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The three last classes of the Primary School of Sourpi, Greece, are issueing this year a newspaper in English. They exchange their paper with other European newspapers via eTwinning.

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  1. 1. Primary School of Sourpi, Greece, Issue 1, February 2014 Read about our country! Reports written by our 6th graders! p. 2 - 3 Cut it, Send it and Win! Cut this coupon and send it to our school (Primary School of Sourpi, Sourpi, 37008, Greece). One of you is going to win a s-o-urprise present! Get our next issue to find out if YOU are the winner! Name:………………………………………Phone Nr:………………………………… What is a day in the life of a 5th grader like! Go to p. 4-5 to find out! Fun pages for everyone! p. 6,7,20 Our 4th graders write about their school! p. 8 The funniest ‘wanted’ warning signs ever! Our 6th graders draw and describe the … monsters! p.9 Online shopping: Advantages and disadvantages! (6th grade) p. 10 - 11 4th and 5th graders write about different cities in the world! p. 12 - 13 English breakfast at school? Is that possible? p. 14 - 15 Christmas and New Year customs and traditions in Greece! p. 16 - 17 Can the 4th graders write poems about their favourite season, or seasons? Of course they can! Check their poems out on p. 18 -19! If you want to see the electronic version of our school newspaper, please visit our school blog at You can also find there more articles that have not been included here! Hope you enjoy this issue and … feel free to leave a comment on our blog that will help us become better!
  2. 2. 2 MY COUNTRY This year we learnt in our English lesson how to write a report about our country. Here are some of our reports! My Country by Dimitris Bakos (6th grade) My name is Dimitris and I am eleven years old. It is a Greek name, because my parents come from Greece and I live in Greece. The official name of my country is both Greece and Hellas and it includes Crete and all the islands in the Mediterranean around my country. Greece borders with Albania, F.Y.R.O.M., Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey. The country is mostly mountainous in the east, north and western parts, but with plains and hills in the south. The whole country is surrounded by sea, with many islands in the south. There are also lakes and rivers throughout the country. The weather is very hot in the summer time, but also very cold and wet in many parts. It rains and snows in autumn and winter. The people of Greece are mostly local, but also multicultural from other countries and races, so here you can meet Albanians, Egyptians, Africans and more. They speak Greek and their own language, of course. I think it’s an exciting and interesting country full of ancient history and hospitable people! My Country by Panagiotis Chrisikos (6th grade) My country is not very big, but it is important, because its history starts many years ago. Many big personalities have visited Greece, because maybe they are interested in our people or customs. So, if somebody wants to visit Greece, he must know some things about it. Firstly, the climate is mild with cold winters and warm summers. There are a lot of touristic islands which are full of people in the summers. In big cities children have fun in cafes or in clubs. In addition, there isn’t a village or city without a museum. Museums show the history of our country. Another important fact is that Greeks do not forget their customs. For example, Greece celebrates Christmas on December 25th and Easter in April. These are some of the things which a person must know before visiting Greece. My Country by Vasia Tsanaka (6th grade) My name is Vasia and I am from Greece. The country is mostly mountainous, with green plains and very green hills and rivers. The weather is cold in winter and warm in summers but it rains every winter. The people in Greece are happy, hospitable, friendly, ambitious and animal loving. I think it’s amazing to live in Greece because it has many many trees.
  3. 3. 3 My Country by Spyros Grinias (6th grade) My name is Spyros and I am eleven years old. I live in Sourpi which is located outside the city of Volos, in Magnesia, in central Greece. Greece is a peninsula located in the southeastern part of Europe. The country is mostly mountainous and it has many lakes, rivers, mountains and many valleys. And one of the biggest mountains in Greece is Mount Olympus. The weather in summers is warm enough and in winter it is cold. It is usually rainy in winter and sunny in summer. People in Greece do many different jobs, such as working in the fields, in factories, in shops and many more. My opinion about Greece is that it is one of the best parts of the world! My Country by Elena Katsanou (6th grade) My name is Elena and I am twelve years old. I live in Sourpi, a village in Greece. Greece is a very beautiful country and has got many islands. My country has got many mountains and there is sea all around. There are many islands and many tourists visit my country. The weather is hot in the summer and all the people go to the sea for swimming. In winter it is cold and people go skiing. People in Greece are very friendly. We love the sea and the sun and we like eating! The Mediterranean cuisine is very famous! I love Greece, because it has got a big history and many places to visit. SOURPI My Country by Marina Tsanaka (6th grade) My country is Greece. Greece is a very very beautiful country and its capital is Athens. It has got a lot of mountains, rivers, islands and forests. The weather in summer is hot and it rains in winter. The pupils are kind, pleasant and good. The environmental problems are the rubbish and burning of a lot of forests. I love my country. For more reports, visit our school blog at!
