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A talk was arranged for the NSS Volunteers of the St. Pious Degree College, Nacharam, Hyderabad, on Healthy Youth – Healthy India. Two power point presentations were used for the lecture. For the first half an hour, the lecture went on in English, however, after verifying that all the students know Telugu, Telugu was also used for explaining certain aspects, which can be better appreciated when explained in the mother tongue.

The need for health, the need for physical, mental, spiritual health, how to obtain all-round health, were touched upon. The need for healthy development of the youth for the health and well-being of the nation was emphasized. Human values must be considered as important in the development of spiritual health. The explanation was given in the context of patriotism – how to be. 40 assets, that the youth must strive to acquire, were briefly explained. In the context of spiritual health, the concept of GOD was explained, briefly, in a secular manner.

You would be better able to appreciate the beauty and the purpose of the presentation when both the audio version, uploaded to www.archive.org [please search for Prof. V. Viswanadham], and the relevant power point presentation that can be viewed at www.scribd.com [please search for Viswam.vangapally4581] and / or www.slideshare.net/viswanadham and taken together as a package.

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20091003 Addl. Slides For Healthy Youth for Healthy India

  1. 1. Additional Slides on Healthy Youth Healthy INDIA Adapted and presented by Prof. V. Viswanadham
  2. 2. MY IDEA OF GOD
  3. 3. MY IDEA OF GOD God literally means “the one” who -- G enerates O rganizes & D estructs everything and anything in the universe. It is the divine power that uplifts the living being to the eternal Truth, Bliss and Beauty. ~ SATYAM, SHIVAM, SUNDARAM.
  4. 4. This beauty exists in different forms: to name a few: Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrian, Buddhism, Jainism are some of the representative examples. Thus, the fact is that God can be realized through all paths and that all religions are true. We worship this power in different ways, reflecting tradition.
  5. 5. In spite of all the advancement of Science, still there are hundreds of unresolved mysteries in scientific world. ‘ How this universe has emerged?’; ‘ What will be its end?’ are the questions that make scientists ponder. The answers really point towards this divine power. With all the advancements in the field of science and technology, we really find it metaphysical.
  6. 6. Ultimately, it is appealed to all of us to behave in a humane way towards all the life forms which itself is none other than GOD put together.
  7. 7. UNITY ~ PURITY ~ DIVINITY Be Humane Be Compassionate Be Tolerant Be Secular Be Spiritual Help Ever Hurt Never
  8. 8. 40 Assets for the healthy development of the YOUTH
  9. 9. The District is committed to develop the assets of its young people. The assets listed here have been proven by research to be essential to the healthy development of young people. The 40 assets listed here have been proven by research to be essential to the healthy development of young people. Thus, to the healthy development of the nation.
  10. 10. 40 ASSETS How many of these 40 Assets You have acquired ?
  11. 11. Support 1) Family support 2) Positive family communication 3) Other adult relationships 4) Caring neighbourhood 5) Caring school / college climate 6) Parent involvement in education
  12. 12. Empowerment 7) Community values youth 8) Youth as resources 9) Service to others 10) Safety
  13. 13. Boundaries and Expectations 11) Family boundaries 12) School / College boundaries 13) Neighborhood boundaries 14) Adult role models 15) Positive peer influence 16) High expectations
  14. 14. Constructive Use of Time 17) Creative activities 18) Youth programs 19) Religious and Spiritual activities 20) Time at home
  15. 15. Commitment to continuous Learning 21) Achievement motivation 22) School / College engagement 23) Homework 24) Bonding to School / College 25) Reading for future
  16. 16. Positive Values 26) Caring and sharing 27) Equality and social justice 28) Integrity 29) Honesty 30) Responsibility 31) Restraint
  17. 17. Social Competencies 32) Planning and decision-making 33) Interpersonal competence 34) Cultural competence 35) Resistance skills 36) Peaceful conflict resolution
  18. 18. Positive Identity 37) Personal power 38) Self-esteem 39) Sense of purpose 40) Positive view of personal future
  19. 19. In case YOU liked this speech and presentation ~ for listening to more speeches and for viewing more presentations, Please Visit: Visit: http:// www.archive.org and Search for Prof. V. Viswanadham
  20. 20. In case YOU liked this presentation ~ for viewing more presentations, on various topics, Please Visit: Please visit : www.scribd.com and search for Viswam.vangapally4581 and / or www.slideshare.net/viswanadham In case YOU want to give some feedback / contact me : Viswam. vangapally@gmail.com Prof. V. Viswanadham ~ [040 – 2722 3383 A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENT LISTENING