call every day, then Bangladesh 20 fils Lebanon 65 fils the ‘‘3 for free’’ add-on will fit your lifestyle perfectly. The ‘‘3 for free’’ add-on Philippines 56 fils Egypt 41 fils allows you to enjoy free calls to 3 VIVA numbers of your choice, all day, every day. Pakistan 29 fils UK 65 fils As per your package’s US & Canada 30 fils To activate ‘‘3 for free’’ add-on: KSA (STC mobile & fixed telephony) local minute rate. • SMS ON to 88823 For VIVA Postpaid customers, monthly charges will be added to your monthly bill. • Dial *88823# send For VIVA Prepaid customers, the charge will be deducted automatically from your balance every 30 days, starting from the day of subscription. Subscription fee: VIVA Postpaid: BD 3 per month Discounted International Calling Rates VIVA Prepaid: 750 fils per week (deducted automatically every week) VIVA Postpaid VIVA Prepaid VIVA Postpaid VIVA Prepaid Country fils/min fils/min Country fils/min fils/min BD Peak Off-Peak Peak Off-Peak Peak Off-Peak Peak Off-Peak ‘‘unlimited SMS’’ m 2/ onth Bangladesh 280 280 32 32 Philippines 280 280 67 67 The ‘‘unlimited SMS’’ add-on is a great choice for those who prefer sending Egypt 240 190 70 70 Qatar 180 140 111 111 SMS than calling. It gives you the benefit of sending unlimited SMS to any VIVA India 230 230 25 25 Saudi Arabia 180 140 100 100 number, at any time. Iran 220 220 59 59 Sri Lanka 340 340 71 71 To activate ‘‘unlimited SMS’’ add-on: Jordan 240 190 71 71 Syria 240 190 90 90 • SMS ON to 88821 Kuwait 180 140 56 56 Thailand 270 220 50 50 • Dial *88821# send Lebanon 240 190 90 90 UAE 180 140 100 100 Morocco 240 190 120 120 United Kingdom 220 160 90 90 Subscription fee: VIVA Postpaid: BD 2 per month Oman 180 140 100 100 USA/Canada 220 160 38 38 VIVA Prepaid: 500 fils per week (deducted automatically every week) Pakistan 230 230 66 66 Yemen 240 190 77 778 | VIVA VIVA | 9
  6. 6. VIVA Messaging Services Service News How to subscribe (via SMS) ChargesValue-Added Arabic - Send 1 to 88078 BBC Breaking News 250 fils/week English - Send 2 to 88078 Arabic - Send 1 to 88164 Al Jazeera News 250 fils/week English - Send 2 to 88164 Arabic - Send 1 to 88165 Al Jazeera Sports 250 fils/weekServices English - Send 2 to 88165 Arabic Local News - Send 1 to 88055 20 fils/SMS received English Local News - Send 2 to 88055 20 fils/SMS received Arabic Business News - Send 3 to 88055 20 fils/SMS received Arabic Sport News - Send 4 to 88055 20 fils/SMS received Zajil ServicesVIVA Value Added Services empower you with useful, state-of-the-art services to help you get more out Arabic Parliament News - Send 5 to 88055 20 fils/SMS receivedof life, by helping you get more out of your phone. Arabic Event News - Send 6 to 88055 20 fils/SMS received Arabic Islamic News - Send 7 to 88055 20 fils/SMS receivedVIVA TV Arabic Wfyat News - Send 8 to 88055 20 fils/SMS receivedEnjoy entertainment on the go with 20 live channels across various categoriessuch as sports, movies, fashion, news and entertainment on your mobile for just SportsBD 1 per week SMS alerts - Send ON to 88851 Sada Al-Malaeb (MBC) football news 250 fils/week MMS alerts - Send ON to 88852To activate: Send ON to 184 to receive activation link Formula 1 Send FORMULA 1 to 88801 20 fils/SMS receivedCost: BD 1 per week Manchester United: Send MU to 88088 Arsenal: Send AR to 88178Ring Back Tone EPL Team News Chelsea: Send CH to 88178 500 fils/weekPut some bling to your ring! Set dynamic Arabic, English, Bengali, Liverpool: Send LP to 88178Bollywood and International music, rather than the typical ‘ring-ring’ sound.To activate: Call 122 for free to set your RBT Entertainment & Poetry Malayalam Jokes SMS 5 to 88176 350 fils/weekCost: Monthly - 500 fils per tone SMS alerts - Send ON to 88847 Celebrity news 250 fils/week MMS alerts - Send ON to 88850Shabik Celerity Men al Qalb (MBC) Send ON to 88831 250 fils/weekEnhance your virtual world and socialize your network! Stay in contact throughFacebook, chatting accounts, emails, private messages, pokes and more, as wellas accessing all the latest information through news and sharing your views of Women & Familythe world via stories and pictures. Parents and Children Send 2 to 88168 250 fils/weekTo activate: Send a message with keyword ON to 149 Saha Wa Rashaqa, Health & Fitness (MBC) Send ON to 88853 250 fils/week Altofah Al Aakhdar, Green Apple (MBC) Send ON to 88841 350 fils/weekCost: Only 500 fils/10 days SMS alerts - Sayidaty Health - Send 1 to 88225 250 fils/weekMissed Call Notification (Plus) SMS alerts - Sayidaty Beauty - Send 2 to 88225 250 fils/week Sayedati SMS alerts - Sayidaty News - Send 6 to 88225 250 fils/weekMiss nothing by accessing information on missed calls while your mobile isswitched off or outside of the coverage area. Missed Call Notification Plus SMS alerts - Sayidaty Home - Send 7 to 88225 250 fils/weekensures you are notified even if you are busy or you have your calls diverted. MMS alerts - Sayidaty MMS - Send 9 to 88225 350 fils/weekTo activate: Call *180# Today’s Dish Send ON to 88849 250 fils/weekCost: 800 fils per monthVisit for information about these services. To activate: Visit from your VIVA mobile (using WAP browser or WAP APN).10 | VIVA VIVA | 11