  4. 4. 4 A DAY IN MY LIFE This is a day in the life of our 5th graders! A DAY IN MY LIFE by Giasemi Karioti (5th grade) My name is Giasemi. I am 10 years old. I get up at 7:00 every morning. I have my breakfast and I wear my clothes. Then, I go to school. At school we learn Greek, Maths, English, Geography, Religion, History, French, Science, Music, Art and Physical Education. School starts at 8:15 and ends at 13:15, or 14:00. At school we have many teachers. When I get home from school I do my homework and I play with my friends. I also like watching T.V. In my spare time I play computer games. Before I go to bed I watch T.V. with my family. We like to watch programs such as “How to Rock”, “Victorious” and “Jessie”. At 22:30 I go to bed. A DAY IN MY LIFE by Iraklis Tselkas (5th grade) My name is Iraklis and I am 10 years old. I get up at 7:30 every morning. I eat my breakfast and, then, I go to school. At school we learn Maths, History, Language, Physics, English and Geography. School starts at 8:15 and ends at 2 o’clock. When I get home from school I do my homework, I play computer games and I go to karate. When I come back, I watch T.V. and I go to bed at 10 o’clock. A DAY IN MY LIFE by Stella Doura (5th grade) My name is Stella and I am 10 years old. I get up at 7:30 every day and I eat breakfast. Then, I go to school. At school we learn Greek, Maths, English, History, Religion, Geography. School starts at 8:10 and ends at 13:15. When I get home from school I do my homework. I play with my toys and my Nintendo. I like reading books and in my spare time I watch T.V. Before I go to bed, I watch T.V. At 23:00 I go to bed. A DAY IN MY LIFE by Soni Hontzallari (5th grade) My name is Soni and I am 11 years old. I get up at 7:30 every morning. I eat my breakfast and go to school. At school we learn Language, Maths, French, Geography, History and English. School starts at 8:15 and finishes at 13:15. At school we have four teachers: a Physical Education teacher, an English teacher, a French teacher and a teacher who teaches the rest of the subjects. When I get home from school I do my homework. I play with my friends or ride my bicycle in the playground. Before I go to bed, I watch T.V. I like comedies and cartoons. At ten o’clock I go to bed. A DAY IN MY LIFE by Panagiota Vazoura (5th grade) My name is Panagiota and I am 10 years old. I get up at 7:30 every morning. I eat my breakfast. Then, I watch T.V. for a while. Then, I go to school. At school we learn Art, History, English, Drama and Physical Education. School starts at 8 and ends at 1 o’clock. When I get home from school I do my homework. I play computer games and I play with my friends. I like watching films with Mel Gibson. I go to bed at 10 o’clock. Visit our school blog for the electronic version of “A day in my life” at!
