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V Rolfe OER12 Conference Search Engine Optimisation 17April2012


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Talk given by Viv to OER12, Cambridge UK on using SEO techniques to make OER discoverable on the internet. Part of the UKOER Phase 3 project at De Montfort University,

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V Rolfe OER12 Conference Search Engine Optimisation 17April2012

  1. 1. Using Open Technologies to Support a Healthy OER Life Cycle Dr Vivien Rolfe, De Montfort University, Dr Simon Griffin, Griffin Internet Marketing, CC BY-SA 2.0 (with the exception of the JISC and DMU logo)
  2. 2. Using Open Technologies to Support a Healthy OER Life CyclePresentation for OER12 & OCWC12 Global combined conference Cambridge UK, 16-18 April 2012
  3. 3. Background• The Health and Life Science Open Educational Resource (HALSOER) project is releasing OER for STEM subjects including Forensic, Biomedical and Medical Science.• Funded by UKOER Phase 3.
  4. 4. OER@DMU• 2009 Virtual Analytical Laboratory (VAL) (UKOER Pilot)• 2010 Sickle Cell Open (SCOOTER) (UKOER 2)• 2010 TIGER (UKOER 2)• 2011 SCORE Fellowships – Jacqui Williams, Viv Rolfe
  5. 5. OER Lifecycle Discovery Publication ImprovementNathan Yergler 2010
  6. 6. OER Lifecycle Use (unchanged) Discovery Publication ImprovementNathan Yergler 2010
  7. 7. OER Lifecycle Where to search? Repositories? Google? Discovery Publication ImprovementHow / where to share? Multiple file formats Technology barriersNathan Yergler 2010
  8. 8. OER Lifecycle• Creating a healthy OER life cycle is a challenge and hurdles include discovery, driving reuse / repurposing and encouraging publication.• These activities need to be part of everyday work to sustain and grow open education. (Atkins, Brown, and Hammond 2007; DAntoni 2008).
  9. 9. Using open technologies Web 2.0 Open collaborationOpen source Open standards CC BY ND Tambako the Jaguar
  10. 10. Our approach to promote discovery • For SCOOTER (UKOER2) and HALS (UKOER3): – OER housed on search engine optimised sites (SEO).
  11. 11. Discovery…….Rolfe & Griffin 2011
  12. 12. Summary SCOOTER UKOER2 HALS UKOER3 Wordpress Direct Blog Wordpress Direct Blog Static OER HTML pages OER Blog articles with RSS feed Basic SEO Enhanced SEO (eZine submissions, press releases) Posterous Posterous (Facebook/Twitter/Blogs) (Facebook/Twitter/Blogs) Google Analytics for basic Enhanced monitoring of site tracking of site performance performance£ Pragmatic and time realistic ££ Enhanced SEO campaign
  13. 13. Discovery…….
  14. 14. Our approach to promote reuse / improvement• OER published in multiple file formats.• Production of different modalities from one OER in systematic way for content leverage (Williams 2011).• Clear © licensing instructions on websites and each OER.
  15. 15. Reuse / improvement…
  16. 16. Reuse / improvement…
  17. 17. Reach and Impact (1st 3 months) (Both on Page 1 of Google) Analytics SCOOTER HALS UKOER3 UKOER2 Unique Visits 645 905 Countries 24 33 Mobile 3% 10% Most Popular OER Education and Microbiology zone young people with of inhibition sickle cell 57 views 45 views
  18. 18. Referrals (Backlinks) SCOOTER UKOER2 HALS
  19. 19. Community DataViews / Comments SCOOTER HALS UKOER3/ Follows UKOER2Youtube Channel To date: 3177 To date: 567 (Genetics animation (Queen’s visit talk 285 views) 157 views)SlideShare Simon Dyson Sickle Presentations 479 viewsFacebook “Insights”Likes 50 74Friends of Fans 29,000 21,500 Feedback via Email, Twitter, Facebook, SurveyMonkey
  20. 20. Have we promoted discovery?• Use of open technology enhances OER discovery globally and non-selectively.• We can target users through Twitter and Facebook (subject specialists, students etc).• You get what you pay for! The more time spent, the greater the rewards.
  21. 21. Have we promoted reuse / improvements?• Publishing multiple file formats and distributing to other sharing sites should assist reuse.• To early to say which file formats are most popular and flexible.• This makes our OER OPEN, INTEROPERABLE and ACCESSIBLE.
  22. 22. OER Lifecycle SEO boosts Google ranking RSS feeds distribute OER Posterous network Discovery Publication Improvement Evidence? Multiple file formats Clear © signpostingNathan Yergler 2010
  23. 23. Conclusion• Open technologies can support a healthy OER lifecycle and evaluation of these strategies is the next step.• Evolving pragmatic time realistic strategies relevant to our work setting is essential.• The results will be disseminated in the UKOER 3 final report.
  24. 24. Contact us! Twitter @DMUVivCC BY SA Jacob Escott, HALS Project, DMU.
  25. 25. Resources• Yergler NR (2010).• Atkins DE, Brown JS and Hammond AL (2007).• DAntoni S (2008).• Williams P (2011). Content Leverage System. Available:• HALS Project Website:• Rolfe V and Griffin SJ (2011b). A Guide to SEO