2012 Jan 01 Goal Setting in 12 Steps


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  • sir just now i upload this presentation in my slideshare.
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  • Thank you so much. Please spare a minute and have a look at one of my presentation, titled YOU AND TODAY - please honour me with your valuable feedback. Thanks again. Wishing you all the best. Viswam
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  • @sangamsunanda
    Thank you so much for the nice words of appreciation. I do understand the nature of the present generation, their temptations, powerful distractions and what not. I feel, we must honestly attempt to motivate them to read the lives of great and successful personalities. Explain to them the purpose of life, the challenges ahead, the value-orientation needed, the social debt which they must attempt to repay and so on. If teachers, at all stages, take it to their heart, they can together achieve much more than what is now seen as possible. I do understand that the task is not easy but, however, without getting discouraged and demotivated we must persist in our attempts. Let other friends also suggest ways and means. With best wishes. Viswam.
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  • Thank you sir for such inspiring presentation. I have a question sir . I noticed that many students of present generation give less importance to such things. They give much importance to entertain themselves with worldly pleasures forgetting their goals. What shall i do to inculcate these into the youth.
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  • thank you sir
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2012 Jan 01 Goal Setting in 12 Steps

  1. 1. in 12 steps Facilitator: Prof. V. Viswanadham Special Edition made for Yuvabharathi 1 st Sunday Programme on Personality Development – 2012Jan01
  2. 3. The 1 st step in all goal setting is desire. Desire is the great motivator, the great force that impels us toward our goals.
  3. 4. The 2 nd step is belief – you must believe without a doubt that you have the ability to achieve the goal. So make your goals challenging but realistic.
  4. 5. The 3 rd step is to write the goal in complete detail, exactly as you wish to have it. Until a goal is committed to paper, it is not a goal; it is simply a wish.
  5. 6. The 4 th step is to determine how you will benefit from accomplishing your goal. Write out a specific list of all the advantages you are going to enjoy.
  6. 7. The 5 th step is to analyze your current status – where you are right now. If you wish to earn a certain amount of money, figure out exactly how much you are earning today.
  7. 8. The 6 th step is to set a deadline – Decide exactly when, i.e. by what date you are going to accomplish that goal.
  8. 9. The 7 th step is to identify the obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve your goal. You will find that the obstacles that loom large in your mind when you're thinking about them become small when you write them down on paper.
  9. 10. The 8 th step is to clearly identify the knowledge you will require in order to accomplish your goal. It is important that you determine what you are going to have to learn, how you intend to get trained, etc.
  10. 11. The 9 th step is to identify the associates and leaders whose cooperation and assistance you will need to attain your goal. Concentrate on what you can give, how you can serve, how you can contribute, and how you can compensate and reward others in return for what you want. In short, it helps to be a little less selfish.
  11. 12. The 10 th step is to take all the details you've identified in the previous three steps and make a plan. Make it complete in every detail, with all the activities you are going to have to engage in, to accomplish your goal.
  12. 13. The 11 th step is to get a clear mental image of your goal as already attained. Every time you get the chance, play that picture of your goal on the screen of your mind.
  13. 14. The 12 th step is to back your plan with determination, persistence and resolve to never give up. Your persistence is the direct measure of how much you believe in yourself and in your ability to succeed.
  15. 16. GOALS must be put in writing. However, it doesn't mean that it is set once for all and that it is not to be changed. Goals need periodic revision and review. As circumstances change, and as you change, goals may need to be rewritten. Note that some goals will be abandoned and replaced with new goals.
  16. 17. Do not leave your life to chance. Make your own luck. Make your own success. You can make it happen by setting goals and then going out and achieving them.
  17. 18. Get Motivated and Make a Difference
  18. 19. Deshamunu Preminchumanna Manchiannadi Penchumanna Vottimatalu Kattipettoy Gattimel Talapettavoy Love your Motherland Do your bit to increase the Good Stop the habit of merely talking Contemplate on doing real Good
  19. 20. How was the lecture ?
  20. 21. GOOD LUCK
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