  5. 5. 5 A DAY IN MY LIFE by Maritina Tselepi (5th grade) My name is Maritina and I am 10 years old. I get up at 7:00 every morning and I eat my breakfast. Then, I get dressed and I go to school. At school we learn Maths, Language, Science, History, and Geography. School starts at 8:10 and ends at 13:15. At school we have eight teachers, one for each class. When I get home from school I do my homework. I go to dancing lessons. I like reading “A diary of a wimpy kid”. In my spare time I play with my mini ipad. Before I go to bed, I read a book from my bookcase. At 21:30 I go to bed and sleep. A DAY IN MY LIFE by Maria Kostoula (5th grade) My name is Maria and I am 11 years old. I often get up at 7:30. I get dressed and I go to school. At school we learn Language, Maths, English, History … School starts at 8:15 and ends at 13:15. At school we have a teacher. When I get home from school I go to my English school. Later, I watch T.V. I like listening to music. In my free time I play with my friends. Before I go to bed, I watch T.V. At 22:30 I go to bed. A DAY IN MY LIFE by Sophie Netou (5th grade) My name is Sophia and I am 10 years old. I get up at 7:15 every morning and I drink my milk. Then, I go to school. At school we learn Maths, History, English, Geography, Science, Sports and Art. School starts at 8:15 and ends at 3:30. In school we have four teachers who teach all subjects. When I get home from school I do my homework. I play with my friends. I like playing computer games. In my free time I like drawing. Before I go to bed, I watch T.V. I like watching funny movies. At 10:15 I go to bed. A DAY IN MY LIFE by Fotini Mavriki (5th grade) My name is Fotini and I am 10 years old. I get up at 7:30 every day. Then, I drink my milk. Then, I go to school. At school we learn Language, Maths, History, English, Geography, French. School starts at 8:10 and ends at 13:15 or 14:00. At school we have one teacher that teaches all subjects. When I get home from school I do my homework. I play with my friends. I also like watching T.V. In my spare time I play computer games. Before I go to bed I check my schoolbag. At nine o’clock I go to bed and I dream a beautiful dream.
  6. 6. 6 Can you find the classroom objects? (by Konstantina Filothodorou – 6th grade) Can you find the animals? (by Konstantina Filothodorou – 6th grade) Can you find the clothes? (by Angela Mavriki – 6th grade)
  7. 7. 7 Can you find the colours? (by Angela Mavriki – 6th grade) EASY 3 1 4 2 5 1 5 2 3 5 2 5 1 DIFFICULT 7 1 4 6 3 4 6 6 5 3 3 6 1 5 7 6 5 1 3 3 5 7 Can you help the mouse find the cheese? (by Konstantina Filothodorou – 6th grade) Is the girl all alone? Connect the dots and find out! (by Konstantina Filothodorou – 6th grade)
  8. 8. 8 MY SCHOOL Let’s talk about our school (4th grade)! MY SCHOOL by Valanta Doura (4th grade) My school is very big. There is a football court and a basketball court. There are seven classrooms and there is a computer room. There are twelve teachers. There are twenty students in my class. There isn’t a music room or a dancing room. There aren’t many flowers, but there are many trees. Angela Menxi (4th grade) Jim Bakos (4th grade) MY SCHOOL by Natalie-Xenia Katsanou (4th grade) In my school there are six classrooms. There is one football field and one basketball court. There is a playground and there is one computer room. There isn’t a music room. MY SCHOOL by George Lagos (4th grade) My school is in Sourpi. It is a very beautiful school. There is an old school with two floors, three classrooms, a computer room and a teachers’ room. There is a new school with three classrooms and a theater room. My classroom is big and sunny. There is a big playground, a football court and I can play football with my classmates. I love my school very much! MY SCHOOL by Evi Chrisikou (4th grade) My school is in Sourpi, Greece. It has got six classrooms and it has got eleven teachers. The school has not got a music room. It has got a big classroom with computers. There is also a big playground. There is a big basketball court. My classroom has got a board and twenty desks. There are twenty children, too! It is a very big class! Nefeli Zourkou (4th grade) Ronaldo Kotsi (4th grade) Simona Izai (4th grade) MY SCHOOL by Georgia Anagnostou (4th grade) In my school there is a playground, twelve teachers, seven classrooms. In my classroom there are eleven desks, twenty chairs, one board, one door, one picture, one map, four windows, fifteen posters and twenty students. Triantafyllos Katsanos (4th grade) Matina Halatsi (4th grade)
