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2010 nov12 positive attitude [change mgt.] -


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A special presentation made for MCR HRD Institute, Hyderabad

2010 nov12 positive attitude [change mgt.] -

  1. 1. Positive Attitude Adapted by Prof. V. Viswanadham
  2. 2. Some astonishingSome astonishing stories…stories…
  3. 3. A candidate for a newsA candidate for a news broadcaster postbroadcaster post was rejectedwas rejected because of his voice.because of his voice. He was also told thatHe was also told that because of his height,because of his height, he wouldhe would never be famous.never be famous.
  4. 4. He is Amitabh Bachchan
  5. 5. A small boy from a poor familyA small boy from a poor family was not exceptionally well atwas not exceptionally well at school, but was fascinated byschool, but was fascinated by birds and rockets.birds and rockets. The first rocket he builtThe first rocket he built crashed; a missile that hecrashed; a missile that he built crashed multiple times.built crashed multiple times. He is the person who hasHe is the person who has scripted the space odyssey ofscripted the space odyssey of India, single handedlyIndia, single handedly
  6. 6. He is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
  7. 7. In 1962, four young nervousIn 1962, four young nervous musicians played their firstmusicians played their first record audition. Therecord audition. The audition company was notaudition company was not impressed. While turningimpressed. While turning them down, one of thethem down, one of the executives of the companyexecutives of the company said, “We don’t like theirsaid, “We don’t like their sound. Groups of guitarssound. Groups of guitars are on the way out.”are on the way out.”
  8. 8. The group is called: “The Beatles”
  9. 9. In 1944,In 1944, Emmeline Snively,Emmeline Snively, Director of the Blue BookDirector of the Blue Book Modeling Agency toldModeling Agency told modeling hopefulmodeling hopeful Norman Jean Baker,Norman Jean Baker, ““You’d better learnYou’d better learn secretarial work or elsesecretarial work or else get married.get married. Modeling is not for you.”Modeling is not for you.”
  10. 10. She went to become Marilyn Monroe.
  11. 11. In 1954, Jimmy Denny,In 1954, Jimmy Denny, manager of the Grand Olemanager of the Grand Ole Opera fired a singer after aOpera fired a singer after a single performance.single performance. He told him, “You ain’t goingHe told him, “You ain’t going anywhere… son. Youanywhere… son. You should go back toshould go back to driving a truck.”driving a truck.”
  12. 12. He went on to become Elvis Presley.
  13. 13. When a gentleman invented aWhen a gentleman invented a communication machine incommunication machine in 1876, it did not get much1876, it did not get much response. After using theresponse. After using the device, President Rutherforddevice, President Rutherford Hayes said, “That’s anHayes said, “That’s an amazing invention, but whoamazing invention, but who would want to usewould want to use one of those?”one of those?”
  14. 14. He said this to Alexander Graham Bell, about his telephone.
  15. 15. In 1940, another youngIn 1940, another young inventor named Chesterinventor named Chester Carlson took his idea toCarlson took his idea to 20 corporations,20 corporations, including some of theincluding some of the biggest in his country.biggest in his country. They all turned him down.They all turned him down.
  16. 16. His machine was the photocopier we use today. He sold it to a company which later became Xerox corporation.
  17. 17. A school teacher punished aA school teacher punished a boy for not paying attentionboy for not paying attention to mathematics andto mathematics and for not being able to solvefor not being able to solve simple mathematicalsimple mathematical problems. She told him thatproblems. She told him that he would never becomehe would never become anybody in life.anybody in life.
  18. 18. The boy went to become Albert Einstein.
  19. 19. Why Positive Attitude? It encourages- • Ability to adapt to change • Openness to learning • Higher productivity • The ability to work with all types of people • Ability to learn & grow on the job • Creative solution in problem solving • To reduce stress.
  20. 20. Interrelationship between Mind, Body & Success Self Image Your beliefs & attitude about yourself Self Talk Influences what you say about yourself Change in body Breathing, muscle tension, posture, blushing Self behavior Action, verbal responses Success
  21. 21. Attributes of Positive attitude 5 Positive Attitudes to Transform Productive work environment: 1. Willing-to-learn Attitude 2. Take-Charge Attitude 3. Involved Attitude 4. Assertive Attitude 5. Supportive Attitude.
  22. 22. 1. Characteristics of the willing-to-Learn Attitude person 1. Is open to new ideas 2. Listens actively & patiently 3. Asks relevant questions 4. Don’t show know-all subject attitude 5. Seeks out advices 6. Emphasizes other peoples’ viewpoints 7. Continually upgrades job skills 8. Takes seminars on human-relation skills 9. Takes on new job responsibilities 10.Believes that learning is a life long process.
  23. 23. 2. Characteristics of the Take-Charge Attitude person 1. Takes charge of situation 2. Takes full responsibility of his or her attitude & action 3. Looks for solutions 4. Feel empowered to take control and make sound decisions 5. Refuses to blame circumstances or events 6. Does not delay too much to change 7. Makes own luck 8. Explores options 9. Has a good sense of humour.
  24. 24. 3. Characteristics of the Involved Attitude person: 1. Is interested to getting the job done 2. Actively participates in projects & meetings 3. Works in a team 4. Offers alternatives for solving problems 5. Enthusiastic & enjoys life 6. Uses critical thinking for decision making 7. Does not take more time in decision making 8. Does not look back once decision is made.
  25. 25. CULTIVATE POSITIVE ATTITUDE  Develop positive attitude for all purposes  Always see positive things first  Work at being cheerful and optimistic  Avoid negative thinking
  26. 26. SOME POINTS TO REMEMBER  Try to finish one task before you start another  Break large tasks into bite size proportions  Take each day at a time  Look at problems as a Challenge  Strive for Excellence, not perfection  Be a better listener  Do not be shy about approaching others for help  Learn from your mistakes and be wise  Learn from others’ mistakes and be wiser  Maintain punctuality strictly
  27. 27. EVALUATE YOURSELF IN REFLECTION.  SWOT analysis  Improve yourself on daily basis
  28. 28. Remember— EVERY SECOND COUNTS
  29. 29. A winner is not one whoA winner is not one who never fails.never fails. A winner is one whoA winner is one who NEVER QUITSNEVER QUITS + ATTITUTDE
  30. 30. Remember Be open and willing to accept your own limitations No Body is Perfect & At the same time appreciate other peoples' point of view
  31. 31. AttAttiitudetude ActActiionon
  32. 32. PositivePositive AttAttiitudetude PositivePositive ActActiionon
  33. 33. PositivePositive ActActiionon PositivePositive ResultsResults
  34. 34. Thank you.Thank you. PleasePlease put somethingput something at leastat least intointo practicepractice
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