2011 jan09 Walking -[Please download and view to appreciate better the animation ]


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2011Jan09 – Walking – a presentation made for Walkers Club of Hyderabad – Prashanth – Walkers International – District 301 on the occasion of Installation of Wr. Ln. Konduru Sai Baba mjf as District Governor at the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry Auditorium, Hyderabad.

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  • Yes, Viswanadham, you are absolutely right. I concur fully with your comment.
    I expected this show to attract more views. Anyways, if you would read my last presentation here you might find the reason

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  • Thank you Mr. Ali Anani for your comment on my presentation. You said it very beautifully that the presentation not only got your legs walking, but also your mind as well. Just a point. It is our Mind that makes our bodies move, because our bodies cannot move by themselves, and thus keeps us active, physically. Our Mind, at the speed of thought, moves freely in all directions. Hence, the greater need for obtaining better control over Mind. Walking helps in keeping us healthy, not just physically but also mentally. Of course, there are methods like Meditation that keep our mind both active and calm. I think this is what you meant when you beautifully stated that 'we need walking minds as well'. Thank you once again, for sparing your valuable time. Wishing you all the best.
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  • You not only got my legs walking, but also my mind as well! We need walking minds as well. Thanks prof. for sharing
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2011 jan09 Walking -[Please download and view to appreciate better the animation ]

  1. 1. Welcome to the Lovers of WALKING A humble presentation by Prof. Wr. V. Viswanadham
  2. 2. Walking for the 3 incre a s es : Increase in Health, Increase in Happiness & Increase in Energy
  3. 3. Do you know that you have 2 DOCTORS with you ?
  4. 4. Your right leg & Your left leg.
  5. 5. Walking • Gives you more energy • Makes you feel good • Helps you to relax • Reduces stress • Helps you sleep better • Tones your muscles • Helps control your appetite • Increases the number of calories your body uses
  6. 6. WALKING to be the best that you can be!
  7. 7. WALKING Your energy levels go up, high, your spirits soar you look and feel Younger ~ much Longer!
  8. 8. WALKING helps shape and tone your legs, slim s your waist.
  9. 9. WALKING and your BRAIN significantly bette rs cognitive function
  10. 10. WALKING boosts CREATIVITY
  11. 11. WALKING helps you to sleep better.
  12. 12. ‘ Walking is man's best medicine.’ -Hippocrates
  13. 13. ‘ I've been through every diet under the sun, and I can tell you that getting up, getting out, and walking is always the first goal.’ - Oprah Winfrey
  14. 14. More benefits of walking! You can slow d own the aging process
  15. 15. Walking for a Healthier You • Best, safest, and most natural form of exercise • Effective form of exercise for all ages • Effective form of exercise for all states and levels of health • Increases our sense of well-being • We are actually designed for lengthy, regular walking • Need not be strenuous to reap significant health benefits
  16. 16. What are the health benefits? • Brisk walk of 20 minutes three times weekly – Lowers LDL [bad] cholesterol levels and raises HDL [ good] cholesterol levels – Stimulates blood circulation – Strengthens the heart – Helps control weight • a brisk 1 hr walk burns @ 400 calories for the average person – Helps reduce stress and depression • Keeps you emotionally healthy and enhances your well- being – Develops and maintains better coordination – Prevents osteoporosis • builds strong bones and slow bone loss
  17. 17. What are the health benefits ? – Reduces high blood pressure – Can help ease back discomfort – Improves your muscle tone • leads to lean, toned muscles, keeping you flexible and active – Develops strength, stamina and endurance • slows down the ageing process, keeping you fit, agile and mobile – Boosts your energy level – Lower your incidence of illness – Increase your metabolism – Best exercise for the brain
  18. 18. Walking correctly is very important • Walk with your chin up and your shoulders held slightly back. • Walk so that the heel of your foot touches the ground first. • Roll your weight forward. • Walk with your toes pointed forward. • Swing your arms as you walk.
  19. 19. Why Walking… SAI • Simple – no instructors or membership needed. • Achievable – can be done nearly anywhere, anytime. • Inexpensive – no special equipment involved.
  20. 20. Walking and Weight For every pound you want to lose, you must expend 3,500 calories worth of energy above the total you consume. Please remember that 1 pound = 3,500 calories Vigorously walking for a half an hour burns 200 calories and makes your body burn calories faster the rest of the day.
  22. 22. • To improve your health What do specialists suggest ??? Reduce Oil intake Reduce Smoking Go slow on Alcohol Moderation in everything Meditate, Exercise Yogasanas, Pranayama Stress Management • You are most welcome to do all that and may be much more. • One sure thing all of you can do right from today is ….. ?
  23. 23. Let TODAY Be a TURNING POINT. You can start with a simple step. TODAY .
  24. 24. Take a brisk walk for 20 minutes per day, Every day.
  25. 25. Studies have shown walking to be the best form of exercise that people of all ages can do.
  26. 26. WALKING AND SMOKING Regular walking is a positive habit to replace smoking with.
  27. 27. WALKING AND BLOOD PRESSURE Regular walking makes the heart work more efficiently and improves blood circulation. Blood vessels become more elastic and the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissues increases.
  28. 28. WALKING AND FITNESS Regular brisk walking improves muscle tone, makes your heart stronger and gives you that bite of fitness.
  29. 29. WALKING AND STRESS Walking is one easy way to deal with tension, anxiety and stress. Studies show that people who exercise regularly can cope better with various stresses of life.
  30. 30. WALKING AND CHOLESTROL Regular walking can increase the levels of good cholesterol.
  31. 31. How Do I Start a Walking Program?  Think of your walk in three parts: warm-up, walking, cool-down.  Drink water before, during and after.
  32. 32. How Do I Start a Walking Program?  Establish a regular walking routine, with some flexibility for weather and schedule changes.  Find a walking partner.  Wear correct clothing and shoes. If walking outside, wear the proper clothing.  Choose a safe place to walk.
  33. 33. How Often Should I Walk?  30-60 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week.  If you can’t do 30- min.of continuous exercise, you can still get benefits from two or three 10-minute exercise sessions throughout the day.  A little exercise is better than none, but more is better than a little.
  34. 34. Starting Out  Measure average daily steps or time.  Start on a level surface.  Start at a slow steady pace and build up to a quicker one. Stay at a pace where talking is possible but singing is difficult.
  35. 35. Keeping it Up  Increase daily steps each week. Experts recommend 10,000 daily steps a day for long term health. Set yourself a daily goal.  Move arms.  Increase time.  Increase intensity - reach your target heart rate.
  36. 36. No need of any equipment No need of expert guidance
  37. 37. Say YES to Walking
  38. 38. WALKING AND PATRIOTISM A healthier YOU can also mean a healthier INDIA with a healthier economy.
  39. 39. Remember - EVERY STEP COUNTS
  40. 40. Just a Thought before I take leave “ In the first month of walking regularly, you’ll start to feel the difference.” In the second month, you’ll see the difference.” In the third month, others will notice the difference.”
  41. 41. 8 January 2011 45