  9. 9. 9 FUNNY WANTED SIGNS (6th grade) HELP! This monster is very big. It has sharp teeth, long hair, four hands and three eyes. It’s very disgusting. It eats people! (by Marina Tsanaka - 6th grade) The monster that is wanted has three eyes, pointed ears and a big mouth. Also, it has red hair and it is green! (by Helen Karadimou - 6th grade) This monster is wanted by the police. Please, anyone who knows something about it, call the police. He has stolen a lot of money from houses. He is tall, with curly hair. He has no teeth and he has got two mouths! (by Harry Chrisikos - 6th grade) This monster is wanted! It looks like a bull and it has got brown eyes. It was lost in the forest! (by Tassos Priaggelos - 6th grade) Dalor is a small, but dangerous monster. It’s blue and white with big yellow eyes. It’s clever and hungry. The last time we saw it, it was in the park next to our school at Christmas. If someone sees Dalor, please call the police! (by Elena Katsanou - 6th grade) This monster has three eyes and it has black hair. It has two huge and smelly feet. It has four strong arms. Its mouth is huge and it has five dangerous teeth. Its nose is small. It is very dangerous. Don’t go near it without a weapon! (by Konstantinos Kostoulas- 6th grade) Three monsters wanted by the police. The first one is very very short. His name is Voukou! He has three eyes and he hasn’t got a nose. He has one green mouth and two ears which are on his head. He has red and green hair. Under his head there are two legs and near his head there are two arms. The second one is enormous! His name is Mantalic! He has four hands and four legs. Mantalic has two tails. He has five eyes, teo noses and two purple mouths. So, Mantalic has red hair there are two horns on his head. The third monster is very scary and his name is Kitsos. He has nine eyes and he wears glasses. He has a mouth and three teeth. Kitsos has green hair and one purple hat. He has five hands and four legs. Around his body there are six ears. If somebody sees them, please, call the police! (by Konstantina Filothodorou - 6th grade)
  10. 10. 10 ONLINE SHOPPING Opinions on online shopping. Are you pro or con? (by our 6th graders) OPINIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING by Konstantinos Kostoulas (6th grade) There are many ways to shop and one of them is online shopping! The disadvantages of online shopping are that you can’t trust the site that you buy the clothes, or shoes from. Also, they may make you pay for something that is different from what you ordered! The advantages of online shopping are that you can find cheaper things than the shops! Also, you can take the clothes you want very quickly! All in all, online shopping is good, but we must be careful!!! OPINIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING by Effie Bakou (6th grade) Many people shop online nowadays. There are advantages and disadvantages in shopping online. There are some advantages. In online shopping you can find cheaper products. You can visit more shops from your home without using a car and spending money for gasoline. Finally, you save time for your friends. There are many disadvantages in shopping online. Sometimes you pay for a product, but they don’t send it. Other times the pictures of the products are misleading. You must be very careful! It is also important to be able to choose the right size! To sum up, it is better to shop online, but we must be careful with the online shops we choose! OPINIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING by Konstantina Filothodorou (6th grade) Today technology has developed and almost everybody has a computer at home. They use the computer and they do a lot of tasks. One of them is online shopping. Online shopping has a lot of advantages, but it has disadvantages, too. The disadvantages are a lot, such as, you order something, you give the money and they do not send it to you. The clothes you order may not be your size. In other cases the material is of bad quality. Unfortunately, you cannot test and see how clothes fit your body. But there are a lot of advantages. For example, you can find cheaper things. Shopping becomes faster and easier than the regular shopping. You can buy things from your house or from your office. You can find things you like. Online shopping may facilitate people’s lives, but it hides a lot of dangers and that is why people must be very very careful. OPINIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING by Aggeliki Mavriki (6th grade) Online shopping is an activity that has many advantages and disadvantages. First of all, you can have everything you want cheaper and more quickly. You can shop any time you want. You can shop from your computer without going to the stores. You can receive it at your door. You can also select from a big variety of products. Unfortunately, online shopping has disadvantages as well. Firstly, you cannot be sure about the quality of what you order, because you cannot touch it. Also, you must pay extra money for the delivery and, what is worse, you may never receive it! Sometimes you may have ordered the wrong size and you cannot change it. Although there are positive things in this issue, the disadvantages are more. So, I do not like this idea and I will never buy anything online.
