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Happy farm presentation Get-to-know-tour


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Happy farm presentation Get-to-know-tour

  1. 1. HAPPY FARMBusiness Incubator
  2. 2. WHAT IS HAPPY FARM?Happy Farm is a business incubator specializing inidentifying and growing tech startups in the globalmarket.
  3. 3. Startupsearly stageTech:Mobile,Cloud Computing,Games,Social Networking,SaaS,CRM/ERP, etc.
  4. 4. 4Happy PrinciplesLIVE ---WORK --- STUDY
  5. 5. The Board of Directors
  6. 6. More than 35 speakers, mentors, advisersJ.Nordmark I. Shoifot V.VoskresenskiyA.DegterevaB .SathianathanB.DorfP.AsayanG. PenchinaR. ChatwaniB.Susanne B.DayM.Liao Z.Gelat B.CommagereG. Kanwar V. Golomb A.ShoiketM. Baldwin T. Kromer M.DuvaJ. Gower T.Gauda
  7. 7. 7STARTUP PROGRAMAmerican Breakthrough1 month in USAStartup accelerating program2 months in Ukrainepost-development2 months in Ukraine
  9. 9. Format&scheduleStartupacceleratingprogramUSAinternship(1 month)StartupacceleratingprogramStartupacceleratingprogramMentorshipStudy sessionsIntensive English1:1 coaching with internationaland national expertsHF services: legal, financial,technical, PR, BD, testingWorking & Living space &FoodHF open events & networkingStartupacceleratingprogram(2 monthsUkraine)Postdevelopment(2 monthsUkraine)
  10. 10. BusinessmodelTeam Financial ,legal and IPissuesFundraising& workwithinvestorsOrganizational& projectmanagementPitching andpresentationEDU topics1.Essential subjects. Entity basics.2.GrowthGo-To-MarketOverviewStrategy &planningVIRALITY Basics ofSales &MarketingSEO/SMM B2C,B2B, Affiliatesprograms
  11. 11. Prototype ,MVP, NewtechnologiesDesign Usability Value ofproductScaling EXITstrategy3.PRODUCTEDU topicsSVcalendar&manual forparticipantsBusinessculture andattitudeSpeaking,listening,networkingSVecosytemVideo,books,movies,practiceIntensiveEnglishNegotiationskills4.Making ready to SV & personal development
  12. 12. I speak English every day 
  13. 13. American Breakthrough
  14. 14. American Breakthrough Program:Attendance of the 9 big IT conferences and eventsMeetings with world-known corporations such asFacebook, Google, Microsoft and othersPitches to Dave McClure at 500 startups AcceleratorDiscussion of HF startups with Steve Blank3 Happy Farm events for Silicon Valley Startupcommunity1:1 pitch to the 30 well- known ventures
  15. 15. American Breakthrough EXPERIENCE:6 companies developed own network of businesscontacts and US based partners2 companies attract US based team members2 companies in the process of closing first dealswith VCs3 new Board members attracted35 new mentors and advisers involved for nextseason37 days and 555 hours of work,meetings, events, pitches, negotiationand networking
  16. 16. HAPPY FARM SERVICESan effective pivoted startup accelerating program 2 monthsa profitable internship in Silicon Valley 1 monthexpertise and business development 5 monthscoaching and mentoring 5 monthslegal and financial professional support 5 monthsworkspace, accommodation, board 3 monthsinvestment search
  17. 17. WHAT ARE OUR CONDITIONS?$70K investments for 15% equity == $55K services + $15K cashFrequency: 2 cycles per year
  18. 18. PARTICIPATION PROCESSII CycleCrash test – May, 13th1st Board: top-10/20 residents selection – May, 17thAcceleration program – May, 20th – July, 20th2nd Board: top-5/10 residents for the US selection –July, 20thAmerican Breakthrough Internship - September
  19. 19. I Cycle ResidentsGeography: Ukraine, Russia
  20. 20. II Cycle ResidentsGeography: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldavia,Kazakhstan
  21. 21. Apply for Happy FarmAcceleration programRIGHT NOW!III Cycle:September, 2013 –January, 2014
  22. 22. APPLYING FOR PROGRAMSDeadline: May,10th + 1 + 2A CLASS:for residentsApplication form fields:Project titleProject categoryProject ideaProject web-siteCompany profile on Angel ListCompany profile on FacebookLinkedIn profile of CEOCompany profile on TwitterLink to the videoProblemSolutionBusiness-model (canvas)Product marketCompetitorsTeamRequired fund-raisingFinancials
  23. 23. HOW TO GET STARTED2 + 1 + 2Come to Happy Farm and we’ll help you to make it!
  24. 24. HOW TO GET STARTED2 + 1 + 2Come to Happy Farm and we’ll help you to create your profile!
  26. 26. Teams ready to develop their ownTech projects:• Mobile,• Cloud,• Computing,• Games,• Social Networking,• Saas etc.Class A. STARTUP RESIDENTSHAPPY CLASSES
  27. 27. IT specialists ready to work on a project tooutsource major USA companies, and inexchange receive a share in the company.Class B. PROVEN TALENTHAPPY CLASSES
  28. 28. Students from technical universities, readyto develop innovative projects and solutionsfor US companies.Class C. YOUNG GUNSHAPPY CLASSES
  29. 29. Special short mentorship program for studentswith interesting ideas.Class D. JUMP STARTHAPPY CLASSES
  30. 30. Already operating businesses, whethersmall, medium-sized and large looking toenter global markets, and to develop theirtechnical executives.Class E. THINK GLOBALHAPPY CLASSES
  31. 31. Talented students from technical universities,ready to develop and collaborate with studentsfrom Stanford and Berkeley as a team.Class F. COLLABORATE US STUDENTSHAPPY CLASSES
  32. 32. Young entrepreneurs who are ready to work asrepresentatives of U.S. companies to developtheir business in European markets.Class G. COLLABORATE US BUSINESSHAPPY CLASSES
  33. 33. 35Our ContactsAnna Degtereva,CEOemail: anna.degterevaAlena Novgorodskaya,Startup Relations Manageremail: