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Melsig Event - What is DS106?


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MELSIG event at Nottingham Trent University Friday 8th January 2016. #melsignut - me attempting to explain what DS106 is.

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Melsig Event - What is DS106?

  1. 1. #DS106 Learning as a Digital Story Dr Viv Rolfe University of the West of England, Bristol National Teaching Fellow @ntf-tweet Association of Learning Technology #openedsig @vivienrolfe
  2. 2. #DS106 Learning as a Digital Story Presentation for the MELSIG event Nottingham Trent University Friday 8th January 2016 MELSIG = Media-enhanced-learning special interest group
  3. 3. @jimgroom @cogdog @ds106 @ds106dc daily create @ds106radio Birth place? University of Mary Washington Open Course 2011
  4. 4. What the? #DS106. This course will require you to both design and build an online identity ds106: Not a Course, Not Like Any MOOC Reclaim Open Learning: Learning By Everyone, For Everyone Student or crowd-sourced assignments. Weekly (30% student grade) and daily. 2013 MIT Reclaim Open Learning Award You don’t ‘do’ DS106. It ‘does’ you.
  5. 5. Twitter account Flickr YouTube Tumblr SoundCloud Syndication via #, tag or URL Back to the blog mothership WordPress blog Architecture? Social media, blogs and syndication.
  6. 6. Principles? Open licenses, open source….well, erm, Open!
  7. 7. Principles? Spin-offs controlling digital identity and content.
  8. 8. Our digital identity and impression?
  9. 9. Go Google yourself! How do others see you?
  10. 10. John Maxwell, Simon Fraser University “Publication of Self” course.
  11. 11. Are we engaging or just broadcasting? By Lawrie Phipps CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Lawrie Phipps – are we engaging or broadcasting? How do others interact with us?
  12. 12. Our digital culture?
  13. 13. Audrey Watters Francis Bell and Jenny Mackness “need for further research on the ethical implications of pedagogical experimentation…the role of the MOOC convener” Viv Rolfe Technology has outpaced our ethical thinking. We need to re-establish ethical common ground.
  14. 14. Back to digital stories!
  15. 15. Back to digital stories! #DS106 and similar can build digital literacy and confidence online. I can learn flexibly how and when I want. It has been challenging learning new technology. It has stretched my thinking. I have sometimes felt an outsider. I get more professional contacts through my blog than I do my work website. Since 2013 my blog has improved my writing and confidence in my writing! In my two previous applications for funding, I’ve had to include a promotional video! DS106 enabled me to do this. I’ve developed an interest in photography. Particularly trees. I’ve made Radio Shows. I built the ‘National Teaching Fellow’ blog which now reaches around the world. My open education project blogs and YouTube channel have exceeded a million views.
  16. 16. It all started with a Daily Create! Get creating!