  11. 11. 11 OPINIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING by Marina and Vassia Tsanaka (6th grade) Nowadays, most of the people use the internet for many reasons. They chat with other people, listen to music, play computer games, or download films. There are some people who also use the internet for online shopping, because in this way they do not have to go out and waste time in the shops. However, some other people prefer to visit the shops and buy whatever they want on their own. First of all, one advantage is that people may find better things to buy online and don’t want to waste their time going to the shops (or they are sometimes tired, bored, or ill). Some products are cheaper when you shop online and on the internet you can find and buy whatever you want, any time you want it. In the end, people who work all day do not have the time to go to the shops, so they prefer online shopping. The disadvantages of online shopping are that spending too much time on the computer is not good for our health and it is more boring, because you are alone at home, but in the shops you are with your friends, you talk, you laugh, you have fun! When you shop online it is possible to order something wrong. In the end, buying online takes more time to get what you bought. In conclusion, there are some people who like using the internet and that’s why they also prefer online shopping, but there are others who prefer going to the shops with their friends and have fun, instead of sitting alone at home. OPINIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING by Harry Chrisikos (6th grade) A lot of people think that shopping online is a good thing to do. They believe that sitting in front of a computer and choosing things is amusing. On the one hand, you can buy wonderful things, a variety of products, you can compare prices and you can do all these without going out of your house. On the other hand, the products you can buy might not be the correct ones and, this way, you can lose money. So, we must be very careful while shopping online. OPINIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING by Panagiotis Chrisikos (6th grade) Online shopping has many pros and cons. My parents often buy clothes from sites. Whatever you buy is very cheap. There is a big variety of things. If you buy something from the internet, you will get it very quickly. In addition, do not forget that these online shops are open all day. Also, there is no need to move. On the other hand, online shopping has cons. Initially, the quality is bad in a lot of things. Many people are not reliable and they exploit the customers. I believe that online shopping is not safe. OPINIONS ON ONLINE SHOPPING by Olga Karatza (6th grade) Today, more and more people buy different items from the internet. Should we shop from such popular web shops? On the one hand, there are some advantages: we can shop anything we want at the time that we decide it by just being home. Also, the goods are cheaper than in the real shops and there is great variety of things to choose. So, we buy without being tired. On the other hand, our order may be late when it comes, even if it is already paid. We may not like the items in reality, when we take them and, if we change our mind, we cannot call our order off. It is possible to lose our money and not take the goods we ordered. To sum up, it is both good and bad to buy things from the internet, so everyone must be very careful with what he or she chooses to do.
  12. 12. 12 Cities in the world (by our 4th and 5th graders) Volos, Greece by Simona Izai (4th grade) Volos is near a mountain. It is in the western part of Greece. It is a large area. There aren’t any rivers in this area. There aren’t any rare trees and plants. Sitia, Greece by Valanta Doura (4th grade) Sitia is in the eastern part of Crete and it’s near the sea. It’s a big town in Lasithi. It’s near St. Nikolaos. There are mountains and a lot of beaches. You can drink tsikoudia and you can eat traditional food. You can visit the famous museums. Also, you can visit Kazarma. Kazarma is a big castle. It’s easy to go to because there is an airport in Sitia. Sitia is my favourite town and I want to go there every summer. Volos, Greece by Vaggelis Diplas (4th grade) Volos is near the sea and it is on the east of Larissa. It is a big city with a lot of beautiful beaches. There is a mountain, Pelion, and there are sights: Zagora, Milies and Tsagarada. I can go to the carnival festival. There are wild pigs on the mountains and wolves on Pelion. Halkidiki, Greece by Konstantina Dervisi (4th grade) The capital city of Halkidiki is Poligiros. It is in the north part of Greece. It has seas all around: the Aegean, Thermaikos and Kassandra. You can visit the Petralona caves. It is famous for its wine and its honey. In Ouranoupoli you can buy carpets. It is famous for its beaches and the island of Ammouliani. You must visit it! Volos, Greece by Matina Halatsi (4th grade) My favourite city is Volos. Volos is near the sea and the mountain. It is in the western part of Greece. It is a large city. There is a big mountain, Pelion. In Volos there is a museum and there are a lot of churches, cafes, schools, banks and shopping centers. Athens, Greece by Evi Chrisikou (4th grade) I love the city of Athens. There are a lot of blocks of flats and a lot of shops. Athens is near the mountains. There is Acropolis and the Greek Parliament. Athens is in the west. In Athens there are a lot of shops with clothes, restaurants, schools, parks, hospitals. In Athens people usually eat pizza, gyros and other foods. There are a lot of zoos. The most common animal is the dove and there are some trees, pines. Lamia, Greece by Natalia-Xenia Katsanou, Frensi Veliai, Ronaldo Kotsi and Flavio Gioka (4th grade) Lamia is in central Greece. Lamia is near the sea. It is a big city. Stylida, Ipati and Rahes are towns near Lamia. There aren’t any mountains and lakes in Lamia. There is a river next to Lamia. There is a castle and a museum in Lamia. You can eat ‘loukoumia’ and ‘kourabiedes’ in Lamia. They are famous in Greece! Tourists visit Lamia during the carnival. It’s fun! There aren’t any rare animals and plants in Lamia.
