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Control devices

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Control devices

  1. 1. Made by Vivaan CONTROL DEVICES
  2. 2. • Types of control devices • Pics • Videos • More information • The person who invented types of control devices . • Pics CONTENT
  3. 3. • Actuators are transuders that take signals from a computer and convert them into some form of motion .for example operating motors ,pumps ,switches nad walves . ACTUATORS
  4. 4. • Used in domestic appliances like automatic washing machines . • In industry used to control robot arms . • In computers they operate fans ,disk drives,and dvd drives . MOTORS
  5. 5. • Buzzers are switched on or off by the actuators BUZZERS
  6. 6. • Actuators is connected to the switch that turns the light on or off LIGHTS
  7. 7. • Actuators are connected to switches which turn the heater on or off . HEATER