20090421 Some Thoughts On Personality Development 42s


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This presentation has been developed as a supplement to the presentation titled as Personality Development. Depending on the availablility of the time and the interactive nature of the participating audience, this presentation will be used - to introduce, to develop and to sum up.

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20090421 Some Thoughts On Personality Development 42s

  1. 1. some thoughts on personality development co Compiled by Prof. V. Viswanadham
  2. 2. you are unique be yourself
  3. 3. love to learn improve adaptablity to change
  4. 4. be smiling be happy be willing to help others to smile and be happy
  5. 5. Develop positive attitude Develop an attitude of gratitude
  6. 6. be willing to learn from both success & failure ~ of both yours and that of others
  7. 7. develop the habit of goal-setting ~ the habit of action plans with clear time frames
  8. 8. develop and practice human values
  9. 9. develop clarity, character, conviction & commitment in communication
  10. 10. be free from envy & pride
  11. 11. stop the tendency to procrastinate develop time management skills
  12. 12. develop the analytical ability practice taking right decisions at the right time
  13. 13. tune your mind stay focussed be aware of distractions & attractions
  14. 14. be disciplined be dedicated never, never, never give up.
  15. 15. review and revise your action plans regularly re-plan, re-implement and re-review
  16. 16. don't complain or criticize be constructive be contributing be considerate
  17. 17. be a little bit less selfish
  18. 18. be a little bit more caring, more sharing and more empathizing
  19. 19. be motivated be reading be relating be radiating
  20. 20. develop your listening skills you will have more friends
  21. 21. be active be pro-active
  22. 22. Avoid I n f e r i o r i t y complex
  23. 23. Avoid s u p e r i o r i t y complex
  24. 24. Regular Introspection Will help you To balance both Inferiority complex And Superiority complex
  25. 25. be balanced ?
  26. 26. Meditation will help you
  27. 27. Positive attitude will help you
  28. 28. introspection will help you
  29. 29. Regular review will help you
  30. 30. Company Of Good friends will help you
  31. 31. Having Good Role models will help you
  32. 32. Good reading will help you
  33. 33. Listening to Good music will help you
  34. 34. Getting inspired will help you
  35. 35. Goal - setting will help you
  36. 36. ur If you Help yourself Others will help you
  37. 37. If you Help yourself G O D will help you
  38. 38. You will develop The ability To Attract Success
  39. 39. what do you want to be remembered for ?
  40. 40. when do you want to begin ?
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