  13. 13. 13 Prefecture of Iraklio, Greece by George Lagos (4th grade) In the southern part of Greece there is Crete. Crete has got four prefectures. One of them is the prefecture of Iraklio. The capital city is Iraklio. Other important cities are Anogia, kasteli, Malia. Important sights are the ancient palace of Minoas at Knossos and the ancient palace at Festos. Very interesting is the Archaeological Museum of Iraklio and the Vrontisiou Monastery. The famous products are ‘kaltsounia’ and ‘tsikoudia’. Crete has got a lot of beautiful beaches, too. Crete is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Kalabaka, Greece by Anastasia Zourkou (5th grade) Kalabaka is a town in the Prefecture of Trikala. There you can find Meteora. They say that a meteorite fell on Earth and the world was created. Kalabaka has got cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels with a view to Meteora. In Kalabaka there are also a shopping center, a tourist center and souvenir shops. Some kilometers near Kalabaka there is a skiing center, too. If you ever visit Kalabaka, do not forget to go to Metsovo, or Trikala which are near if you take the highway! Athens, Greece by Aspa Dervisi (5th grade) Athens is the capital of Greece and it is my favourite city. There are many many people who live in this city. There are a lot of shops, such as bookshops, shoeshops, cafes and supermarkets. There are a lot of parks, rivers and mountains. Also, there are new roads and the famous airport. Of course you can visit historical sights, such as Acropolis, Parthenon, Plaka, our National Museum of Athens and Attiko Park, where you can see wild animals, like dolphins, bears, tigers, white tigers, fat elephants, monkeys, lions and tall giraffes. Athens is one of the most popular cities in the world. I like it a lot and I want to study there when I finish school. Kiev, Ukraine by Maritina Tselepi (5th grade) Welcome to Kiev!!! Everybody wants to invite you to the city of Kiev. It is the capital of Ukraine and its largest city, with a population of 2.819.566. In Kiev there are many archaic statues, very big premises, many shops, historical temples, many houses, palaces of historical kings, bridges, museums with many archaeological things and castles with very rich gardens!!! Brussels, Belgium by Sophie Netou (5th grade) Brussels is the capital of Belgium and has a population of about 15.000.000 people. There are many interesting places to see and to go to. The people in Brussels speak French and Dutch. Belgium is famous for chocolates and waffles.
  14. 14. 14 ENGLISH BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL (5th grade) Our 5th grade English coursebook introduces pancakes as part of the American breakfast (Unit 4, Lesson 2, p. 54), but they are also included in the English breakfast. After a discussion with the 5th grade learners at the Primary School of Sourpi regarding what an English breakfast includes, its nutritional value and its differences from the Greek breakfast, learners were invited to try the English breakfast at school!!! They had the opportunity to drink tea, have milk with cereals and enjoy delicious pancakes! Here is what they think about the English breakfast! ENGLISH BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL by Giasemi Karioti (5th grade) I was enthusiastic with the tea, the pancakes and the delicious juice. I didn’t like the cereals. However, I had a great time and I would like to eat again this perfect breakfast! ENGLISH BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL by Maritina Tselepi (5th grade) Today we had breakfast at school and we ate pancakes, cereals and milk, tea and orange juice. In my opinion, the English breakfast was very delicious! The pancakes were delicious, they smelt very nice and the cereals were great! I would really like to have this breakfast again because I was really excited about it! ENGLISH BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL by Aspa Dervisi (5th grade) Yesterday, we had breakfast at school with pancakes, tea, milk with cereals. I liked pancakes with chocolate and milk with cereals. I didn’t like the tea with milk! ENGLISH BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL by Sophie Netou (5th grade) My opinion about the English breakfast at school is that it was very good! The pancake was very nice with honey, praline and chocolate syrup. The tea and cereals were also very good! ENGLISH BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL by Maria Kostoula (5th grade) Today we ate cereals with milk, pancakes and we drank tea. I enjoyed the pancakes very much and the cereals with milk. I didn’t like the tea very much! I ate half a pancake with honey and half with praline and I enjoyed more the one with the honey! ENGLISH BREAKFAST AT SCHOOL by Anastasia Zourkou (5th grade) In my opinion, the English breakfast is very good, because the pancake is a good breakfast and it is very healthy!