  7. 7. Paying your bill Switch over to VIVA Your e-Bill in 3 easy steps Mobile Number Portability At VIVA, we believe life should be simple. That’s why we’ve introduced the electronic bill, so you can check your VIVA bill anywhere you like, whenever you like, online. View your bill as soon as it’s available, andE-bill access previous bills with ease. You can even pay your bill online with a debit or credit card. Everyone’s welcome to the best network in Bahrain. Now you can keep your existing number and switch to VIVA. 2. Bills & credit: • Postpaid: If your current subscription is postpaid, then you must not owe any overdue amount to your current Start taking advantage of e-billing now. Starting January 1st, 2012, Whether your current number is prepaid or postpaid, you are operator. (If you still haven’t paid the latest bill and it’s not we will no longer be sending paper bills in the mail and the transition free to choose a prepaid or postpaid service with VIVA. yet due, then you can still port). After you port your number to e-billing will be complete. Customers who still require detailed to VIVA, you may still have one or two bills from your paper bills will be able to obtain them at our retail outlets for a nominal Once your number is ported, you can avail of the attractive previous operator. You must pay these bills in time to avoid charge .Taking care of your bill never looked so easy. Go paperless. offers on the latest handsets from VIVA. termination of your account with VIVA. • Prepaid: If your current subscription is prepaid, please note Switching to VIVA is easy: that any balance left on your current subscription will be lost, therefore we encourage you to use your credit before porting. Visit us pay early, 3. Mobile Phones: Please bear in mind that your current mobile Settle your bill at the VIVA Self Care portal on Bring your current SIM card and your ID or passport to any phone may be locked to only work with SIM cards from your before the 28th of each month, and VIVA store. current provider. In that case, you may need to either unlock get discounted 5% enjoy a discount of 5% on the billed amount. your phone, or get a new phone. To enjoy this reward please settle your bill via ID the VIVA Self Care portal on Port-in fees: For more information please call 124. The ID document should be the one you used to register with your One small fee for a range of benefits. current operator. 1. Port-in fees: • Postpaid: The fee is BD 4, to be paid with the first bill. Activation • Prepaid: The fee is BD 4 for porting and BD 2 for the SIM card. If you wish to port in as a prepaid customer, BD (4+2) needs to be paid at the VIVA store. • It could take up to 3 days to port your number as your request will be sent to the current operator for validation. 2. Your current provider is not allowed to charge you anything for the service of porting out your number. • Accordingly, your new VIVA SIM card will be activated within 3 working days from the time of application. In some cases it may 3. You can still port your number, even if you are bound by a become active in just a few hours. contract with your current service provider. However, if your • If your request is rejected, we will contact you to solve the contract stipulates any fees for early contract termination or any issues, so that we can make a new attempt to port your other issues, then you will have to pay these fees after you havehow to pay your bill number to VIVA. ported your number to us.You can now pay your invoice through various channels at your convenience. Important notes: General Porting Rules: 1. Your number: Your number must be registered in your name 1. Prepaid subscribers porting out cannot carry over any credit and the ID document presented must match the records of your balance to another network. current provider (CPR, passport number). 2. A ported number cannot be transferred to another customer account under the new network operator. go to call us on 124 visit any of our outlets pay at any 3. Once a ported number is terminated, the number goes back to the operator that owns the number range. VIVA self-service machine For more information, please visit TRA’s Number Portability website: www.ilovemynumber.bhWe accept:12 | VIVA VIVA | 13
