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Science a walk through history

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Science a walk through history

  1. 1. Is the period of History that began when humans first appeared and finished when they learned to read and write. PREHISTORY
  2. 2. AT THE BEGINNING They hunted, fished, and collected plants and fruit They slept in caves They wore animal skins They used fire to keep warm to cook to give light
  3. 3. LATER ON They stopped moving around They learned to cultivate plants They built larger settlements
  4. 4. AT THE END They built the first cities It was the beginning of trade (exchange products) They melt metals to make tools and jewellery
  5. 5. Is the period of History that began when people learned to read and write. In this period there were important civilisations around the Mediterranean Sea, like the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Romans. ANCIENT HISTORY
  6. 6. PHOENICIANS They came to the Iberian Península looking for metals They established trading centres in Cádiz and Málaga Merchants
  7. 7. GREEKS Merchants They built buildings and sculptures Great writers and philosophers DEMOCRACY: “Government by the peo The first Olympic Games were in Greece
  8. 8. ROMANS They conquered the Iberian Península which they called Hispania They built aqueducts, theatresand amphitheatres They used the same language: latin They had laws
  9. 9. Is the period of History that began after Ancient History it was the time of feudal lords and castles. THE MIDDLE AGES
  10. 10. FEUDALISM Feudal lord Knight Peasants They built city walls There were mechants, markets and fairs In the NORTH: Christian Kingdoms In the SOUTH: Islamic Territory