  15. 15. 15 PANCAKES by Fotini Mavriki (5th grade) Ingredients: Dry Ingredients: 2 cups of flour 2 tablespoons of baking powder 2 tablespoons of sugar some salt 1 vanilla Liquid Ingredients: 2 cups of buttermilk (or milk) 2 eggs 2 tablespoons of olive oil Procedure: Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then, mix the liquid ingredients in another bowl. Now, add the liquid mixture to the dry mixture. Mix well and let it for five minutes. Don’t mix again and wait until you see some bubbles. Warm a pan and add a bit of oil at its centre. Pour half a cup of the mixture in the centre of the pan. Let it cook from the one side. Then, flip it over and cook the other side. When they are ready, eat them with honey.
  16. 16. 16 OUR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S DAY ROUTINES by Maritina Tselepi and Panagiota Vazoura (5th grade) Our names are Maritina and Panagiota and we come from Greece. In our country we celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Day with a lot of customs. On Christmas Day we decorate the Christmas tree. Then, we write a letter to Santa Claus. In the morning we sing the Christmas carols and people give us money from their decorated houses. At midday, mum makes turkey and a lot of sweets and we eat all together at the Christmas table. Before the New Year’s Day we go shopping and we put milk and biscuits under the Christmas tree for Santa Claus and we wait for our presents. In the evening, we invite our relatives and friends, we eat together and we play cards! When the clock strikes midnight, we say “Happy new Year” and we watch the fireworks in the sky. Then, we cut the traditional pie, ‘vassilopita’, and the person who finds the coin that is hidden in the pie is lucky for the rest of the year! In the next morning, we visit a relative’s or a friend’s house for good luck! Then, we open the presents and we see that Santa Claus drank the milk and ate the biscuits! Then, we are so excited and we play with our new toys! Christmas is the best holiday! CHRISTMAS FUN by Angela Gioka and Giasemi Karioti (5th grade) Santa Claus comes at Christmas. We all sit at a big table and we eat. We also open the presents. At Christmas we dance a lot and we decorate the Christmas tree. The top of the tree has got a big star! CHRISTMAS IN GREECE by Stella Doura (5th grade) At Christmas in Greece we make ‘melomakarona’ and ‘kourabiedes’. We write a letter to Santa Claus, we decorate the tree and we get the presents! CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS IN MY COUNTRY by Anastasia Zourkou (5th grade) Christmas in Greece is very beautiful. Here we decorate a Christmas tree and our houses. Children sing carols in the streets. We eat roast turkey, ‘melomakarona’ and ‘kourabiedes’. On December 31st we break a pomegranate on our doorstep, because, if many of its seeds scatter on the ground, the people of the house will be very lucky! We also eat ‘vassilopita’ when the New Year comes, we open our presents, we sing and we are all very happy as we celebrate the birth of Jesus! CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS by Fotini Mavriki (5th grade) Children in Greece always sing the carols on Christmas Eve. Also, Greeks put a boat on some places and they decorate it. Greeks often make some delicious sweets, such as ‘melomakarona’ and ‘kourabiedes’. Small children believe that gnomes eat their sweets. In the end, Greeks always eat ‘vassilopita’ on New Year’s Day for a good and lucky beginning of the New Year!