  8. 8. Manchester get closer to Manchester UnitedUnited Subscribe and win a trip to Old Trafford. True fans will never miss a moment with the Manchester United SMS Service. • Subscribe and get live text commentary, instant • Automatically enter a raffle to win one of 40 scores, reminders, match updates and all the news all-expenses paid trips for two to see your heroes play direct to your mobile. live at Old Trafford. To subscribe SMS MU to 88088. Costs only 500 fils/week. Proud Sponsors of Manchester United VIVA, Bahrain’s leading integrated telecom operator and Manchester United, the most successful Premier League Club have signed a sponsorship agreement uniting the two brands in marketing campaigns and promotional activities in Bahrain. VIVA is also committed towards supporting local talents in Bahrain by tapping into Manchester United’s wealth of experience and bringing the fans closer to Old Trafford.14 | VIVA VIVA | 15
  9. 9. BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 Enjoy a powerful experience with the BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 from VIVA, the slimmest BlackBerry® ever with superior browsing. Device features: • Elegant, light and flexible • Touchscreen and qwerty keyboard BD 99 • BlackBerry® OS7 Monthly Unlimited Free BlackBerry® Service Monthly Instalment BD 20 Upfront Payment BD 99VIVA BlackBerry® TorchTM 9810 BDBlackBerry 235 ® BlackBerry® TorchTM 9860 BD VIVA gives you the most out of your BlackBerry®. Prepare your 199 thumbs to get used to VIVA BlackBerry® and enjoy a wide range of services when you select the package that best suits your need. BlackBerry® BoldTM 9780 VIVA BlackBerry Unlimited ® Experience true BlackBerry® with access to unlimited BlackBerry® services. BD 185 Plan Fee Dial VIVA Postpaid BD 8/month *105*8# VIVA Prepaid BD 2.5/week *105*25# VIVA Social for BlackBerry® Get access to BBM, BB Mail, App World, Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and browsing. Plan Fee Dial VIVA Postpaid BD 3/month *105*5# VIVA Prepaid BD 1/week *105*2# VIVA App-Store for BlackBerry® Enjoy the VIVA App-Store for BlackBerry®, which gives you access to lots of applications, themes, games and much more. To download VIVA App-Store for BlackBerry® send an SMS to 88228.16 | VIVA VIVA | 17
  10. 10. VIVAHandsets HTC Wildfire S Express yourself Features: • 3.2-inch touch screen • With 320 x 480 resolution • Snap, tag and share BD 206 • 5 MP camera with auto focus & LED flashChoose from an exciting range of handsets to match your style and need,Including devices available exclusively for VIVA customers. iPhone 4® from VIVA FREE with free data & free credit Special iPhone Postpaid packages, designed to suit your needs. • Free data & free credit • Full warranty Package features:* • VIVA managed iPhone service centre HTC ChaCha BD 134 One touch to Facebook Package Details iPhone 20 iPhone 30 SIM Price free free Features: Monthly Subscription Fee BD 20 BD 30 • Full qwerty keyboard Free monthly credit BD 5 BD 10 Local voice minute rate 20 fils 20 fils • 2.6-inch touch screen International voice minute rate please refer to • Dedicated Facebook share button Free bundled data 2 GB Unlimited • 5 MP camera with auto focus & LED flash Local SMS rate 20 fils 20 fils International SMS rate 25 fils 25 fils Video call minute rate 40 fils 40 fils MMS rates 50 fils (0 - 100KB) 50 fils (0 - 100KB) 125 fils (100 - 400KB) 125 fils (100 - 400KB) Initial payment iPhone 20 iPhone 30 iPhone 4 - 16 GB BD 49 Free iPhone 4 - 32 GB BD 99 BD 49 * Terms and conditions apply Samsung Galaxy S II BD 99 HTC Sensation XE get it for BD 99 A multimedia superphone in the palm of your hand BD 268 The Samsung Galaxy S II gives you next generation technology now. All for just BD 99. Features: Package features*: • Widescreen qHD display • 2GB free monthly data • 1080p HD video recording Available on monthly installments of BD 15 only. • DLNA for wirelessly streaming media to your TV or computer Samsung Galaxy S II features: • 1.2Ghz dual core • Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread) • SRS virtual surround sound for wired headphone • Dual Core processor • 8MP auto focus camera • Access to Marketplace Subscribe today. Offer valid while stocks Upfront Payment Monthly Instalment Free Monthly Data last. BD 99 BD 15 2 GB *Available on a 12-month contract18 | VIVA VIVA | 19
  11. 11. VIVA Stores, only a moment away Outlets Locations Timings Al Jazeera Supermarket Zinj 9am to 9pm, Every day Al Murjan Complex Juffair 9am to 9pm, Every day Bahrain City Centre Seef District 10am to 10pm, Every day Bahrain Mall Sanabis 10am to 10pm, Every day GOSI Mall Exhibition Road 8am to 8pm, Sat - Thu Isa Town Mall Isa Town 8am to 8pm, Sat - Thu Jawad Dome Mall Budaiya 9am to 9pm, Every day Lulu Mall East Riffa 9am to 9pm, Every day Oasis Centre Muharraq 10am to 10pm, Every day Ramli Mall Aali 10am to 10pm, Every day Seef Mall Seef District 10am to 10pm, Every day The Centre Mall Sanad 9am to 9pm, Every day University of Bahrain Sakhir 8am to 4pm, Sun - ThuYou can also: email us at speak to our Customer visit our website Care representative on 124 | VIVA