  17. 17. 17 CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS IN GREECE by Aggeliki Mavriki & Konstantina Filothodorou (6th grade) Christmas is an international celebration which is celebrated in most countries. In Greece, there are a lot of customs that take place in different cities on different days. So, we will present to you some of these customs: Thessaly “Gourounohara” is a custom of Thessaly. Before Christmas, for three consecutive days, three different men roast one pig each day. Central Greece “Feeding the fount” is a custom of Central Greece. Before Christmas Day, girls go to the nearest fount without speaking at all on their way. They take the ‘silent’ water in jugs. Then, they ‘feed’ the fount with many delicacies. After that, they put bush leaves and three stones in each jug. Finally, they go back to their house without speaking on the way. Crete “Hristopsomo” is a kind of bread that women bake in Crete some days before Christmas. They use flour, butter, rosewater, honey and sesame to make it. They take a part of the dough and they form a cross on the bread. They also put a whole walnut in the middle as a symbol of fertility. They cut it on Christmas Day. Greece In the past, instead of a Christmas tree, people decorated a Christmas Boat! There were Christmas Boats in every house and children were singing the Christmas carols holding a decorated Christmas Boat in their hands. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S CUSTOMS by Aspa Dervisi and Sophia Netou (5th grade) We have many customs and traditions in Greece at Christmas and on New Year’s Day. At Christmas, we usually decorate the house. We always decorate the Christmas tree and make Christmas sweets, like ‘melomakarona’ and ‘kourabiedes’. We always sing Christmas carols, too. On New Year’s Day we are excited to open the presents. We usually sing the New Year’s carols. We always eat ‘vassilopita’, a pie with a hidden coin inside (whoever finds the coin is lucky)! HAPPY NEW YEAR’S DAY by Maritina Tselepi (5th grade) Happy Christmas, happy Christmas, we eat a muffin!!! Happy Christmas, happy Christmas, Santa Claus is laughing!!! Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree, the presents are waiting!!! Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree, the old year is leaving!!! The presents are coming with the new year 2014!!! The presents are coming with the new year 2014!!!
  18. 18. 18 SPRING by Angela Menxi (4th grade) It is going to be spring with the flowers red and pink, it is warm and very sunny, it is good to be funny with. The birds and the grass, we all play all day! We will climb on the trees and eat ice cream because it’s going to be spring! SEASONS by Hrysoula Katsavria (4th grade) In the winter, it is snowy and it’s cold, and we make a snowman, it’s tall! In the spring it’s warm and sunny and we make an Easter bunny! In the summer, hot and sunny every day, and we swim and we go on holiday! In the autumn, cloudy and rainy, and at school our books are many! SUMMER by George Lagos (4th grade) I love the summer, I swim every day, I love the summer, I laugh and play! I love the summer, I go to the beach, I love the summer, I play with my brother, Chris! SUMMER by Georgia Anagnostou (4th grade) School is over, summer is here! The children play all day, summer is here! We go on holidays, summer is here! We swim in the sea, summer is here! We make castles and towers, summer is here! And we eat a lot of ice cream, summer is here! SPRING by Konstantina Dervisi (4th grade) Pink and green, the colour of spring! Flowers and birds dance and sing! The spring comes and the sun shines and then we all have fun! SUMMER by Matina Halatsi (4th grade) Hot and sunny every day, summer is here! We swim in the sea, summer is here! The schools are closed, summer is here! We eat ice cream, summer is here! POEMS ABOUT SEASONS (4th grade)
  19. 19. 19 SUMMER by Nefeli Zourkou (4th grade) In the summer the birds fly! In the summer it is sunny and very hot! In the summer the sea is blue. In the summer people go swimming in the sea! SUMMER by Vaggelis Diplas (4th grade) It is spring, the sun is shining! It is spring, it’s a hot day! March, April, May, it is spring! The garden is beautiful, it is spring! We fly a kite, it is spring! WINTER by Valanta Doura (4th grade) The snowman is happy, winter is the best! Outside it is snowing And the children are snowball –fighting! Winter is the best, Christmas is coming and everybody is laughing! Winter is the best, outside it is very cold and the houses are hot. Winter is the best, winter is the best of all the seasons … rest! SUMMER by Zoe Diakoumi (4th grade) The weather is sunny, summer is here! The flowers are very beautiful, summer is here! Birds are flying, summer is here! Ducks are dancing, summer is here! Horses are running, summer is here! Daisies smell nice, summer is here! SUMMER by Simona Izai (4th grade) In summer we go to the beach, summer is here! In summer we eat ice cream, summer is here! In summer we swim in the sea, summer is here!
  20. 20. 20 OUR SCHOOL BLOG For all of you who would like to have electronic access to our English School Newspaper, S-O-URPRISE, but who also want to view other school projects and follow our school news, we have created a blog! The address of our school blog is the following: